Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 279

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 279

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The information also noted that Samuel used Olivia as a cover for his affair with Evelyn. He lost Olivia near Evelyn’s residence

According to the information, Samuel took advantage of Olivia going missing to bring his mistress’s daughter into the family. Not only did his mistress’s daughter take the name and identity of Amelia’s biological daughter, which was Olivia, but she also took away Olivia’s love from her biological mother. According to the information, Emma had always known who her biological mother was. The three of them would go out for dinner every Friday night without fail

Finally, there was a paternity test report between Samuel and Emma

Amelia saw the last sentence. The two of them are father and daughterwas the last sentence. Amelia thought to herself, So that’s how it is!” 

Amelia looked a little bewildered. It was uncertain if she had taken too much of her calming medication. Her emotions were remarkably tranquil at the moment. There was no shock and no anguish, just a faint pain deep within her

She thought, It turns out that Emma is Samuel’s illegitimate daughter. No wonder he treats her so well.Amelia seemed to suddenly have an epiphany. She quickly rummaged through her drawers, wanting to find photos of Emma from her childhood to her present age to see if she bore a striking resemblance to Samuel

She managed to find all the photos

She piled them on the floor. There were about a few hundred photos. They were all about Emma

Every single one of them was about Emma

Amelia went through them one by one, comparing them as she went. It was only when she had looked at all the photos that her mind suddenly clicked into realization

She seemed to have thought of something and continued to rummage through the pile of photos on the 


Then, she slumped to the floor in a state of despair, abruptly covering her face and crying uncontrollably. She thought to herself, So many photos. Hundreds of them, and there’s not a single one of Olivia. That can’t be right. Olivia was particularly beautiful when she was a kid. She loved to smile, and she was 

incredibly adorable. I loved taking pictures of her. How could there be none?” 

Amelia stood up again and started to rummage through the cabinet. It was only halfway through that she suddenly realized… 

There were indeed many photos of Olivia when she was young, but Amelia had burned them herself. This was because some time ago, she hated Olivia, so much so that all items related to Olivia had to be destroyed

Therefore, Amelia burned Olivia’s childhood photos, the clothes she had worn when she was a child, and all the items in the storeroom she had once used, including paper, pens, books, violin, and toys. Some jewelry and accessories could not be burned, so Amelia gave those items away to others

So, now, in the Taylor family’s home that was huge, there was not a single item that belonged to Olivia. Realizing this, Amelia finally could not control her emotions. She covered her face and cried uncontrollably

She thought to herself, My Olivia. I’ve lost my Olivia!” 

At this moment, Amelia was squatting on the floor, covering her face. Her limbs experienced waves of numbness and tingling sensation. She felt as if her heart had been dug out by something. A cold wind blew in, raging and swirling within her hollow chest

It caused a pain akin to flesh being ripped and marrow being sucked out, nearly making her faint. Amelia summoned her last ounce of strength to climb onto the bed and reach for her phone. She wanted to call Olivia

After getting her phone, she eagerly searched for the contact list, wanting to call Olivia

However, after opening it, she realized that she did not have Olivia’s number at all

She did not even have Olivia’s number. She was in despair

She struggled to go to the bathroom. She cupped some cold water and washed her face. Then, she raised her head and looked at her reflection in the mirror

The woman in the mirror was wearing expensive pajamas. This set of clothes was once the pinnacle of luxury of a certain brand, costing over 60 thousand dollars for a set

This woman had been someone who caused people to be filled with admiration since she was young.. Before she got married, she was the eldest daughter of the Green family and a top socialite of Evervale. After getting married, she was the lady of the Taylor family and a wealthy lady of the toptier affluent family in Evervale

None of her food, clothes, or the things she used were cheap. All of them were the most expensive and luxurious ones

However, this woman looked so fragile

Underneath the gorgeous clothes was someone who was morally corrupted and offensive. She was motivated by selfinterest. She was shallow, vain, and superficial. She might seem elegant and refined on the surface, but her inner qualities were disappointing

She thought to herself, Why am I so ugly

I despise my own daughter for growing up in the countryside. I look down on my own daughter for not understanding the ways of high society. I detest my own daughter” 

Amelia could not think about it anymore. When she recalled everything she had done before, her heart felt like it was being cut by a knife, and it was so painful that she nearly fainted

Not long after Olivia returned to the Sullivan family’s home, she received a call from the research institute, informing her that Amelia’s blood test results were now available

Amelia had indeed taken medicine to control her emotions

However, this drug was quite advanced, and it was difficult to detect it with modern medical equipment. Fortunately, the blood was sent to the research institute, which represented the top scientific research 

facilities in the Hushe Republic. Otherwise, it would not have been detected

After the call ended, Tyson called and said that Evelyn had been caught

After Samuel was taken away by people from the National Security Bureau, Evelyn hid with her money, staying hidden in the county town of her hometown. She was very cautious in her movements. She did not use modes of transport like airplanes or highspeed trains. She traveled by car the entire time. Occasionally, she stayed in hotels, but she chose small inns that did not require guests to show their identity cards

She had a strong sense of countersurveillance. Even William could not locate her

Fortunately, Nimbus Gaze had already been deployed for trial use nationwide. Otherwise, it would not be possible to locate her

Olivia had always been aware of Evelyn’s existence, but she did not pay much attention to it. It wasn’t until she had Amelia’s health checked and found something amiss with Amelia’s body that she thought of Evelyn

She asked Tyson to investigate, and as soon as he looked into it, he realized that something was amiss

Evelyn had actually gone into hiding

Olivia thought to herself, Why would she go into hiding? It doesn’t make sense.” 

Samuel was taken away by the National Security Bureau in secret. The news was never released. Evelyn was just a mistress with some money but lacked power and connections. Olivia wondered why Evelyn packed her belongings and ran away the day after Samuel disappeared

She wondered where Evelyn obtained the information that Samuel had been arrested by the National Security Bureau

Regardless of the perspectives Olivia looked at this issue, Evelyn’s behavior was highly suspicious. This was the reason she asked Tyson to locate Evelyn

Tyson acted very quickly. With Nimbus Gaze’s help, he found Evelyn in less than a day

Miss Taylor, what should we do now?Tyson asked. Should we bring Evelyn back? Do you want to interrogate her personally?” 

Olivia sat in front of the desk, tapping her fingertips on the table. She instructed softly, You can go ahead and interrogate her.” 

Olivia was not particularly interested in Evelyn. Her main concern was to find out if Evelyn had drugged Amelia and where Evelyn had obtained such a magical medicine

The interrogation could be handled by Tyson and the others. There was no need for her to personally get involved

She had initially thought that she would find out the truth soon, but Tyson called in the afternoon. He said, Miss Taylor, Evelyn says she wants to see you.” 

Huh?Olivia said as she lifted her eyebrows

Tyson said, This person is very resolute. We’ve tried many methods, but she won’t talk. She says she wants to see you, and when she sees you, she will explain everything.” 

Olivia nodded nonchalantly and said, Bring her over then.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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