Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 271

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 271

chapter 271 

After hanging up the phone, William held the phone and a hint of guilt flashed across his eyes

Although he said he wouldComment 

Cn’t force Olivia, he still used morality and the favor owed to manipulate her, despite the fact that outside newspapers and news reported that Olivia had no connection to the Taylor family by blood, and had her own parents elsewhere

However, there were still many people who knew about Olivia’s background

If she didn’t save her mother, those who knew her background wouldn’t say anything on the surface, but they would still think that she was too ruthless

They would consider her as having a questionable character and may not have wanted to associate with her

Moreover, she had just taken over the Smith family not long ago, which was renowned for its medical expertise

If the Smith family’s leader was ruthless and heartless, refusing to save a family member, it would cause a huge blow to the family’s reputation

Even if Olivia was really coldhearted toward the Taylor family and did not care about Amelia, she still had to think about the reputation of the Smith family

Therefore, William was confident that Olivia would agree to treat his mother

The Sullivan family

After ending the call, Olivia sat on the sofa and stared at her phone in a daze. No one knew what she was thinking

Daniel came downstairs and sat beside her

He had heard Olivia’s conversation on the phone and knew what was going on. 

Thinking about how much Olivia had suffered, Daniel felt terrible from the bottom of his heart

He felt a sour and bitter sadness

He couldn’t hold it back any longer, tears were welling up in his eyes

Daniel was a person who was not afraid at all, no matter how grievous the disaster was

However, the thought of Olivia suffering made his heart ache unbearably

He could endure a knife wound to himself, but he couldn’t stand Olivia losing a single strand of hair

Don’t think too much. Just do what you want to do.Daniel leaned on her shoulder and comforted her. Andrew and I will always be by your side.” 

Yes, I’ll be with you forever.” Andrew ran over from upstairs and leaned on Olivia’s knees

He looked up with a dependent expression

When she saw Andrew, Olivia’s expression suddenly improved. She lowered her head and touched the little guy’s forehead. Her tone was gentle. Andrew, you must keep your word. You have to be with me forever.” 

Yes,” Andrew said, making his agreement clear with a firm nod

Zoe came over and brought Andrew upstairs to do his homework

Daniel touched Olivia’s cheek and knew that she must be feeling terrible at this moment

He said, Don’t be afraid. I’ll go to the Taylor family with you.” 

I’ll shoulder everything with you.” 

Olivia was stunned for a moment, raised an eyebrow, and then said, What are you talking about? Who said I’m going to the Taylor family?” 



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Daniel’s shoulders stiffened, looking a little dumb. It took him a long time to recover and said, YYou don’t care about Mrs. Taylor?” 

Olivia smiled and lightly played with Daniel’s fingers. Her tone was calm, neither fast nor slow, yet it carried a coldness that was like wind and thunder. Do you think I’ve completely given up on the Taylor family and don’t care about Amelia anymore? Is that a joke?” 

Olivia.” Daniel grabbed Olivia’s finger and said in a serious tone, No matter what choice you make or what you want to do, I will support you firmly and without hesitation.” 

However, there are some things that I have to tell you. If you don’t save Mrs. Taylor, some people in the Evervale circle who know the inside story might say that you’re heartless. That won’t be good for your reputation.” 

Olivia looked up at Daniel. What about you? Do you think I’m heartless?” 

Daniel shook his head and said firmly, I will always stand by your side.” 

That’s enough.Olivia smiled confidently. As for the others and the rumors that say I’m heartless, it’s so easy to resolve. Only when the rumors spread will others know.” 

We just need to resolve it from the source and not let the rumors spread. Wouldn’t that be fine?” 

Olivia had been terrifyingly smart since she was young. No matter what she learned, she understood it immediately

When other people learned a skill with difficulty, she could learn ten or even a hundred skills with ease. She also knew how to plot and scheme, she just chose not to use them, but that didn’t mean she was incapable of it

Did William think that a phone call to interrogate her about her humanity would provoke her to make a move

She was a person who could be persuaded but not coerced

If William asked politely and respectfully, she might be more likely to agree

Unfortunately, he chose the method she hated the most

Olivia was never someone who could be threatened. She had her own way of doing things and did not care about what others thought. 

Regarding whether to save Amelia or not, she had her own plans

No one could threaten her

Back upstairs in the study, Olivia sat in a large and comfortable chair and wrote two words on a piece of 


Smith family” 

Then, she looked up and a cold light flashed in her clear eyes

This was a good opportunity and time for the Smith family to appear in public

She made a few calls and passed down the instructions

In less than half a day, famous doctors from all over the world set off for the Hushe Republic to go to the Taylor family’s aid

At the same time, news began to spread online

The news reported, The head of the Smith family used the Smith family’s connections to invite famous doctors from all over the world to the Hushe Republic to discuss the illness of Amelia Taylor.” 

Although the head of the Smith family is not related to the Taylor family by blood, she has shared a motherdaughter relationship with Amelia Taylor for several months because of the previous mistake of identifying her daughter.” 

The head of the Smith family, Olivia Taylor, is softhearted and benevolent. She upholds the Smith 


family’s tradition of saving lives and helping the injured. She specially hired worldrenowned doctors to consult Amelia Taylor’s condition.” 

When the news came out, everyone praised Olivia for having a conscience, and the Smith family was hailed as a model in the medical community of the Hushe Republic

From then on, the Smith family completely reappeared in front of the world, no longer in its previous state of seclusion

The Smith family hospital began to create accounts on various social networks, including Twitter, public accounts, short video platforms, and selfmedia accounts

They were like flowers blooming after rain

In just a few days, the Smith family’s reputation resounded throughout the country

Those ordinary people who had never come into contact with the Smith family widened their eyes in shock

They couldn’t believe it

They didn’t expect that there was actually such an ancient medical family in the country

Previously, they had always fantasized about the Hushe Republic’s medical skills in novels. Now that the Smith family had appeared, it completely fulfilled the netizensdreams

They all left comments on Twitter

Oh my god, oh my god, I’m so excited that I can’t sleep. There’s really a medical family in our country.That’s right, that’s right. I didn’t know about it before. It’s amazing!” 

Have you all seen the news?” 

The top medical team from Bruce Hospital in Fesmuowana is heading there;” 

The top cardiovascular specialiststeam from Dunwall is on its way.” 

The world’s top brain surgery specialist in Mala, Dr. Moss, is heading to the Hushe Republic.” 

Oh my god, I’m going crazy. I’m so excited that my heart is pounding. Who is this the Smith family? They can actually invite so many big shots in the medical world. They’re too awesome!” 

Olivia Taylor, the head of the Smith family, I know Olivia Taylor. She’s the young female scientist who won the Lasker Award. So, she’s the head of the Smith family. No wonder their medical expertise is so impressive!” 

Don’t you think the name Olivia Taylor sounds a little familiar? I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before.” 

Are you dumb? This is the fiancée of the richest man, Daniel Sullivan. It’s Miss Taylor, Olivia Taylor!Oh my god, oh my god. Indeed, outstanding people still have to be with outstanding people in everything. The young richest man and the young head of the ancient medical family, what a fairytale love story!” 

Even novels and television dramas aren’t this exciting!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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