Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 277

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 277


Chapter 277 

it merely took a short period of time before Amelia regained consciousness. She was given acupuncture therapy during the day, and by evening, she gradually regained consciousness

When she regained consciousness, she was lying on the bed. Facing the pitchblack room, she was a little. dazed

Water,she softly murmured

Sophia had been keeping watch by Amelia’s bedside. When she saw Amelia regain consciousness, she was overjoyed. She immediately got up and quickly poured a glass of hot water

Mrs. Taylor, you’re finally awake!she said

Amelia gulped down half a glass of water before she started to feel more alert

What happened to me?she asked Sophia softly

She only remembered that she was looking at the news of Olivia’s engagement. Her emotions had fluctuated intensely, and a wave of resentment that she could not suppress surged within her, almost bursting through her chest

Then, somehow, her vision went dark, and she fainted

She did not know anything that happened thereafter

Sophia quickly explained to her everything that had happened during the period that she was 


Amelia listened with a stunned expression. She could not help but ask, Are you saying that Olivia saved me?” 

Sophia nodded and said, That’s right, but she’s particularly heartless. She didn’t want come save you at all. It took a lot of begging from Mr. William and agreeing to many conditions for her to finally come.” Oh,Amelia replied as she nodded. She had a listless expression, appearing in a state of being stupefied. She thought to herself, It turns out that it was Olivia that saved me.” 

At the mention of Olivia, Amelia was no longer as excited as before. Instead, she was calm and even somewhat sluggish

She thought to herself, It’s so strange. Just before I lost consciousness, I mentioned Olivia with such righteous anger, almost wishing I had not given birth to her

Why, after waking up, am I so calm and not angry at all

What is even stranger is that I can’t understand my previous emotions, and I don’t know why I hated Olivia so much

I seem to have lost my sanity and clouded my judgment. I’m completely not clearheaded, and I’m like a mad person

Actually, when I think about it carefully, Olivia may have played a role in causing Emma to be imprisoned, but ultimately, it’s Emma’s own actions that have led to her own imprisonment

And as for Samuel, he didn’t act like a father at all. He actually resorted to using public opinion to threaten and pressure his own biological daughter

What’s even more difficult for me to accept is that I actually agreed to it

Oh golly!Amelia covered her forehead, wondering why she had done so many foolish things

From the perspective of innermost thoughts, Olivia was not as important as Emma in Amelia’s heart. After all, Emma had been raised by her side for twenty years, and their bond ran deep

However, she did not go so far as to hold extreme hatred for Olivia just because she had a preference for 


Amelia felt that she was somewhat abnormal as she often could not control her emotions

Sophia was trying to assess Amelia’s emotional state. She told Amelia something to gauge her emotional state. Mrs. Taylor, Olivia will come again tomorrow to treat you,” she said

Upon hearing that Olivia would come again, Amelia’s expression became complex

She believed that she was clearheaded. She considered herself to have a balanced perspective and could objectively evaluate situations

Be it Emma’s or Samuel’s matter, she believed that Olivia could not be blamed

However, it could not be said that those matters had nothing to do with Olivia either. After all, if it weren’t for her, Emma and Samuel would not have had any trouble

Amelia closed her eyes. She seemed to be thinking

When she opened her eyes again, her eyes no longer held any confusion or clouded emotions

She had already made a choice

On one side were Samuel and Emma, and on the other side was Olivia

Amelia chose to let go of Olivia

She had more than thirty years of marital bond with Samuel. Although Samuel did not make something of himself and sometimes had a bad temper, he treated her really well

She thought to herself, In Evervale, every wealthy family has its share of gossip. This situation applies not only to the four major families. It even applies to those men who are somewhat affluent. They will also have affairs and keep mistresses

As for Samuel, he has remained faithful and committed to me alone all the time.” 

During the three years when she had a mental breakdown, it was Samuel who watched over her day and night. To help alleviate her condition, he even brought back Emma

Amelia could not forgive Olivia. She thought to herself, If it weren’t for Olivia, Samuel wouldn’t have gone missing, and we wouldn’t have lost all trace of him

And then there’s Emma. Even though she’s not my biological child, she shows genuine respect and care for me. She is always by my side, taking care of my health and showing concern for 

In this world, there couldn’t be a more considerate child than Emma.” 

my condition

After Emma went to jail, Amelia could not bring herself to act as if nothing had happened and maintain a peaceful relationship with Olivia

This was unfair to Emma

She could not let Emma down

Therefore, she could only give up on Olivia, even though Olivia was once the child she held dear in her heart

In the study of the Sullivan family’s home, Olivia sat on the sofa with her left hand supporting her cheek and her right hand holding a document folder. She did not open it. She merely looked at it in a daze. Daniel came in from outside. He was dressed in a soft grayishwhite home outfit. The gentle fabric blended with his sharp demeanor, adding a touch of warmth to his overall presence

He walked in leisurely, sat down beside Olivia, and cast a casual glance, asking, What’s this?Seeing Daniel, Olivia leaned her head on his shoulder and rubbed it against his shoulder affectionately. She did not say anything. She just handed over the document folder

After Daniel took it, he opened it and found that it was filled with information about Emma and her biological mother, Evelyn

The information was very detailed, including the paternity test between Emma and Samuel as well as how Samuel and Evelyn got to know each other and the development of their relationship

There were also many family photos of the three of them inside. The three of them would often go out for dinner on Friday evenings

The three of them chatted and laughed, appearing to be a perfectly happy family. Those who did not know the inside story had no idea that this was an extramarital affair

Olivia,Daniel said. After reading it, his initially languid gaze suddenly became profound like an endless starry sky, making it hard to discern his emotions

He was very concerned about Olivia

Anyone who saw this information would not be able to remain calm

Her biological parents showed no affection to her because of the daughter of her father’s mistress. Just thinking about it made one feel uncomfortable

Daniel was greatly heartbroken. He hugged Olivia tightly. His tone was as gentle as a spring breeze in March as he said, Olivia, don’t be sad. You still have me.” 

After saying that, Daniel felt that the statement lacked sufficient emotional intensity

He decided to do something more impactful

So, he took out his phone and called Andrew

Andrew was doing his homework in his room when the children’s watch on his wrist rang

It’s Daddy!he thought

He hurriedly ran to the door and asked Zoe in a childish voice, Daddy went out, huh?Zoe was momentarily taken aback by the question. She replied, No. He’s in the study.” 

Andrew thought, He’s in the study

I really don’t understand. He’s at home, so why did he call me?” 

He ran to the study again. Just as he pushed open the door, Daniel waved at him. There was a hint of dissatisfaction in Daniel’s voice as he said, So slow.” 

Andrew paid no attention to his father. Instead, he immediately pounced into Olivia’s arms, saying, Olivia.” 

Andy Baby,Olivia said. Her mood instantly improved. She hugged the little one, kissed him, and asked, Have you finished your homework?” 

Yep,Andrew replied. It’s all done.Andrew was incredibly wellbehaved and sweet. He said, I missed you, so I came over to see you.” 

She thought, What a sweettalking little guy!” 

Olivia’s heart almost melted. She picked him up and walked out of the study, saying, How about we go paint something?” 

Sure,Andrew replied loudly

Daniel was left alone sitting on the sofa

He thought, What’s going on

I get left behind, huh?” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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