Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 273

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 273

Chapter 273 

The Taylor family, along with William, was still waiting for Olivia’s call

For the past two days, he had been staying by Amelia’s bedside without sleep. His phone had been full of battery, afraid that he would miss Olivia’s call

Even Maddie’s phone was in his hand

He knew that in less than three days, Olivia would definitely call

Maddie went upstairs to Amelia’s room and saw William, who looked exhausted but had surprisingly bright eyes

She knew that William was waiting for Olivia to call

Recalling the uproar on Twitter, the worldfamous doctors gathered around the Hushe Republic, Maddie could not help but sigh

She had guessed that Olivia would be angry at William’s coercion and moral pressure, but she did not expect her to have such a trick up her sleeve

Olivia easily resolved the reputation crisis and took this opportunity to make the Smith family reappear in front of the world

It was originally a crisis, but in Olivia’s hands, it turned into an opportunity

This child was too smart and amazing. If only she hadn’t gotten lost, with her in the Taylor family, their present would be truly magnificent

What surprised Maddie the most was that Olivia actually possessed such a wide range of power

A total of ten top medical teams from different countries had all set off at the same time due to a single statement from Olivia. Her power and influence must have been truly terrifying

William.Maddie walked over to William’s side and patted his shoulder. Don’t wait any longer; Olivia won’t call.” 

William frowned and turned to look at Maddie. Aunt?” 

Maddie sighed softly and took the phone over. She opened a page and handed it to William. Take a look for yourself.” 

William still did not understand what was going on. When he received the phone and saw the messages on it, his pupils suddenly dilated

He suddenly turned around and looked at Maddie fixedly. When he spoke, his lips were trembling. Aunt


Maddie’s voice was calm. There’s already a medical team here. Get ready and welcome them.” 

William slumped, and his eyes gradually became deathly still. Sheshe’s really this heartless. How could shehow could she” 

Before he could finish speaking, Cathy walked in

During these days, she had been staying at the Taylor family’s residence due to her concern for her daughter, so she overheard the conversation between the two at the door

William,Cathy said with a serious expression

Actually, there was one thing that she could not figure out. Why did William have such high expectations for Olivia

Although she was Isaac’s granddaughter, medicine was different from wealth and items. It could not be directly passed down to the next generation and had to be learned through education and experience. Olivia was still so young, and her major in university was not medicine either. Was her medical skills really that good

Let me ask you, is Olivia’s medical skill really that amazing? Can she truly save your mother?Cathy 




William closed his eyes and said, It was Isaac himself who said that his granddaughter’s medical skills are better than his.” 

Cathy’s gaze suddenly changed into joy. She could not help but reach out and grab William’s sleeve. So, you mean Olivia can really save Amelia?” 

William replied, There’s an 80% chance.” 

Cathy nodded and turned to look at Maddie

Noticing her mother’s gaze, Maddie was stunned for a moment before quickly reacting

She found it unbelievable. She clenched her jaw hard to control her expression and said, Mom, do you want me to invite Olivia?” 

Cathy’s expression was serious. After a while, she said, No, I didn’t ask you to invite Olivia. I asked you to bring her over!” 

Mom,Maddie called out, Olivia won’t come.” 

Then go beg, cry, kneel, and do everything you can.Cathy’s tone was sharp. I know you must have a way.” 

MomMaddie wanted to explain. It was not that she did not want to save her sister but it wasn’t the right time. Olivia was at her most resentful moment now

Moreover, the top medical teams from all over the world were about to arrive. Instead of confronting Olivia, it was better to let these top doctors treat Amelia

There might still be a chance

However, before she could speak, Cathy had already slapped her

You’re still hesitating? How can you be so ruthless? Amelia is your own sister!Cathy was furious, pointing at the door angrily. Go, right now. If you can’t find Olivia, you don’t have to come back!” 

Maddie staggered back a couple of steps from the slap before she could barely stabilize herself

She did not raise her head. She just lowered her eyes and covered her cheek

William couldn’t bear to watch any longer and stepped forward to support Maddie. He then frowned and looked at Cathy. Grandma, what does this have to do with Aunt? What can she do?” 

Why did his grandmother blame his aunt whenever something happened to his mother

Although William was born to Amelia, he sometimes felt indignant for his aunt

Maddie had practically devoted her entire life to taking care of his mother. She had no personal life, no family, and no children of her own. Her entire life revolved around the people in the Green family

Especially with his mother, almost everything required Maddie’s involvement

She was almost becoming the chief manager of the Taylor family, especially for Amelia

Cathy squeezed her fingers, and her tone was firm. Don’t worry about it. She’s Amelia’s sister, and she should bear the burden of Amelia’s entire life. That’s her fate.” 

At this point, Cathy took a deep breath. I’ll say this today. It’s fine if nothing happens to Amelia. But if something really happens, I won’t consider Maddie as my daughter!” 

Her firm tone made William gasp

His grandmother was so harsh on his youngest aunt

What did all of this have to do with Maddie? How could everything be blamed on her

William was about to speak up for his aunt when a hand suddenly placed on his wrist

It was Maddie’s hand

She patted William’s wrist and said, During the previous head inauguration ceremony of the Smith family, Olivia said that she would treat everyone present. My sister was also there.” 



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

William immediately reacted. Aunt, you mean to use this reason to have Olivia treat Mom?” 

Maddie nodded. Yes.” 

Is it possible?William frowned

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Maddie glanced at William and said indifferently, You don’t understand Olivia. She’s not heartless. She just doesn’t like being coerced. If you were magnanimous, humble, and put on an attitude of seeking her medical treatment, she might have agreed to treat my sister long ago.” 

Unfortunately, everyone looked down on her

Instead of using an upright method, he chose to use unorthodox methods, always thinking of threats and 


How could someone as proud and powerful as Olivia be coerced

William suddenly understood

He took out his phone and called Olivia again. Halfway through, he suddenly thought of his aunt’s words and immediately stopped

He did not call Olivia. Instead, he called Blake Smith with a respectful tone and requested the Smith family head’s assistance in providing medical treatment for his mother

Seeing this, Maddie smiled

She did not even look at her mother, Cathy. After hearing Blake’s positive response and his assurance to contact the family head, she turned around and left

During this time, she did not even look at Cathy or say a word

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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