Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 270

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 270

Chapter 270 

Olivia was in the middle of drawing with Andrew when she received a call from Maddie

She didn’t think too much and answered the call directly

When she picked it up, she realized that it was William

Olivia raised her eyebrows slightly with a hint of surprise

She had some understanding of William. This person was very responsible, shrewd, and quite insightful

Knowing that she and the Taylor family had reached this point, there was absolutely no room for reconciliation

If there was nothing important, he would have never called her

Then, why did he call today

Olivia switched hands to answer the phone, leaving her right hand free to draw with Andrew

Her attention was not entirely focused on William

Ms. Taylor.” William’s tone was very polite. I’m sorry to disturb you.” 

Upon hearing this, Olivia curled her lips and sneered. Mr. Taylor, no need to be so polite. If you have something to say, just say it.” 

William took a deep breath and looked out of the window into the distance. After a while, he said calmly, Ms. Taylor, may I ask you a question?” 

Yeah,she replied

William asked, If all of this hadn’t happened, and if we could turn back time to the day you first returned to the Taylor family, and there was a conflict between my mother and Grandpa Isaac, who adopted you, who would you support?.

Olivia was in the middle of drawing a little turtle. When she heard his question, the tip of her colored pen paused, leaving a large green spot on the white paper

Without rushing, she smoothly redirected her stroke, and the green spot slowly turned into the patterns on the turtle’s back

Little Andrew was stunned. He clapped his hands and exclaimed, Amazing.” 

Olivia’s heart suddenly softened. She leaned over and kissed the little guy on the forehead and whispered, Would you like to go upstairs and play?” 

Andrew obediently nodded and ran upstairs with the drawing paper in hand

He wanted to frame the picture of the little turtle and hang it in his room

This was what Olivia drew for him

After Andrew left, Olivia returned to her senses and continued her phone call with William

She understood William’s intention clearly

However, it was to show that if it were her when a conflict arises between giving birth to goodness and nurturing goodness, she would tend to favor nurturing kindness

Therefore, although Amelia’s actions were a little overboard, it was human nature

Human hearts were inherently biased, just as each of the five fingers had its own length, let alone a child who was not raised by her side

Without days and nights of interaction and exchange of emotions, how could she love her

Olivia spoke calmly, but her tone was firm. Of course, I’m leaning towards Grandpa Isaac. He raised me and doted on me. How can I bear to make him sad?” 

William smiled. Ms. Taylor, since you also made this choice, it means that human nature is like this. Therefore, our mother’s choice is not wrong. She just dotes on the child by her side more. What’s wrong 



with that?” 

That’s right.Olivia nodded. Actually, I’ve never blamed her for being biased.” 

Olivia was a very rational person. From the beginning to the end, she never blamed Amelia for being biased. She could even accept that her mother may not love her as much

But she couldn’t accept that her biological mother was a lunatic

Her mother could not distinguish right from wrong, could not see the difference between good and bad, and did all kinds of bad things

Olivia stood up and said coldly, William, this world is fair and just. She doesn’t love me enough, and I don’t love her enough. That’s fair. But what right does she have to hurt me wantonly just because she gave birth to me?” 

Since she doesn’t treat me as her own daughter and doesn’t want to give me any love, what right does she have to ask me to give in? What right does she have to meddle in my life? What right does she have to insult me?” 

At this point, Olivia raised her voice and said in an extremely fierce tone, The first time, when Emma tried to have someone insult me, it was Amelia who asked me to back down. She naturally asked me to be tolerant and not pursue the matter.” 

“Why was that? Was it because she gave birth to me, so she could make the decision for me?” 

If it was a stranger, even if she wanted to side with Emma, she would find a way to seek reconciliation, offer money and gifts, and compromise to resolve the issue.” 

Why is she so arrogant when it comes to me? Is it all because I’m her daughter?” 

Olivia was a little agitated. She paused for a moment and continued, Also, she helped Emma frame me, slander my reputation, and even wanted to use public opinion to intimidate me. Every single one of them was harmful.” 

Didn’t she understand that these things were illegal? No matter how powerful the Taylor family is, they can’t surpass the law. But why did she still do that?” 

Is it because she gave birth to me and I’m her daughter, that she can confine my life?” 

William, I don’t believe that you don’t understand this!Olivia said coldly. It’s you who went all out and told me that human nature is like this. Isn’t that ridiculous?” 

Human nature would not take the blame.” 

Throughout history, I’ve never seen anyone, let alone a mother, claim that human nature is so base that it justifies harming her own daughter and committing such evil things!” 

Is it just because she harmed me that I must forgive her? I want to ask, if she hurt someone else, at random stranger in the world, do you have the face to ask them to forgive her?” 

Just because I’m her biological daughter, does that mean I have to forgive her no matter what she does? Why should I?” 

Olivia’s words were powerful and resonant. They were like sharp blades that pierced William’s chest

It made his heart ache

He didn’t expect Olivia to hate them so much

William’s jaw tightened and his lips trembled violently. He knew that every word he had said hurt Olivia

However, he looked back and saw Amelia lying unconscious on the bed

In the end, he hardened his heart

Olivia, how do you think the favor should be repaid?” 

Upon hearing this, Olivia suddenly wanted to laugh. William, are you neverending with this? Amelia has already made me repay the favor.” 

I know.William’s voice was calm. Mom told you to surrender and stay in the Taylor family for five days and five nights, but you didn’t stay long enough.” 



William said one by one, Emma has already paid the price for hurting you.” 

Mom slandered you at Grandpa’s birthday banquet and echoed Emma’s words, but you didn’t suffer any substantial harm. Instead, it was Mom who suffered a blow. This matter was indeed Mom’s fault, but it wasn’t a big deal.” 

There’s also the matter of using moral coercion on you through Twitter. Dad was the mastermind behind it and has already received the punishment he deserves, while Mom was at best knowing and not reporting it.” 

Olivia was silent

Speaking of this, William softened his tone. Olivia, I’m not forcing you. I just want to tell you the whole story. I want to tell you what Mom has done for you.” 

She gave birth to you after ten months of pregnancy. That night, she bled profusely and her body was severely deficient. It took her five years to recover enough to give birth to David.” 

When you were young, your body was weak, crying and not sleeping at night. Mom was so concerned that she didn’t trust the nanny. She stayed up with you every night, and during your postpartum period, she didn’t get a full night’s sleep. After that, she immediately fell ill. She resisted taking medication while breastfeeding, so she endured it for half a month,William continued

When you were lost that year, Mom went crazy looking for you. The pain of losing her daughter made her suffer to the bone. She had a mental breakdown and went crazy for three years.” 


Olivia, I admit that after you came back, Mom did a lot of wrong things and hurt you. I won’t hide this because this is the truth, but you can’t deny the fact.” 

She did love you for five years,William emphasized

Now that she’s unconscious, I don’t want to force you. You can decide for yourself if you want to save her.” 

With that, William hung up the phone

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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