Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 276

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 276

Chapter 276 

Olivia immediately walked outside

She thought to herself, Who cares whether or not Cathy wants me to treat my mom

Jeez, they want everything their way!” 

William was frightened. He lowered his voice and begged for a long time. It was only then that Olivia went upstairs for the second time

This time, William rushed to speak before Cathy. He said, Grandma, don’t add to the trouble. Do you really want Mom to remain unconscious like this?” 

Cathy decided not to speak the words she had in mind. She looked at Olivia without saying a word

On the second floor in Amelia’s room, Olivia examined Amelia’s body. She took out a box of silver needles and prepared to insert a needle into Amelia’s head

William’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the box of silver needles. He felt a tingling sensation on his scalp as a result of fear

These silver needles were really too long. They were twice as long as normal silver needles

William thought to himself, This thing won’t end up hurting anyone, right?” 

William was very concerned, but he only raised his head and glanced at Olivia with a questioning look without saying anything

It was Cathy who could not take it anymore. She was scared out of her wits and wanted to step forward to stop it

However, William hugged her and dragged her out. He pleaded in a low voice, saying, Grandma, please, don’t add to the trouble again.” 

As he spoke, he carried Cathy to the door and locked it

No matter how hard Cathy knocked on the door, it remained locked

Sophia rushed over. Upon seeing the situation, she could not help but exclaim, Oh golly. Mrs. Green, Olivia is trying to kill Mrs. Taylor!” 

Cathy felt a sharp pain in her chest and slumped to the floor

Sophia quickly got the servants to carry the unconscious Cathy back to her room, while she hurriedly called Ronald

As soon as she spoke, she said, Oh no, Mr. Ronald. Olivia is going to kill Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Green has already fainted. Please come quickly to save Mrs. Taylor.” 

Ronald came over very quickly. In less than ten minutes, he arrived at the Taylor family’s home. Sophia immediately went to welcome him, saying, Mr. Ronald, you’re finally here. Please. Please save Mrs. Taylor.” 

Tell me,Ronald said as he strode in with a displeased expression. What happened?” 

Sophia exaggerated and embellished, using both hands to make a comparison. It’s this long,she said. The silver needle is longer than a cup. It looks like a nail. Olivia took it and inserted it into Mrs. Taylor’s head.” 

Ronald could not contain his anger. He said, Where’s William? He just watched and did nothing? Is he dead?” 

Sophia said, Mr. Ronald, you have no idea what happened. Mr. William seems to be bewitched. He trusts Olivia very much.” 

He’s muddleheaded!Ronald said as he ran up the stairs

Sophia followed behind and fanned the flames, saying, Mr. Ronald, are you going over just like that? Mr. William will surely stop you. Plus, there are so many servants in the Taylor family’s home, all following 

Mr. William’s orders. What if he gets some servants to restrain you?” 

Ronald stopped in his tracks

He turned around to glance at Sophia, nodded, and said, You’re right. This is the Taylor family’s territory. I don’t have the upper hand.” 

After thinking for a moment, the corners of Ronald’s mouth curled up, and he gave Sophia a relaxed look

He said, I’ve got a way to deal with this situation!He thought to himself, I can catch Olivia off guard

Isn’t Olivia using her hands to provide acupuncture therapy to Amelia? I’ll break her hands then. Let’s see what else she can do!” 

A hint of cold malice flashed across Ronald’s eyes

He looked at Sophia and said, Do you have any handy sticks that aren’t overly long?” 

Sophia asked, trying to gauge the suitability of the stick she was about to mention, “A golf club?” 

No,Ronald said as he shook his head. It’s too long. I want to catch Olivia off guard and suddenly break her wrist. This one is too conspicuous.” 

How about a rolling pin?Sophia asked

This one is okay,Ronald replied, his eyes lighting up. Hurry up and 

get it.” 

