Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 267

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 267

Chapter 267 

The dishes prepared by Michael were not bad

Olivia really liked to eat the spicy grilled fish. She had always been fond of spicy food and liked to eat heavily flavored dishes

The spicier the food was, the more satisfying it was to eat it

After eating to her heart’s content, she didn’t forget to pick up a piece for Daniel. She spoke as she placed it in his place. Try it. It’s not bad.” 

Daniel looked at the fish that was covered with a red pepper sauce and did not move

Olivia looked up and was about to ask him why he wasn’t eating it when Winona, who was sitting on the other side, frowned and interrupted coldly

Daniel never eats spicy food.” 

After saying that, Winona looked at Olivia and asked calmly, Ms. Taylor, don’t tell me you know this?” 

Olivia subconsciously tightened her grip on her fork with a stunned expression

She didn’t know that Daniel didn’t like spicy food

don’t even 

Winona sighed softly. Her tone was familiar and natural, as though she knew Daniel very well. Daniel has always been afraid of spicy food. In the past, when we went out to eat, he didn’t touch spicy food at all. Once, I was naughty and deliberately ordered a slightly spicy dish as a joke. In the end, he was actually angry and threw his fork away before leaving.” 

As she said this, Winona had a smile at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes were sparkling as if she was recalling the good old days

Yes, yes, yes,Sarah chimed in. Daniel never eats spicy food. Whenever we used to eat out together, the table would be full of dishes, but there would not be a single spicy dish.” 

Gideon nodded. Daniel was so domineering back then. He didn’t eat spicy food, and he didn’t allow anyone else to eat spicy food. He didn’t even allow me to smell the spicy food. I couldn’t even eat anything that is slightly spicy.” 

The few of them chatted and laughed

They were talking about their youth, discussing about their past

The past that had nothing to do with Olivia

Looking at these people who were incredibly familiar with each other, Olivia suddenly felt a little disappointed

If only she had met Daniel earlier

Gideon got to his feet and intended to move the spicy dishes away from Daniel

As he did so, he looked up at Michael and complained, Michael, why did you order so many spicy dishes? Have you forgotten Daniel’s taste?” 

Michael apologized profusely, saying that he was muddleheaded and didn’t notice

Actually, these spicy dishes were not ordered by him at all, but by Sarah

Previously, Michael was still curious as to why Sarah ordered so many spicy dishes

Now, he finally understood

It turned out that Sarah had planted a trap for Olivia

Michael sighed inwardly

These women were really scheming

He raised his head and glanced at Olivia. He felt sorry for her


The girl had a good life and was ambitious. She was a new star in the science arena. He heard that her family background was not bad either. She was quite compatible with Daniel

If Winona didn’t come back, Olivia would really be worthy of Daniel

Unfortunately, Winona had returned

The girl definitely couldn’t win against Winona. She didn’t even know that Daniel didn’t like spicy food and foolishly picked up a piece of spicy grilled fish for him

What a silly girl

Just wait. Daniel would definitely be angry and throw a temper at her

Michael lowered his head, unable to bear to look

You can use mine first. I haven’t used mine much, and it’s very clean.” Winona handed her plate to Daniel, then gestured to Gideon. Hurry up and take away the plate with the spicy grilled fish. Daniel can’t stand the smell.” 

As she spoke, she placed her plate in front of Daniel

During this meal, Winona only ate a few mouthfuls of vegetables, so her plate was very clean. It only had a few drops of sauce on it


She switched her plate with Daniel’s very naturally, as though she had done it countless times before

Olivia’s pupils constricted as she slammed her forks on the table

However, before Olivia could speak, Daniel moved

Daniel had already picked up the spicy grilled fish on his plate and said in a puzzled tone, Who said I don’t eat spicy food?” 

As he spoke, he slowly ate the spicy grilled fish bite by bite

Everyone looked at him in shock, especially Michael, whose eyes were about to pop out

What was he doing? Daniel was actually eating spicy food

Among them, Winona was the most surprised. She could barely maintain her composure as she stared at him in a daze. DDaniel, when did you start eating spicy food?” 

I’ve always liked spicy food. We’ve only met a few times and eaten a few times. Don’t pretend as if you know me very well.” 

After saying this, Daniel even moved to the side to distance himself from Winona

He used his actions to show that he was not familiar with Winona at all

Olivia could not help but laugh

Seeing that Olivia was smiling, Daniel was also happy. He moved his fork quickly and ate a few spicy dishes in a row

Spicy grilled fish, spicy beef stew, black pepper steak. He ate at least a serving or two of each of those dishes. He even bit into a jalapeno

Even Olivia was shocked. She quickly pinned down the hand that was holding the fork and whispered to him, Stop eating these.” 

Daniel obediently put down his fork

If Olivia did not let him eat it, he would not eat it

He took a sip of water

Daniel said to everyone, I’m going out for a while.” 

After Daniel left, a strange silence descended across the dining table

Sarah and Gideon widened their eyes and looked at Daniel’s plate

Their eyes were filled with shock

Good heavens! Daniel really ate spicy food. He even ate half a plate of jalapenos



It was impressive

Michael looked at the plate and then at Olivia. He was as shocked as Sarah and the others

In fact, over the years, he had interacted more with Daniel and often met him at dinner parties

All those who had eaten with Daniel knew that Daniel did not eat spicy food and did not even want to smell it

In other words, Daniel could not eat spicy food

However, for the sake of Olivia, he finished half a plate of jalapenos

Winona’s face was cold. She used much of the selfcontrol she had in her life to barely maintain her indifferent attitude. It took all her effort so that she did not just walk away from the table

However, her left hand, which was hidden under the table, clenched into a fist tightly. Her nails dug into her palm


He had actually eaten so much spice in order to go against her

He must have been angry at her for leaving without saying goodbye

It had been so many years, but he was still furious with her

Winona couldn’t help but tear up

How much must he love her

He loved her deeply and hated her just as profoundly. He must have loved her to the core to eat half a plate of jalapenos just to annoy her

Thinking of this, Winona couldn’t help but feel as if someone had stabbed her with a knife and twisted it. Olivia sat there for a long time and realized that Daniel was still not back. She was a little worried and went out to look for him

She walked along the corridor and finally found him by the sinks in the washroom

Daniel!Olivia was about to speak when she realized that Daniel was vomiting

His lips were red, as though he had applied lipstick

Olivia was stunned for a moment before she quickly realized that Daniel could not eat spice at all. That was why he had run to the washroom, wanting to throw up what he had eaten

As soon as she realized this, Olivia was angry and heartbroken

She poked him and was speechless. If you can’t eat spicy food, you shouldn’t eat it.It would feel even worse to throw up after eating it

Daniel looked up with tears in his eyes. When he saw Olivia, he seemed to have found solace and reached out to grab her hand

No!Daniel shook his head firmly. I want to do it for you. I can’t let you down, not in front of the others.” Olivia fell silent

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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