Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 269

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 269

Chapter 269 

When Daniel did not return for a long time, Winona’s patience finally ran out

It was that she had given him so much face that he bullied her like this

When she saw the highly publicized engagement event trending on Twitter, she knew that Daniel was forcing her to show 

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She had a good understanding of him

He had never leaned toward extravagance. He preferred a simplé engagement ceremony that would not blow up such widespread attention

There was only one reason why he made such a grand engagement, and that was to capture her attention. He wanted to force her to come back

Now, she had returned from overseas as he had wished

Before meeting Daniel, Winona knew that he had a bad temper. He definitely hated her for leaving without saying goodbye back then

He would throw tantrums, put on a cold face, anger her on purpose, and embarrass her in front of others. Before Winona returned to the country, she was already mentally prepared. She knew that she would be wronged and would feel so uncomfortable that she could not breathe

She had already made up her mind to endure everything and do her best to appease him to reconcile with him

But now, Daniel had gone too far

He actually left with another woman and hadn’t returned for a long time

Winona felt that she could no longer indulge him like this. She had to let him understand that her patience had its limits

If he continued to ignore her and tried to provoke her in this way again, she would really return to Fesmuowana

Winona couldn’t stay any longer, so she got up and left

Sarah quickly chased after her. Winona, where are you going?” 

Winona’s eyes were cold, and her face was covered with frost. Sarah, go and tell Daniel that my patience has its limit, and tell him to stop.” 

After saying that, she left with swaying steps

Emily came out of the restaurant and happened to see Winona’s departing figure. She looked surprised and asked, What’s wrong? Why did Winona leave?” 

She must be angry!Sarah stomped her feet in frustration. Daniel had almost driven her crazy

At first, when she saw that Daniel was engaged to Olivia, she thought he had fallen in love with someone else

Later on, when Emily pointed it out, she realized that he was using Olivia to force Winona to appear

Now, he finally got what he wanted and forced Winona to return to the country

In the end, he threw a tantrum and deliberately embarrassed Winona, driving her away in anger. Indeed, that’s quite foolish

Emily also sighed and said helplessly, “These two enemies are clearly in love, but they always hurt each other. I don’t know how long they’ll keep this going” 

I’m so angry.Sarah stomped her feet hard. If it weren’t for Grandma, I wouldn’t have bothered with him. I’ll let him suffer alone for the rest of his life.” 

Alright, alright, don’t be angry anymore.Emily comforted Sarah and pulled her back to the meal



At the dining table, Gideon had already consumed quite a bit of alcohol. His eyes were red and he looked a little drunk

Seeing that only Sarah and Emily returning, he was quite puzzled and asked, Where’s Winona?” 

She’s gone.Sarah snorted. It’s all Daniel’s fault. He’s getting more and more outrageous. I can’t wait to see the day he cries.” 

What are you talking about?Gideon didn’t understand

You stupid. Sarah said disdainfully, You men are just thickheaded. You can’t even tell. Daniel is deliberately trying to provoke Winona. Didn’t you notice that Olivia looks very similar to Winona?Look similar to her?Gideon frowned and looked at Michael for help. Did you notice it?” 

Michael’s tone was hesitant as he replied, Her temperament does look a little similar, and so does her figure.” 

That’s right. Sarah nodded. Daniel is trying to find a woman who looks just like Winona and then intentionally gets close to her to make Winona jealous.” 

