Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 265

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 265

Chapter 265 

Olivia came out after changing her clothes. The blue fishtail dress perfectly outlined her beautiful figure

After Emily finished applying her lipstick, she twisted the golden lipstick tube back and turned to look at Olivia

Originally, she wanted to say something sarcastic

However, when her gaze landed on Olivia, she was suddenly left stunned

“How could someone dress such a cliché dress so beautifully?she thought to herself

Although all the ladies were wearing the same sapphire blue fishtail dress, every dress was still different because they were all cut differently

Some were tailored to fit the curves of the human body, promoting one’s strengths and hiding one’s weaknesses, which would help to display a perfect figure

However, some tailoring deliberately highlighted flaws. Even if a Victoria’s Secret supermodel were to wear it, it would not look highend

They had carefully chosen this set for Olivia

Every detail, every cut, and every decoration was extremely ugly

It looked even uglier on a person than a tattered sack

Therefore, Emily was waiting to see Olivia make a fool of herself and did not expect to be stunned. Oh my god. Now that she put it on, the dress feels even more elevated!she exclaimed inside

Meanwhile, Sarah, who was in the other changing room, did not hear the commotion outside. Listening around, she couldn’t help but frown

She felt that Emily was incompetent in saying a few nasty words of ridicule toward Olivia. She then lifted her hands and zipped up the dress around her armpits

Looking at herself in the mirror, Sarah smiled in satisfaction

The sapphire blue fishtail dress she was wearing was tailored by a master, which meant that it was exquisite, and every detail was perfect

Her figure was originally a little average, but after wearing this dress, her figure was instantly elevated, making her long legs look charming

After boarding the high heels, Sarah prepared to show off in front of Olivia, making her feel inferior

Hmph, how could a country bumpkin like her compare to me, let alone Winona!she thought. With that in mind, Sarah puffed out her chest, raised her chin, and walked out with a strong aura. She was prepared to compare herself to Olivia

She was determined to crush her in all aspects

After coming out, Sarah raised her eyebrows and looked at Olivia… 

All of a sudden, her powerful aura was instantly extinguished

How could this be?she asked inside

Sarah’s expression cracked

The extremely ugly clothes on Olivia made her look like she had been reborn. There was an unusual charm exuding from her head to toe

As soon as they met, Sarah was almost crushed into the ground

Her face was ashen as she stared at Olivia’s clothes

Thankfully, Emily pushed her arm and reminded her quietly. Otherwise, Sarah might lose control and go berserk on the spot


Ramirez, that big liar

Didn’t he say that this dress is the ugliest in the world? Why is it so beautiful on Olivia

Ahhhhh!she screamed inside

Sarah was about to go crazy

Meanwhile, Emily was more stable than her. She pinched her finger hard and looked at Olivia with an apologetic expression. Ms. Taylor, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault.” 

Olivia raised her eyebrows and looked over. She could already guess what Emily was going to say next. However, she did not stop her. Instead, she looked at Emily quietly, waiting for the next sentence

Sure enough, Emily said, Sorry, I took the wrong dress. It belongs to another customer. I’ll find another one for you, Ms. Taylor.” 

Sarah nodded crazily. Yes, yes, yes. This dress belongs to someone else. Ms. Taylor, could you change into another one?” 

Olivia did not say anything. Instead, she lowered her eyebrows, unwilling to agree or disagree

Emily was confused. She rolled her eyes around and suddenly smiled before saying in a mocking tone, Ms. Taylor, don’t tell me you want to take someone else’s dress for yourself. You’re Mr. Sullivan’s fiancée. You can’t be so petty as to not even return a dress.” 

Emily did it on purpose to provoke Olivia so that she had no choice but to take it off

After all, it wouldn’t be good if word got out that she had stolen someone else’s dress

Olivia looked up and glanced at Emily indifferently before smiling. Whose dress is this? Call her over.” 

Emily was stumped

Where am I going to find the owner of this dress?she thought while turning around and looking at Sarah, anxious

Then, Sarah said directly, This dress is mine.” 

Her tone was a little better than Emily’s. I’m really sorry, Ms. Taylor. I like this dress very much. I really do like it. I didn’t expect Emily to take the wrong one. Give it back to me please.” 

You really like this dress?Olivia looked at her

Sarah nodded heavily. Yes, I like it very much.It was rare for her to soften her attitude as she wanted Olivia to take off his clothes

After all, Olivia looked too stunning in this dress, so Sarah was certain that she could not wear it out

Olivia understood. Are you saying you want to wear the clothes I’m wearing?” 

Sarah nodded. Yes.” 

But?Olivia frowned slightly. But I’ve already worn it. Don’t you mind?” 

Sarah shook her head crazily. No, no. I like this dress too much. I can’t wait to wear it soon.” 

Emily nodded cooperatively

She wanted to say a few more words to make Sarah like this dress so much that Olivia had no choice but to take it off

In the end, there was no need for that

Olivia had already nodded. Okay.” 

Sarah and Emily looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes

They did not expect Olivia to be so easy to talk to

Olivia changed into another royal blue fishtail dress. This time, when she came out of the changing room, she even put on a huge shawl to cover her body

Sarah glanced over and retracted her gaze, not taking it seriously at all

Emily, on the other hand, sized her up carefully. However, the shawl was too big for her to see the clothes 




Emily took a few glances before retracting her gaze

Olivia walked over and handed the clothes to Sarah

Then, she said calmly, Go change into it.” 

Sarah nodded and took the clothes to the changing room

Although she didn’t want to wear the clothes that Olivia had worn, she had no other choice

Moreover, this dress looked so beautiful. It was not a loss to wear it, and she might even be stunned by the 


Thinking of this, Sarah was really a little excited

She quickly took off her clothes and threw them to the ground. Then, she put on the sapphire blue fishtail dress that Olivia was wearing

After putting everything on, she looked at the mirror excitedly

When she saw her average figure in the mirror, she felt as though her shoulders were too low, her waist was too thick, her legs were too short, and her butt was too bumpy

Sarah’s scalp went numb as she exploded

Who the fuck is this!she thought

It was so ugly that she cried

No, no. I can’t go out in this. I will be mocked to death,she thought to herself

Sarah pulled a long face. As her fingers trembled, she tried to pull up the zipper under her armpit. The moment she placed her hands on it… 

Suddenly, a fair and slender arm reached over from behind, grabbing the curtain

With a whoosh, the curtain of the changing room was pulled open

Sarah was completely exposed in front of everyone

Emily leaned over to take a look

Then, her expression completely froze

What the fuck… 

Who is this ugly thing?she pondered

Olivia sat on the sofa with her right leg on her left leg. Her fair feet floated in the air as she nodded

She clapped her hands and seemed to be in a good mood as the smile on her face was dazzling. Miss Anderson, you have a good eye.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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