Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 280

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 280

Chapter 280 

Although Olivia had asked someone to bring Evelyn back, she did not really intend to see Evelyn

Olivia thought to herself, She’s just a mistress. Just because she says she wants to meet me, so I have to meet her, huh? No way!” 

Olivia was not someone who was easily influenced

At this moment, she was sitting at her desk reading an ancient book passed down from the Smith family

These ancient texts were not published in the mainstream. They were all handwritten copies, and they were hidden in the Smith family’s old residence in Layfield

There were many wonderful medical methods recorded in the ancient book. They seemed incredibly unbelievable. These methods appeared more like techniques of divine beings than conventional medical practices

Other than that, some longlost ancient prescriptions were also recorded

On the page Olivia was currently reading, there was a prescription called Subtle Essence.” 

The specific prescription had already been lost, and only the medicinal effects were recorded

Subtle Essence could make people who consumed it experience intense emotions and heightened sensitivity. It could also amplify their inner feelings

It could cause lovers to love more, haters to hate more, those in pain to feel more pain, and those who were angry to become angrier

This prescription was quite intriguing

Olivia’s delicate fingertips tapped on the book. Then, as if she had thought of something, she took out her phone and called Tyson. Where is Evelyn?she said. I want to see her.” 

The symptoms of Amelia and David were very similar to those caused by Subtle Essence, but Olivia was not entirely sure

After all, this prescription had been lost for many years. Even if it still existed in the world, it should be in the hands of prominent families. It could not be in the hands of a mistress like Evelyn

Soon, Olivia saw Evelyn

In an interrogation room, Evelyn sat on the chair. Her hands were securely bound on both sides, rendering her unable to move

She kept her head lowered. Her hair was disheveled, and deep wrinkles appeared on her once flawless and delicate face

Her eyes were closed, and she appeared very weary

Olivia knew that Evelyn had been repeatedly interrogated by psychologists and criminal investigation experts. Although physically unharmed, her mental state had suffered significant torment

The fact that she had endured until now and remained calm showcased her strong mental resilience

Sensing that someone had entered, Evelyn raised her head. When she saw Olivia, her previously halfopen eyes widened completely

She stared at Olivia without moving

You’ve arrived,she said. Her tone was a little strange

Olivia sat across from her, saying nothing

Evelyn did not mind. She just stared at Olivia intently

The woman in front of her was wearing a white sportswear. The simple and elegant clothes complemented her slender waist and long legs. She had an extraordinary temperament. She was so beautiful!thought Evelyn

Evelyn narrowed her eyes. A trace of resentment suddenly flashed across her eyes

She thought, Life is really unfair. Both of them are the daughters of the Taylor family. On what basis is Olivia so outstanding? On what basis was she born with all the advantages enabling her to get everything? Even though I’ve made every effort, sending my daughter to the Taylor family’s home and plotting to take everything from Olivia, my daughter still can’t surpass her

She was even imprisoned

I refuse to swallow this bitter pill! I refuse!” 

Olivia,Evelyn said. Her tone was strange. The fact that you found me means you’ve discovered the drug in Amelia’s body. You must be quite curious now. You must be curious about what Amelia took, right?” 

When Evelyn mentioned this, she giggled twice. She craned her neck and deliberately said, But I won’t tell you. I won’t say anything. You will never know what I have done.” 

Olivia reclined in her chair, leaned back, raised her eyes, and cast a glance at Evelyn

Then, she suddenly smiled confidently. It was as if Evelyn’s schemes and her words that were meant to deliberately anger her were as childish as children playing a makebelieve game. She did not take them seriously at all

You think too highly of yourself,Olivia said. You think I won’t know just because you refuse to say, huh?” 

Olivia crossed her arms and bent her long legs, enunciating the names of several medicinal herbs… 

When the names of the herbs used in traditional medicine were mentioned, Olivia’s tone was still a little nonchalant, but to Evelyn’s ears, it was like a thunderclap

How, how could you know?Evelyn said. She was shocked and baffled. Her pupils widened. Her throat was dry, and her voice was incredibly hoarse. Impossible. Impossible. How could you know?” 

