Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 266

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 266

Chapter 266 

Sarah’s face darkened

She turned around and looked at Olivia

At this moment, Olivia had already taken off her shawl, revealing her sapphire blue fishtail dress

She looked elegant and beautiful in it. It was even more dazzling than the previous one. 

It was at this point that Sarah understood

Olivia had done it on purpose. She had put on the ugly dress deliberately

Sarah’s face was hideous. The anger in her heart was completely ignited and her temper was about to explode

However, just as it was about to burst out, she restrained herself

She lowered her head and took a deep breath to calm herself down

Olivia was surprised and looked at Sarah twice

She had always been a good judge of character. Sarah had a fiery temper and was shorttempered. After being provoked and tricked, how could she be so calm

Olivia raised her eyebrows and tapped a finger on her phone

There must be something fishy going on

Ms. Taylor, let’s go over quickly. The ball has already begun.Emily was afraid that Sarah would not be able to control her temper, so she hurriedly stood between the two of them

Take this with you.” As she spoke, she handed Olivia a vampire mask

Olivia put on the mask and the three of them walked towards the ball

There were already people dancing at the ball. Amidst the crowd, in the middle of the dance floor, several couples were dancing to the music

As Emily led the way, she said, Let’s walk further and see where Daniel and the others are.” 

Olivia nodded and walked slowly by her side

There were many people at the ball. In just a blink of an eye, Emily disappeared without a trace

Everyone present was wearing masks. Coupled with the dim lights, it was impossible to see who was who

Olivia simply stopped moving. She found a corner and sat on a bar stool to watch the people dancing in the middle of the dance floor

There were about a dozen couples dancing on the dance floor

However, as the music changed and the tempo increased, there were gradually people who could not keep up and had to walk away

Slowly, there was only a man and a woman left dancing in the center

Olivia had good eyesight, but she was too far away from the center. Everyone was wearing the same clothes and masks. It was impossible to tell who was who

She could only vaguely sense that the couple in the middle had very good figures

The man stood tall and straight

The woman was slender and long. Her halflength hair was tied into a bun on the lower left side of her head

She looked like a lady from centuries ago

The music stopped, and the surrounding people couldn’t help but clap

Olivia also clapped her hands. She even heard the people beside her sigh. What a match made in 




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They are so compatible together.” 

Don’t you agree?someone said, turning to her

Olivia did not expect someone to talk to her. She paused and did not respond

That person seemed unwilling to give up when she did not respond. Why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t you think the people in the middle of the dance floor are very compatible?” 

Are they compatible

Olivia frowned and did not say anything

The man in the middle took off his mask. From Olivia’s direction, most of his side profile could be seen. It was Daniel

Olivia subconsciously stood up and wanted to walk towards the middle

However, for some reason, the crowd that was originally standing quietly suddenly surged and gathered in the center

It instantly stopped Olivia in her tracks

She could not walk over. She could only stand behind the crowd and look at the center of the crowd. The woman also placed her hand on the mask and slowly took it down

She revealed a beautiful and otherworldly face

Winona?Daniel’s pupils constricted imperceptibly. A trace of surprise flashed in his deep eyes. Why are you back?” 

Winona tilted her head, curled her lips, and smiled lightly at Daniel. Why? Am I not welcome?” 

Daniel subconsciously took a step back and distanced himself from Winona. His tone was less friendly than before. Of course, I welcome you. How can I not?” 

After saying that, he immediately turned around and scanned the crowd

Olivia knew that he was looking for her and waved her hand

Daniel’s stern face instantly melted and was filled with vitality

He cut through the crowd and walked towards Olivia. He took her hand and introduced her to everyone. This is my fiancée, Olivia. We’re about to get engaged.” 

Winona looked at Olivia and said gently, Hello. My name is Winona Mason.” 

After that, she patted Daniel’s shoulder with her right hand and smiled naturally. I’m this guy’s old friend.” 

Olivia nodded and glanced at Winona’s right hand

She felt a little uncomfortable

Noticing Olivia’s gaze, Winona blinked

Her smile was open and natural. Don’t misunderstand. Daniel and I are old friends. We are good buddies.” 

After saying that, Winona deliberately patted Daniel on the shoulder and nudged him with her elbow. She said in a teasing tone, Daniel, your girlfriend is a little petty.” 

Good buddies

Olivia frowned

Ignore her,Daniel leaned in and whispered into Olivia’s ear

Then he turned to Winona and said in an extremely distant and indifferent tone, Winona, since when are we buddies?” 

Winona’s calm eyes flashed with surprise

Then, Daniel continued, You’re just an exgirlfriend. What’s there to hide?” 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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He held Olivia’s hand and walked out

Winona was left standing on the spot alone. Her gaze grew profound and a trace of coldness flashed in 

her eyes

After fooling around for so long, everyone was a little hungry

There was a restaurant on the second floor, and Michael had booked the place

The group went over to eat

Olivia went to the washroom halfway

She had just finished tidying up her clothes and was about to push open the door of the cubicle

A familiar voice came from outside. Daniel went a little overboard today. How could he leave with only Olivia and leave Winona behind?” 

It was Emily and Sarah

Sarah was indignant and felt that Daniel was too much

Emily did not have much of a reaction. She just touched up her makeup with foundation

Hey, why aren’t you saying anything?Sarah looked at Emily

Emily put away the pancake and asked, Say what?” 

Sarah stomped her feet in anger. “Why aren’t you reacting at all?” 

What reaction do you need?Emily snorted softly. I think you’re stupid. Didn’t you realize that Olivia is very similar to Winona?” 

Sarah was stunned

Emily continued. The same height, the same hair length, and the same cold and otherworldly 

temperament. If you don’t look at their faces and only look at their backs, it’s easy to mistake one for the other

Sarah reacted. Oh my god. I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t mentioned it. Olivia does look like Winona

So. Emily patted Sarah and said in exasperation, Olivia is just a substitute. Why are you so nervous?Sarah was completely relieved

Even after the two of them had left for some time, Olivia still stood in the cubicle and did not go out. Actually, she did feel a little foolish

She had believed Emily and Sarah’s words. They clearly knew that she had gone to the washroom, but they came here to say such things

They had clearly said this on purpose for her to hear

Unfortunately, it was so strange

Olivia clearly knew that this was all an act, but her heart was still filled with jealousy. It felt like fine needles stabbing into her heart. It pricked and stung

There were some things that couldn’t be examined too closely

Why did Daniel like her

His love came so quickly and violently, like a flood that had suddenly broken through the floodgates. There was no prior sign at all. One day there was nothing. The next day it was there

What exactly did he like about her

They had only known each other for a short period of time, and they did not spend too much time together

Why was he so sure that she wouldn’t change

Olivia rubbed her forehead and felt her thoughts running ruckus in her mind. Her temples throbbed with pain

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Intellectually, she felt that she shouldn’t doubt Daniel

However, after the incident with Amelia and Gillian, Olivia knew how those who had once loved her to the core could change overnight and turn against her, sparing no effort to hurt her

Olivia suddenly felt uncertain

If her biological mother could hate her, and Gillian, who was like a sister to her, would push her off the cliff, was there really such an emotion in the world that would remain firm and unchanging

Was it possible for Olivia to place her trust in one person

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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