Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 274

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 274

Chapter 274 

Blake had personally come from Layfield to tell Olivia about this

Olivia sat on the chair in the study with her legs crossed and her arms on the table. She looked down and said calmly, Did William come to beg you?” 

Blake nodded. Mr. Taylor called. He said that he was begging you to treat his mother.” 

Olivia turned her gaze back to the orchids beside the desk and nodded. Her tone was inexplicable, making it impossible to tell her mood. He’s improved.” 

Blake did not say a word

Blake lowered her eyes and sat on the stool opposite Olivia. She had her arms lowered respectfully and her hands placed on her knees

Recently, Blake had become more and more cautious when it came to Olivia. Blake did not dare to be negligent at all

For some reason, Olivia had changed a lot after being hypnotized. She seemed to have become a much colder person

Olivia no longer treated the older of the Smith family as intimately as before. Instead, she treated them coldly and distantly without any affection

Oh, right.” Olivia pinched the orchid leaves on the table and suddenly thought of something. Where did Zelen go?” 

When Olivia and Gillian were young, there were two people responsible for taking care of them. One of them was Blake and the other was Zelen

Blake was a little older. She 

treated Olivia and Gillian like her own daughters. She was very tolerant and 

doted on them. Most of the time, it was Blake who took care of them

Blake was caring. She would remind the girls to wear more clothes when the weather was cold and keep hydrated when it was summertime

Zelen was different. She was very young and lively. She always played with Olivia and Gillian

Olivia remembered being very close to Zelen when she was young

However, later on, Zelen suddenly disappeared without a trace

Olivia also subconsciously ignored this person as if this person had never existed

When Olivia mentioned Zelen, Blake was stunned. Her pupils dilated in shock

You remember now?” 

Olivia used some force and instantly tore off a long orchid leaf

She took the leaf and rolled it between her fingers. Then, she looked up and fixed her gaze on Blake

What about Zelen? Who is she

If she left, so be it. Why hypnotize me and make me forget this person?” 

Olivia’s tone was calm, but Blake was scared out of her wits

MissShe trembled and wanted to explain, but she did not know where to start. She stuttered for a long time before forcing herself to say, Miss, please don’t misunderstand. Zelen is a member of the main family. I don’t know why she came or why she suddenly disappeared. But I’m sure she doesn’t have any ill intentions.” 

Main family?Olivia tapped her fingertips on the table and asked in a questioning tone

Blake said, The matters of the main family are very complicated. There are many things that I don’t know about. I only know a little. Every time the Smith family changes the head of the family, the previous head will personally tell the next about the matters of the main family


Because Mr. Smith suddenly fainted, many things were left unexplained. Miss, please wait a little longer. After a while, the main family will send someone over. This way, you will know what’s going on.” 

Olivia frowned. After a while, she looked up and ordered, You can leave now.” 

After Blake left, Daniel entered

He walked behind Olivia and massaged her temples. His voice was gentle. What’s wrong?” 

Olivia closed her eyes and said in a low voice, I hate it when people lie to me.” 

Daniel stopped massaging for a moment

Olivia opened her eyes and looked over strangely

Daniel panicked for a moment, but he quickly returned to normal. He lowered his head and kissed Olivia on the forehead. What happened?” 

Olivia sighed softly. It’s strange. My memory has always been very good. I remember everything after I was five years old. However, before I was five years old, my memories of the Taylor family before I was lost were vague. Everything was unclear. I only vaguely remember Amelia Taylor

Everything else about my parentsnames, who my family was, and where my home was, I completely forgot.” 

In fact, a fiveyearold child was already in kindergarten. An elite family like the Taylors would tell their daughter over and over again where her home was, who her parents were, and the family phone number

However, Olivia could not re these things no matter what

Speaking of this,

Olivia could not help but frown and continue, All this while, I thought that I had forgotten because I was too young. And something unexpected happened. My instinctive protection mechanism was activated, so I forgot

However, the funny thing is that after being hypnotized by Ernesto, I realized that my memories before I was five years old were not forgotten by myself, but hypnotized!” 

Hypnotized?Daniel was amazed. Can hypnosis do that?” 

Olivia nodded. the Wilco 

family has a special hypnosis technique.” 

Daniel was curious. Are you so sure that you were hypnotized?” 

Daniel didn’t doubt Olivia, but a fiveyearold was too young. After the accident, it was easy for a young child to forget some 

Of course.Olivia’s tone was firm. I’ve already undone the hypnosis. I remember everything before I was five years old.” 

Daniel was a little surprised. Did Ernesto undo it for you? Or was it because of the second hypnosis superposition that the fiveyearold hypnosis was destroyed?” 

No.Olivia shook his head. I undid it myself.” 

You know how to do it too?This time, Daniel was even more surprised

Yes.Olivia nodded. I studied a few hypnosis books and recalled Ernesto’s hypnosis technique.” 

For a moment, Daniel didn’t know what to say. After a while, he said, You learned it just like that?” 

What else do you think?Olivia answered with a question. Hypnosis isn’t that difficult. I just need to find the key to activate my heart.” 

Olivia made sound easy

Daniel had nothing to say. He was afraid that if he said too much, it would make him look stupid

Although he knew that Olivia was smart, he was still shocked by her intelligence from time to time

Daniel was at a loss

Daniel had already become the richest man in the country. How come he still felt a little inferior and lack of confidence when he was with Olivia

No, no, he had to work harder. Otherwise, Olivia would look down on him

Not a single famous doctor from all over the world could treat Amelia. No matter what test they ran or how they checked, they could not find the cause of the illness

William called Blake again

Blake handed the phone to Olivia. This time, Olivia answered

William’s voice was filled with pain and begging. Ms. Taylor


He finally softened his attitude and was no longer high and mighty. He realized that Olivia was no longer the Taylor family’s girl. She was not his sister or his mother’s daughter

Olivia was the head of the Smith family. She no longer had anything to do with the Taylor family

Nothing about the Taylor family could threaten her

Please, Ms. Taylor.” William’s voice was hoarse

Olivia walked to the study window and looked at the layers of dark clouds in the distance. She nodded and agreed. Okay.” 

She had to go to the Taylor family herself. It was time to find out the truth



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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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