Olivia entered the interrogation room. In less than half an hour, she came out with the prescription

Peter had been observing Evelyn through a video feed. When he saw Olivia come out of the room, he hurriedly and excitedly followed her

He was burning with curiosity. Miss Taylor, how do you know the prescription?he asked

He thought to himself, When did Miss Taylor find out about this? She’s so tightlipped. She didn’t even tell us.” 

Olivia turned her gaze and glanced at Peter, asking in return, Who said I know the prescription?You don’t know, huh?Peter said. His steps came to an abrupt halt. He was completely stunned. He stuttered as he said, Ththen why did you manage to say those medicinal herbs that are used in traditional medicine?” 

Olivia’s tone was nonchalant when she replied, I guessed.” 

Guessed?Peter thought

Peter was dumbfounded, and his entire being was in a state of bewilderment

He thought, Could she really guess something like this?” 

Kelly was also very curious. She leaned in closer to Olivia and asked, Olivia, how did you manage to guess those medicinal herbs?” 

Olivia’s tone was nonchalant as if she was talking about something which was extremely ordinary. It’s very simple,she said. After observing the symptoms, I just worked backward. There are only a few drugs that can affect people’s emotions. It’s very easy to guess.” 

Kelly was left speechless

Tyson and Peter were also left speechless

It can actually work that way as well, huh?they thought


Although they had long known that Olivia was smart, they were still occasionally amazed by her intelligence

They thought to themselves, Damn. Is she even a human?” 

The three of them were the cream of the crop among the elite, but in the presence of Olivia, they always felt incredibly foolish

They also felt that they were simply wasting resources by being alive

Olivia was still calm when facing Kelly, Tyson, and Peter

However, the moment she returned to the study, which was the moment she was alone, her body completely slumped onto the sofa

She opened her palm and looked at the prescription on it

The names of medicinal herbs along with their quantities were listed

Her gaze swept past the prescription and landed on the last name, which was Subtle Essence.” 

This was the Smith family’s prescription

Olivia locked herself in the room. It was unclear how much time had passed when Tyson came over, knocked on the door, and said that Evelyn had confessed everything

It was only then that Olivia regained some emotional composure and began to read Evelyn’s confession. From what Evelyn revealed, abandoning Olivia was not an idea that came suddenly. Rather, it was a premeditated plan

She had long wanted to drive Olivia out of the Taylor family’s home and let her own daughter take Olivia’s place

However, she never had the chance to do so

It was Evelyn’s helper, Lindsey Reagan, who gave her the idea to call Samue and bring Olivia out as a cover, which would make it easier for them to have an affair


After deliberately losing Olivia, Lindsey even gave Evelyn a set of medicine, claiming that it could drive a person insane if consumed

It was only when Amelia went insane and could not recognize anyone that there would be a reason to bring a daughter into the family through adoption

Amelia did indeed feel very sad after losing her daughter, but it did not drive her to the point of madness. It was the medication that amplified this sense of grief and suffering

The pain was too intense, and Amelia could not bear it. It was only then that she went insane

The drug made Amelia more emotionally sensitive and intense. There were fluctuating ups and downs in 

her emotions

It amplified Amelia’s love for Emma and increased her disdain and resentment toward Olivia. Where’s Lindsey?Olivia asked as she frowned

Tyson explained, Evelyn informed me that Lindsey left ten years ago and disappeared without a trace. She only left behind this prescription.” 

By the way,Tyson said as he suddenly remembered something, Evelyn wants to see you. She has something to tell you.” 

Olivia rubbed her temples and went to the interrogation room. Evelyn was hunched over the table, looking even more dispirited

When she saw Olivia, she struggled to support herself to sit up

Olivia,Evelyn said as she grinned. You’re really amazing. You’re intelligent and beautiful. You are a graduate of Ember University, and you have medical skills. You are the head of the Smith family. You are even engaged to the richest man. Why are you so fortunate?” 

Olivia frowned. Her intuition told her that Evelyn had something to say

Sure enough, Evelyn said something next

But all of this is fake,she said. Everything is fake. Olivia, your life has been designed by someone. It’s all prearranged!” 


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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