Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 278

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 278

Chapter 278 

The next day, while they were on the way to the Taylor family’s house, the driver was driving in the front, while Kelly sat beside Olivia, keeping her head lowered as she looked at the documents in the document folder. Olivia, are you going to tell Mrs. Taylor the truth?she asked

Olivia tilted her head and looked out of the window. Her gaze was indifferent, making it hard for anyone to discern her thoughts

After a moment, she said, It’s not necessarily a must to tell her.” 

Olivia had already become disappointed in the Taylor family, and she no longer had any expectations, so it did not matter whether or not Amelia knew the truth

However, it was also because of this that her patience with the Taylor family had diminished significantly. She really did not want to have any connection with them anymore

This was because it was possible that Amelia engaged in continuous arguments with Olivia after she regained consciousness. In the past, Olivia was very patient and could endure it. endure it for even a minute now

If Amelia started to argue, Olivia would immediately throw the folder at her

However, she could not 

This was just preparation. It did not necessarily mean that she would actually throw the folder at her

Kelly understood. I’ll hold it then,” she said

Olivia nodded

When they arrived at the Taylor family’s house, they found it surprisingly quiet. Amelia did not act crazily. She was very quiet, so much so that she did not seem like herself

She sat steadily on the bed

When Olivia performed the acupuncture therapy on her, she even thanked Olivia

Ms. Taylor, thank you,Amelia said.” 

Olivia’s hand that was holding a silver needle stopped moving. She said in a low voice, You’re welcome.” 

The silver needle had to stay on the head for a while. Amelia looked at William and said, William, go out first. I have a few words to say to Ms. Taylor” 

William was not at ease

He was afraid that Amelia would do something that could not be easily controlled, just like what Ronald did previously

However, Amelia was resolute in her attitude. She said, William, you want to disobey me, huh?” 

William exchanged a few glances with Amelia. In the end, he gave in. He could only nod helplessly and say, I’ll wait outside, Mom. Please stay calm. Your health matters more than anything else.” 

Got it,Amelia said

After William left, Amelia glanced at Kelly, who was behind Olivia. Seeing that Kelly had no intention of leaving, Amelia chose not to bring it up

Ms. Taylor,” Amelia said. Her voice was very gentle. Can I call you Olivia?” 

Olivia had a thoughtful expression. Others could not discern what was in her mind. Upon hearing this, she nodded slightly and replied, Feel free to do so.” 

Amelia’s gaze was gentle and her expression was unprecedentedly calm

She felt that she was very clearheaded now. She had never been so clearheaded in more than twenty 


Olivia,Amelia apologized, I should apologize to you. Ever since you were found, both Samuel and Emma have done a lot of things to hurt you. I apologize to you on their behalf here.” 

Olivia’s dark eyelashes trembled slightly. She did not say anything

Amelia’s voice was gentle as she said, You’re my child. When you were just born, you were a tiny and chubby bundle, not to mention incredibly adorable. You’re very obedient and smart. You learn everything quickly and can even remember things at a single glance. You’re really an exceptionally smart child. I’m very proud of you

But it’s a pityAmelia’s voice trailed off, and it was faintly choked. She continued, It’s a pity that our motherdaughter bond was shortlived. Perhaps God only granted us a brief fiveyear connection. If we had forced it, there would have been hurt, just like with Samuel and Emma.” 

Amelia found it a bit hard to continue, but she persevered, saying, I really hope that we, as mother and daughter, can reunite, but there are too many conflicts between us. No matter what, we can’t go back to the past.” 

At this point, Amelia’s voice carried a sense of apology. She continued, I know Emma’s existence makes you uncomfortable and unhappy, but to me, she is also my daughter. Although she didn’t come out of my womb, she lives in my heart. I know she has done many wrong things and has many flaws, but she is still my daughter. My love for her will never change

I’m not asking you to forgive her or spare her. I just want to stay away from you so that I can accompany her wholeheartedly. In a few years, after she is released from prison, I’ll accompany her, comfort her, and help her to become less extreme in her views and behavior

SoAmelia took a deep breath and suppressed the intense emotions that welled up in her chest before she continued, So, our previous motherdaughter connection has truly come to an end. I’ 

I’m no longer your mother, and you’re no longer my daughter. Let’s just treat each other as strangers.Olivia raised her gaze. Her attractive eyes, which were similar to Amelia’s, were narrow and elongated, as if they were hiding a cold winter night

She did not say anything. She just looked at Amelia quietly

Amelia avoided her gaze. She lowered her head and continued, I gave birth to you and you saved me. We do not owe each other a favor. We have nothing to do with each other anymore. Let’s live as strangers in the coming decades.” 

With Samuel and Emma between them, Amelia could no longer treat Olivia as a daughter

Being mother and daughter was a fate bestowed by God. They were destined to have a shortlived connection, so there was no point in getting entangled in this relationship

With that, Amelia held her fingers tightly and quietly made a fist

She was waiting for Olivia to speak, but Olivia remained silent

Time at this moment felt especially long. Every minute and second passed extremely slowly

After an unknown period of time, Amelia grew tired of waiting

It was only then that she heard Olivia’s voice, which was soft and gentle, yet incredibly resolute. As you wish,” Olivia said

Upon hearing this, Amelia’s vision darkened. Her body suddenly stiffened and she fell straight onto the bed

Olivia reacted quickly, supporting her and stuffing a calming pill into her mouth

This medicine was prepared for Amelia in case her emotions fluctuated dramatically and she suddenly fainted after learning about Emma’s background

Unexpectedly, it was used at this moment

But it’s alright,” Olivia thought. The preparation doesn’t go to waste.” 

After Amelia’s emotions stabilized, Olivia handed the medicine bottle to her and enjoined softly, This is 

a medicine to calm your emotions. It’s harmless to the body. If you feel physically unwell or your emotions become too intense, you can take one.” 

Amelia did not say anything. She just held the medicine bottle tightly in her palm

This time, the acupuncture therapy was quick. It was completed in less than an hour

After that, Olivia gave specific guidelines that required careful adherence. She then put away the silver needles and left

She was somewhat in a daze, keeping her head lowered. One could not discern what she was thinking. It was not until she reached the door on the first floor that she realized that Kelly was gone

After waiting for a while, Kelly rushed down from upstairs and explained as she ran, I’m sorry, Olivia. I went to the washroom.” 

Olivia nodded and said, Let’s go.” 

On the second floor, Amelia had been sitting on the bed lost in thought ever since Olivia left. It was not until Sophia knocked on the door and asked if she wanted to eat yogurt that she recovered from her daze. It’s okay,Amelia said. I want to take a nap.She was feeling down

She got out of bed and put on her slippers. Just as she was about to drink some water, it seemed like she kicked something

Amelia was stunned for a moment. She lowered her head and glanced at it. It was a kraftpaper envelope

What’s this?she thought

She instinctively frowned and recalled for a moment. Suddenly, she thought of the beautiful girl who accompanied Olivia

She thought, It seems like she brought it over

It must have been left behind.” 

Amelia picked it up, planning to call Olivia and have her come back to retrieve it. Unexpectedly, the string that was tied around the envelope’s seal came loose, and a photograph fell out from inside

It was a group photo of Samuel, Emma, and an unknown woman

Amelia’s pupils contracted intensely

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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