Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 275

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 275

Chapter 275 

At the Taylor family house, Sophia just finished wiping Amelia’s body. When Sophia came out of the room, she saw William on the phone

William sounded excited. Okay, that’s great. I’ll pick you up now.” 

After eavesdropping for a while, Sophia realized that Olivia was coming over to treat Amelia’s illness

Sophia pursed her lips and thought to herself, William is so anxious that he lost his mind. What kind of medical skills could Olivia possibly have? She is probably fooling William around.” 

Sophia thought that Olivia was the most scheming kind of person. Taking advantage of Mrs. Taylor’s illness, Olivia probably wanted some benefits for herself

She was certain that Olivia couldn’t do a thing about Amelia’s illness

Sophia went to Cathy’s room and told Cathy that Olivia was coming

Cathy was very happy about it. She’s really coming! That’s great. That’s great. Amelia could be saved.Sophia pulled a long face and did not speak

What’s wrong?Cathy saw that Sophia was not in a good mood and asked

Mrs. Taylor, I have something to tell you. But I’m not sure if I should say it.” Sophia hesitated

Cathy sat on the sofa and sized up Sophia. Then, Cathy frowned and said, Tell me about it.” 

Sophia looked out of the door. After that, she turned around and closed the door properly. After that, she approached Cathy and said, Mrs. Taylor, you have to be wary of Olivia.” 

What’s going on?Cathy’s heart tightened

Sophia lowered her voice and said, Mrs. Taylor, you don’t know this. But I’ve always been by Madam’s side, and I know everything about the relationship between Olivia and Madam. Olivia is very dissatisfied with her. It was implied that she wanted to harm Madam.” 

Cathy frowned in disbelief

No matter what, they were still biological mother and daughter. Moreover, although she had not seen Olivia many times, he did not look like a vicious person

Sophia panicked. Mrs. Taylor, you have to believe me. Now, Miss Emma is in jail, Mr. Samuel is missing, and Madam is unconscious. Think about it. That’s an awful lot of coincidences, don’t you think?Upon hearing this, Cathy’s heart skipped a beat. She instantly touched her chest and fell back

Sophia was shocked. She quickly calmed her down and poured her a glass of water

Cathy drank half a glass of water before he recovered. He frowned and said coldly, You’re right. We have to be careful about certain things.” 

Sophia probed, Then, are we still going to let Olivia treat Madam?” 

Cathy sneered. Of course, Olivia has to treat Amelia, and she has to treat Amelia well. Otherwise, Olivia would be deliberately harming Amelia!” 

Olivia came with Kelly

Kelly’s wavy hair was combed into a high ponytail at the back of her beautiful head, and she was wearing a tracksuit

Her nimble and leisurely attire made her look less sexy and girly, but it added to her unique charm

Even William could not help but look up at Kelly

This girl was shockingly beautiful

Sensing William’s gaze, Kelly tilted her head and looked at him with her beautiful eyes

William immediately frowned and subconsciously looked away

After William looked away, Kelly’s charming eyes instantly turned cold

The change in her eyes was like a flame falling into the water. The charm disappeared from Kelly’s eyes. without a trace

Kelly lowered her head. Her thick dark eyelashes covered her eyes, as well as the coldness and bloodthirst in her eyes

She looked at her palm and warned herself that now was not the time

Kelly had to wait for the right time. She had to wait until the day she became stronger

This way, she could torture the people who had bullied Olivia to death one by one

Kelly seemed to have thought of something, and a trace of bloodthirst flashed across her eyes

Inside the house, Liam and Cathy were already waiting in the living room

Liam sat in the middle of the living room with a walking stick in his hand. He thought he should be respected. He waited for Olivia to go over and greet him

Unexpectedly, Olivia did not even look up. Her gaze did not turn in his direction for even a second. Olivia walked past Liam and went upstairs

Liam choked on Olivia’s actions. He was surprised that she ignored him just like that

For a moment, he was embarrassed and his face turned red

Liam thought Olivia was unbelievable

Now, Olivia was in charge of the Smith family. She also had connections with the Sullivan family. She really thought she was something

It seemed like that young people were too frivolous

A cold glint flashed across Liam’s eyes. Every dog has its day. This girl had just succeeded and was already so arrogant. He couldn’t wait to see the day she fell

The Smith family established themselves by their medical skills. Olivia was still young, so she was probably bragging too much. Maybe her actual medical skills were not good at all

Moreover, even if Olivia’s medical skills were good, and she was proud of it, her good days would not last

And there was the Sullivan family

Men were lustful. Now that Olivia was young and beautiful, the man doted on her. When a better and more beautiful woman appeared, Olivia would be history

By that time, Olivia would be the most annoying old hag

One day, Olivia would suffer

Liam snorted coldly and asked the butler to help him take the elevator upstairs

He did not care about these things anymore

He was waiting for the day that Olivia went down and came to beg him for mercy

Liam didn’t care, but Cathy did

She had waited here for Olivia. Cathy could not let her go

Cathy said, Stop right there!” 

Olivia did not stop walking and continued to walk upstairs

Cathy couldn’t take it anymore and shouted, William.” 

Helpless, William could only whisper to Olivia, Ms. Taylor, please wait a moment.” 

Olivia stopped and leaned against the handrail of the stairs. She turned her head and looked down at Cathy

Cathy had to raise her head to see Olivia

She didn’t like this angle and said, Come down. It’s outrageous. I’m an older. How can you let me look up at you to talk?” 

Olivia leaned against the armrest and tapped her fingertips on the circular decoration on the armrest. All 

of a sudden, Olivia grinned. I’m trying to help you stay healthy.What do you mean?Cathy said with a frown

Olivia replied, It’s good for your cervical vertebrae when 

you look up.” 

Cathy was furious about Olivia. Cathy said coldly, I’m not going to argue with you about the nonsense. I have something important to tell you.” 

Say it.” Olivia’s tone was gentle, but she had no intention of going downstairs

Now was not the time to argue about this. Cathy took a deep breath and said coldly, Can you guarantee that you can cure Amelia?” 

She had to ask Olivia for a promise. Otherwise, what if Amelia’s health worsened when Olivia treated her recklessly

Cathy was not at ease with Olivia at all

Olivia shook her head honestly. No.” 

Cathy choked. She did not expect Olivia to say that

Her face was cold. It’s fine if you can cure Amelia. If you can’t… 

Hmph.Cathy snorted. Then you’re the one who harmed Amelia. Who knew what you wanted to do to Amelia? You hate her so much.” 

Olivia ignored Cathy and turned to William. She said in a mocking tone, What’s going on? Your family is going to cause trouble before we even start?” 

William choked and was about to explain

Olivia had already turned around and went downstairs. As she walked, she said, “What kind of people would blame someone else every time bad things happen to them?” 

At this point, she suddenly looked up and stared at William. What a shameless group you are!” 

Hearing this, Cathy was so angry that her chest heaved violently, and her face puffed up

Cathy looked more shameless than ever

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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