Sophia moved quickly and soon brought out a rolling pin. It was about the size of a forearm, and it was very sturdy

Ronald held it in his hand, gave it a little shake, nodded, and said, This one’s good.” 

After saying that, he concealed the rolling pin in his sleeve

Then, he strode to the door of Amelia’s room, knocked, and said, William! It’s me, your uncle.” 

After a while, William came over to open the door. He glanced at Ronald appraisingly and enjoined in a low voice, Uncle, lower your voice. The acupuncture therapy is being carried out inside.” 

Alright,Ronald said as he nodded. I’ll go in and take a look.” 

As he spoke, he bent over and squeezed in. While William was closing the door, he suddenly lunged at Olivia… 

He raised the rolling pin in his right hand and fiercely struck toward Olivia’s right hand

He thought to himself, Stupid girl. You want to hurt Amelia, huh? I’ll break your right hand. Let’s see how you can treat patients

Aren’t you the head of the Smith family, which has a longstanding reputation in the field of medicine? I’ll cut off your lifeline then!” 

Sensing the movement behind him, William turned around. He then saw Ronald walking toward Olivia

His right hand, raised high and holding a wooden stick, moved fiercely toward Olivia’s right hand

Meanwhile, Olivia had his back facing them. She was staring at Amelia with full concentration. Her forehead was covered in fine and closely spaced beads of sweat

Before Olivia performed the acupuncture therapy, she had instructed that she could not be disturbed. This time, the acupuncture session was very risky. It required complete focus and concentration without any distractions

William thought, Oh crap!” 

William was furious. He wanted to intervene, but he simply could not do it in time

Just when he was in despair, Kelly suddenly stood in front of Olivia and kicked Ronald hard

The young girl wore a pair of sneakers. Her movements were nimble, as if she did not exert much strength

However, Ronald seemed to have been hit by a heavy hammer. He suddenly crashed toward the table by the wall

The table was made of solid wood, but it was smashed into pieces by Ronald

William was stunned for a moment. He then saw Ronald vomit a mouthful of blood and faint

Uncle Ronald!he called out and quickly went over to press Ronald’s philtrum

Kelly crossed her arms. Standing in front of William, her tone was cold and indifferent as she said, Go call an ambulance. If it’s any later, he’ll die.” 

William raised his eyes to glance at Kelly. He was still somewhat in disbelief

William said, YouHe thought to himself, How could such a simple kick be so powerful?” 

Ronald was an adult male who was over 5 feet and 10 inches tall, while Kelly was not even 5 feet and 7 inches. She’s slender,William thought. How could she kick Ronald and send him flying?” 

Seeing William not taking action, Kelly leaned forward and looked into the depths of his eyes, saying, He actually dares to lay hands on Olivia in front of me. He’s really courting death! I show mercy this time. If he were to lay hands on Olivia again, the outcome wouldn’t be as simple as breaking two ribs

Olivia is softhearted and gives in to all of you, but I won’t.” 

The ambulance arrived very quickly and carried Ronald away immediately

Shortly afterward, William learned about the extent of Ronald’s injuries

Two of his ribs in his chest were broken. Fortunately, the bones did not penetrate his lungs. needed to recuperate for a period of time

He just 

Upon hearing that Ronald had broken two ribs, William instinctively looked up and glanced at Kelly, feeling extremely shocked

He thought to himself, She actually got it so accurate. This girl said two broken ribs, and it’s exactly two broken ribs. Her estimation of the force is precise.” 


After nearly four hours of acupuncture therapy, Olivia wiped the sweat off her forehead, put away silver needles, and turned to William, saying, Wait for another half a day, and she should regain consciousness. After she regains consciousness, she still needs two more rounds of acupuncture therapy.Olivia thought of something. She then continued, Oh, by the way, I want to take some blood samples from Mrs. Taylor for testing. I suspect that she has taken some medicine that affects her emotions. Think about it as well. Has she been taking any medication for an extended period of time?” 

William thought, Medicine that affects emotions?” 

He was surprised

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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