Is that so?Gideon didn’t see it, but Sarah was sure of it

Moreover, ever since Winona left, she had never seen any women around Daniel, and Olivia just suddenly appeared

Maybe it’s true; he might be doing it intentionally to have a quarrel with Winona

Only Michael remained silent. He had a lingering sense that something was amiss and felt it was all rather strange

On the Taylor family’s side, Samuel had disappeared without a trace since his arrest. Emma was in prison as well

Amelia’s health had completely collapsed

For no reason, she was getting weaker day by day, lacking in energy, and spending as much as 18 out of 24 hours in bed asleep

William had brought Amelia to several hospitals, but none of them could identify the issue

The doctorsmost common advice was for Amelia to relax and not to worry too much

Even Liam believed that Amelia was suffering from sadness and depression, so he told William to stop pushing her too hard

Only William did not believe it. He felt that Amelia’s condition wasn’t caused by sadness

After the news of Olivia’s engagement spread, William asked the servants to keep an eye on Amelia to prevent her from seeing phones and computers

Unfortunately, there were always times when he missed it

Amelia still saw it

Engaged?Amelia trembled, both crying and laughing at the same time. Samuel is missing, Emma is in jail, yet Olivia is doing well. She’s even engaged!” 

Was she born to defy her parents and everyone around her?” 

Amelia’s voice was shrill, her eyes were red and her heart filled with hatred

Perhaps due to her excessive agitation, after her outburst, Amelia completely fainted

She never woke up again

William had looked for famous doctors, but they were all helpless against Amelia’s health

Both the Green and Taylor families were gathered together. Even Maddie was here, they were all thinking of a way

Why don’t we go overseas?Cathy held Amelia’s hand as tears streamed down her face


William shook his head. It’s useless. I’ve already invited the top medical team overseas to take a look, but they couldn’t do anything.” 

What should we do then?Cathy choked

William stood in the middle of the bedroom, dressing in the same suit as usual. Only his tie with a slightly crooked collar revealed his current mood

With one hand in his pocket, he tugged at his tie with the other

He looked frustrated, but his aura was calm and strong

He took off his tie and threw it on the sofa. Suddenly, he raised his eyes and looked straight at Maddie. Maddie’s heart skipped a beat as she heard his calm and cold voice. Now, only Olivia can save Mom.” 

The room fell into silence as soon as he finished speaking

Silence gripped everyone, and even Cathy, who was most concerned about her daughter, had her doubts

She said in a trembling voice, Will she help us now that we’ve reached this point? Moreover, I’ve never seen her save anyone, and I’m uncertain about her medical skills.” 

Grandma.” William glanced at Cathy. I will do my best to save my mother, so” 

His tone turned stern, carrying an irresistible might, So, you all should not interfere, obstruct me, or treat Olivia with any seniority.” 

After saying that, he reached out his hand toward Maddie and said, Aunt, give me your phone.” 

Maddie looked at William worriedly

For the sake of Amelia’s health, William had not rested for a few days and nights. Despite his tall stature, he appeared thin and unsteady

This nephew had endured too much, with the entire Taylor family’s burdens placed upon him

He also had to take care of his erratic father, and his mentally ill mother, and deal with complicated family relationships

Everyone demanded him and sought help from him, but not a single person thought that he was in a difficult position

William.Maddie hesitated. Olivia hates you all. If you don’t look for her and just distance yourself from her, she might forgive you in a few years, and things could slowly mend.” 

But if you look for her now and think of a way to force her to appear and save your mother, she might really hate you.” 

Maddie was very clearminded and had things well separated

She knew that Samuel and Amelia were the ones who had wronged Olivia

William did not actually do anything. At most, he just stood by and watched

However, this was human nature. One side was his parents, and the other was his sister. There’s no way to choose

Maddie sincerely hoped that these children could get along peacefully

She had no children of her own, which is why she placed great importance on her nieces and nephews, treating them as if they were her own and showing a high level of consideration for their needs

Aunt.” The corners of William’s mouth twitched, and an ugly smile appeared on his face. Parents can’t choose. This is my responsibility, my duty. I can’t just stand by and watch my mother lie there lifelessly.” 

Speaking of this, William lowered his head, his eyes a little red. I’ll go and beg. Even if she wants my life, I’ll do it. I just hope that she can help.” 

Maddie stopped talking

This child valued responsibility too much. He carried the entire burden of the Taylor family on his back

After getting Maddie’s phone, William called Olivia

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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