Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 264

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 264

Chapter 264 

Daniel!He went too far. How could he pretend that he didn’t know Winona

After that, Sarah banged the table and rose abruptly

Her face was gloomy and her tone was cold

She was so angry that she lost control of her emotions for a moment

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Michael embraced her tightly and gently pressed her down. Enough now,he said. Don’t what kind of occasion this is?” 



Sarah looked away in anger. But in the end, she managed to control her emotions

The situation had changed. The present Daniel was no longer one of the privileged rich kids

Even Sarah’s parents and her grandfather treated Daniel with great respect, being cautious not to offend him in any way

Even though she was aware deep down that she shouldn’t have a falling out with Daniel, she couldn’t shake the sense of unease

She felt that Winona was treated unfairly

At that time, Daniel was simply one of the privileged youth, seemingly lacking any notable abilities. Winona guided him and led the way

Without Winona, he wouldn’t have achieved what he has today

Winona’s credit was now taken by Olivia. That was unfair

Sarah thought that such an outstanding Daniel belonged to Winona

Sarah was filled with indignation

Winona was stabbed all over and left with wounds all over her body

Due to Winona’s departure, Daniel had matured and learned how to care for others

Nevertheless, he showered Olivia with all his love and attention

The more Sarah dwelled on the matter, the deeper her sense of sadness grew

Michael, Daniel, and she had been childhood friends, sharing countless memorable and adventurous moments over the years

Following that, they attended university

That was when they met Winona, a wealthy young lady from the Capital City

Winona stood apart from the rest. Despite her affluent upbringing, she had never been indulged and harbored her own ambitions

She had already established a reputation in the realm of oil painting at a tender age

Like a pristine swan, she glided with elegance, beauty, nobility, and grace from the altar to join the cluster of less refined souls

In those days, Daniel had fervently pursued Winona

Despite their longstanding friendship, Sarah couldn’t help but feel that Daniel wasn’t quite up to Winona’s standards

Winona was the cherished daughter of the Prooco Group’s leader, whereas Daniel was merely a wealthy youngster. Plus, with his uncle’s influence looming, Daniel’s standing within the Sullivan family wasn’t significant

He appeared to be nothing more than an arrogant affluent youth with no prospects of inheriting the family fortune. Therefore, it was no surprise that Sarah considered him unworthy of Winona. Sarah ridiculed Daniel, scoffing at his lofty dreams



She went so far as to make a wager with him, insisting that he would never be able to measure up to Winona

Yet the result far exceeded her expectations

Daniel made it. He successfully made Winona date him

In that instant, Sarah was so astonished that her eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets

However, despite her shock, she still held onto the hope that Daniel could have a meaningful relationship with Winona

At that time, Daniel was riddled with bad habits, and Winona had to endure a lot with him

Daniel’s heart was never inclined toward serious matters; he simply relished having a good time and little thought to the Sullivan family’s business

No matter how many times Winona advised him, it was futile. He remained consistently careless. Ultimately, Winona felt disheartened and chose to depart the country

So Daniel and Winona broke up. They separated from that time

Upon Winona’s departure, Daniel experienced a profound emotional blow, causing him to disappear from the scene for a full year

After he came back, he became a different person

In addition to reacquiring control of his family’s business, Daniel went on to establish the Sullivan 


Group, which eventually catapulted him to the pinnacle of wealth, making him the most affluent person in the entire country

All of this was motivated by Winona

All these years, although Daniel had a child, he had never had any other women by his side. He did not even have a date

Sarah thought that he had been thinking about Winona

She thought that he must be waiting for Winona to return

But to her great surprise, he was getting engaged to another woman

Sarah clenched her teeth in frustration

Michael softly consoled Sarah, his tone tinged with a sense of helplessness, Come on. let’s stop now. Olivia is here, and there’s no need to spoil the atmosphere for everyone.” 

Sarah lowered her head to hide her emotions

After a while, she lifted her head and extended her apologies to Daniel and Olivia. I’m genuinely sorry,she confessed. Today, I overindulged a bit and spoke without much thought. Daniel, Olivia, please pardon my conduct.” 

With that, she picked up a glass of red wine and downed it

Sarah almost choked and coughed a few times before she recovered

As Michael patted her back to calm her down, he said to Daniel, Daniel, to celebrate your engagement with Olivia, we’ve prepared a masquerade ball. Let’s go over now.” 

As she spoke, she stood up and made way for Daniel to come over smoothly

However, after waiting for a while, he realized that Daniel did not move

Michael was puzzled and looked over curiously

Gideon also poked his head out

Daniel did not get up and remained seated

He ignored Michael and the others. Instead, he raised his chin and looked at Olivia. He asked in a low voice. Do you want to go over?” 

Michael did not react for a moment



When he realized what Daniel was doing, he suddenly opened his mouth in shock

Daniel, who was fearless, and arrogant, was actually asking a woman for her opinion in a low voice! This was too unbelievable

Michael was stunned, and so was Gideon

Yes.” Olivia nodded

After nearly a month of hypnosis, she was mentally and physically exhausted

Hence, she didn’t intend to focus on studying or working during this period. Her plan was to take it easy and unwind

In the past, Olivia also liked having fun and was skilled in various forms of entertainment

However, after being pushed off the cliff by Gillian, her heart turned cold

She completely sealed herself off and devoted all her energy to learning and experimenting

Now, she and Gillian had reconciled

She no longer needed to repress herself; rather, she would begin to gradually open her heart and revert to her original self

The masquerade was on the first floor

Everyone had to change first. The men were all wearing the same tuxedo, and the women were wearing the same sapphire blue fishtail dress

The distinction was the mask

Sarah and Emily brought Olivia to change

There’s a separate changing room over there.” Emily handed a sapphire blue fishtail dress to Olivia. Try this one first. Change it if it’s not suitable.” 

Olivia lowered her eyes and glanced at the clothes

Seeing this, Emily explained, Don’t worry, they’re all new and very clean.” 

Olivia went to the changing room to change

Emily was talking to her outside. Ms. Taylor, have you been to 2046 before? Why haven’t I seen you before?” 

Olivia said calmly, It’s my first time here today.” 

Oh.” Emily nodded. Then, she exchanged glances with Sarah and silently mouthed three words: Country pumpkin.” 

She hadn’t even visited 2046 before

Every rich man and woman had been to 2046

This was actually Olivia’s first time here

Emily took out her lipstick and applied it. She pursed her lips in front of the mirror and glanced at Olivia from the corner of her eye

Her eyes were filled with contempt

She thought that Daniel got a bad taste

Olivia was far inferior to Winona

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a thrilling romance novel that follows the passionate and suspenseful journey of a billionaire’s beloved who mysteriously disappears, weaving together love, intrigue, and a quest for truth… Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a captivating romance novel that immerses readers in a world of luxury, love, and suspense. The story revolves around the enigmatic disappearance of a beloved character, whose absence sends shockwaves through the billionaire’s opulent life. As the plot unfolds, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from deep romance and desire to nail-biting intrigue and suspense. The novel masterfully weaves a tale of love tested by adversity, drawing readers into a web of secrets and mysteries that they must unravel alongside the characters. It’s a thrilling blend of romance and suspense, promising an unforgettable reading experience.   Billionaire's Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde  
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