Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 262

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 262


Chapter 262 

The netizens on the Internet were in an uproar

Daniel got countless phone calls

People invited him to parties, hoping to meet his mysterious lucky wife

Daniel sat on the sofa, his long legs bent. He lowered his gaze and scrolled through his messages

His expression was nonchalant, as if nothing in the world could pique his interest

When he reached a particular message, Daniel’s fingertips paused

Olivia slowly looked over. What’s wrong?” 

Daniel cradled Olivia in his arms, resting his chin on the top of her head. His voice was low and slightly husky as he asked, “A group of old friends has extended an invitation. Should we go see them tonight?” 

He asked in a questioning tone

Okay,Olivia nodded lightly and playfully raised her hand to gently scratch Daniel’s chin as if teasing a little pet

Fracha Club was a place Daniel frequented during his youth. He used to spend entire nights there with his old friends

Later, many things happened and he was busy with work, so he no longer stayed there

His last visit had been several years ago. Standing at the entrance once more, Daniel felt like he was there in his past life

The club had become unfamiliar to him

The club’s staff were all welltrained, and their observant eyes didn’t miss a thing

They could tell at a glance who people were

They had never seen Daniel and Olivia but they could tell from the way they dressed and walked that they were not ordinary people

The staff quickly hastened to approach and extend a warm welcome to them

Sir, Miss, please follow me. As the staff member led the way, he inquired politely, Is this your first visit, or do you have a reservation?” 

Daniel came to a gradual halt, his gaze languid as he cast a mild look at the staff

His aura instantly rose

He curled his lips and smiled at the staff. You don’t know me?” 

The staff member felt as if his neck was stuck. He instantly lost his voice

At this moment, the door was suddenly knocked open and two familiar figures rushed out

The staff member glanced over from the corner of his eye

The two managers actually appeared at the same time

There were two lobby managers in the club, one was male, named Steve Chandler and one was female, named Vivian Lawson

The two of them had always worked separately and rarely interacted

But they appeared together today

The staff was dumbfounded

Steve hastened his pace and reached Daniel first. He bowed and apologized, Mr. Sullivan, I’m sorry. Rowan is new here. Please forgive him.” 

Vivian also came over



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Vivian was undeniably beautiful, but her demeanor was not assertive. Instead, she exuded a gentle and soothing air

Men were drawn to her, and women felt no envy in her presence

Vivian approached the two of them and, rather than addressing Daniel first, she turned her gentle gaze to Olivia and inquired with a soft tone, Mrs. Sullivan, how are you?” 

Her soft and gentle words subtly hinted at Olivia’s identity, indicating that she was familiar with her. Notably, she didn’t refer to her as Ms. Taylor, as the staff had done

Instead, she called her Mrs. Sullivan

Olivia raised her eyebrows and looked at the woman

She thought to herself, No wonder she became the manager of a highclass club. Her EQ is high.Olivia nodded at her and turned to Daniel. Let’s go in.” 

Yes,Daniel replied

Steve led the two of them in and introduced them along the way. Mr. Sheeran has booked Room 8888 on the third floor. Please come this way.” 

As they exited the elevator, an inattentive waiter bumped into Olivia, causing her shoes to get soiled. Olivia had to make a detour to the restroom to clean up

Steve coordinated with a waitress to escort Olivia to the restroom. He then directed Daniel to a private 


Then, he would turn back to pick up Olivia

Olivia had never been one to dwell on minor inconveniences. She nodded in resignation and acquiesced, saying, Sure.” 

With that, she followed the waitress to the washroom

The thing was sticky and its presence on her shoes was quite irksome to Olivia. Olivia wanted to wipe it clean as soon as possible

The waitress said she was going to get a wet towel, but she never came back

Impatient to wait, Olivia opted to remove her shoes and rinse them under running water. Afterward, she wiped them dry with a tissue and then put them back on

She came out of the washroom

Staring at the identical hallways on either side, Olivia found herself a bit disoriented

This place looked too similar. It was easy to get lost

She took out her phone and planned to call Daniel

As soon as she opened her handbag, a red wine bottle was stuffed into her hand

Out of nowhere, a man who appeared to be a supervisor suddenly materialized and gave her a nudge forward. Why are you dawdling here? Get back to work; the guests are still waiting.” 

As he spoke, he pushed her into an unfamiliar private room

I apologize for the delay,the man bowed to the individuals inside and introduced Olivia, saying, This is our new server. She would like to extend her apologies to all of you.” 

Following his introduction, he shot Olivia a look and instructed, Quickly serve wine to the gentlemen.Olivia remained rooted in place and lightly touched the red wine bottle with her fingertips. She clarified, You’ve made a mistake. I’m not a waitress.” 

Don’t mess around!The man had no faith in her statement and scolded her. What kind of training have you received? Quickly pour the wine.” 

The group of rowdy older men in the private room let out loud, boisterous cheers. A lecherous middleaged man looked at Olivia and asked, Girl, are you a virgin?” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

The supervisor gave him a knowing look. What do you think?” 

The middleaged man chuckled

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Olivia cocked her head and gazed at the middleaged man. Then, she turned back to the supervisor and calmly clarified, I’m a guest here. You’ve confused me for someone else.” 

Before the supervisor could reply, the middleaged man jeered

She said she’s a guest. Young lady, you’re playing roleplaying. Come, come.” 

He removed his suit and remarked, I’ll play the role of the server to attend to our lovely guest here.” Someone scurried around the corner and locked the door

A few old men giggled and surrounded Olivia from several directions as they walked towards her

The lights in the private room were dim, and people’s faces were barely visible

Olivia tapped her finger on the wine bottle. The dark red wine bottle reflected her snowwhite fingertip, making it look a little red

She was clearly getting impatient

She spoke again. I’ll say it for the last time, let me out.” 

Get out?The middleaged man arched his eyebrows and jeered, Once you’ve stepped through this door, regardless of who you are, don’t even dream of leaving. Stay here and serve me obediently!” 

As he spoke, he was about to pounce on her

Olivia’s expression was still nonchalant, but there was a hint of red at the corner of her eyes

It was scarlet red

She took a step to the side and dodged the middleaged man

Then, she lifted her head and let out a chuckle directed at the occupants of the private room. All of a sudden, she swiftly raised her right hand and brought the wine bottle crashing down onto the coffee table

The table was made of glass, and so were the wine bottles

Due to the huge impact, the wine bottle instantly shattered, and wine sprayed everywhere along with broken glass

The splatter of wine and the sudden burst of glass alarmed everyone

Some of the timid ones even cried out in fear

Everyone was left in a state of astonishment, their gazes fixed on Olivia in utter shock

Olivia lowered her head and massaged her wrist, her tone icy. I told you, you’ve got the wrong person.” 

With that, she ignored the shocked crowd and walked straight to the door

The door was securely locked with a combination lock. Olivia couldn’t unlock it herself, so she turned her head to the supervisor. Open the door!” 

The supervisor shivered and didn’t say anything

Olivia’s frown deepened, and her expression grew increasingly impatient

She couldn’t be bothered to waste her time on these people. She picked up a chair and slammed it against the door



The huge glass door was smashed into pieces

Olivia clapped her hands sharply, moving deftly despite the shards of broken glass on the floor

Behind her, a group of people remained frozen in place like statues

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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