Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 286

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 286

Chapter 286 

Olivia saw a strange man sitting on the sofa when she carried Andrew downstairs

Before Olivia could ask, Andrew got rid of Olivia’s arms and pounced on the man, yelling, Granduncle!Olivia was shocked and thought, Granduncle

The man before me looks to be in his early thirties. I can’t believe he is Andrew’s granduncle!” 

The man had a kind and empathetic nature and approachable demeanor, which made people feel comfortable and like him

For instance, he held Andrew up and put Andrew on his lap. He did not wrap his arm around Andrew’s waist because he was afraid that Andrew would get hot. However, he lit his arm in the air behind Andrew’s back to protect Andrew in case Andrew fell

The butler, Brown, noticed that and came over to introduce, This is Brad Sullivan, Andrew’s granduncle, second hand of the Sullivan family.” 

Olivia did not know much about the Sullivan family. She only roughly heard of the family members. Daniel was the only son in the family and had a young uncle, Brad Sullivan, who was only seven years older than Daniel

Brad left the country when Daniel assumed control of the Sullivan family, and he spent six years living abroad, never returning home during that time

Butler Brown explained, Mr. Brad rushed back home after he heard that Mr. Daniel was getting engaged.” 

Olivia was clearer about the situation after hearing Brown’s explanation. She nodded at Brad and addressed him respectfully and distantly, Nice to meet you, Mr. Brad.” 

Brad smiled when he heard Olivia call him Mr. Brad.He replied gently, Ms. Taylor, you are more outstanding than I imagined.” 

Olivia replied politely, Mr. Brad, I’m flattered to hear that.” 

After Olivia said that, her gaze fixed on Andrew

Sensing Olivia’s gaze, Brad pinched Andrew’s nose and put him down, saying gently, Go to Ms. Taylor.” 

Brad was considerate and knew what Olivia’s plan was. He said, Ms. Taylor, if my guessing is correct, you should be here to bring Andrew home. I think you’re good to go. There is no need to wait here. Isabella usually takes naps in the afternoon and won’t wake up unless she has slept for two hours. So, Ms. Taylor, just bring Andrew home.” 

As Brad said, Olivia had a lot of things to do and did not want to spend her time waiting

Olivia thought, “It doesn’t feel well if I take Andrew home without seeing Isabella. After all, she is my future mother-inlaw.” 

She became hesitated when thinking of that

Brad could tell what Olivia was thinking. Thus, he said, It’s okay. I will send your warm greeting to Isabella when she wakes up. Ms. Taylor, I know you’re busy, and I seriously suggest you go.” 

Then, Olivia agreed readily, Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Brad. See you soon.Bulter Brown had already packed Andrew’s things and walked Olivia and Andrew out

After they left, Brad was the only one left in the room

Brad’s gentle smile instantly disappeared. He murmured coldly, Humph. Rumors claim that Olivia Taylor is the head of the Smith family. I thought she was supposed to be something. Now I know she is just a lady without a brain

She left after I suggested. She knows nothing about how to connect with people and lacks the ability of critical thinking

Can such a woman lead the Smith family?” 



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Oscar Sullivan ran over from upstairs and leaned against Brad’s knee, calling his father timidly. DadBrad raised his hand and stroked his son’s hair, asking Oscar gently. Have you told Andrew everything I asked you to say?” 

Oscar nodded and replied, Yes.” 

That’s good.Brad touched his son’s face and added, Go upstairs and play.” 

Brad thought, I have been away and prepared for six years. It is time to take back everything that once belonged to me

I could break Daniel’s legs and control his life seven years ago. I still get the moves seven years later. I’m going to throw Daniel to the lowest point in his life

I’m back to take back my power and control the Sullivan family. I’m also going to destroy the career that Daniel painstakingly built. I will take away Daniel’s wife and child

Daniel has never won a fight with me ever since we were young. I made a mistake six years ago. However, I’m fully prepared now. I must take everything back.” 

After Oscar left, Hannah Thompson, a humble maid, approached Brad and whispered, Mr. Brad, I’ve completed all the tasks you assigned to me, but” 

Hannah was a little worried and continued, I wrote something like Mr. Andrew did. However, will Mr. Daniel buy that?” 

Brad smiled and looked at the maid gently, replying, Who said it would show to Daniel?” 

Hannah was still in a daze. However, Brad waved his hand and indicated for Hannah to leave

Brad thought, Those notes saying that Andrew doesn’t like Olivia are never for Daniel. I’m going to show them to Isabella

Isabella will feel her heartache for her grandson when she reads those notes and won’t allow Olivia to stay with Andrew. Then, Isabella will keep Andrew at her residence

This way, Daniel’s son will be under my control.” 

Amelia woke up early in the morning and sat in the living room, waiting for Olivia to come over

Yvonne accompanied Amy downstairs and saw Amelia sitting in the living room

Yvonne had always been docile and sensible before the Taylor family. Therefore, when she saw Amelia, she greeted sweetly, Good morning, Amelia.” 

Amelia was so focused on the door that she did not hear what Yvonne said. She perfunctorily nodded in 


Amy felt annoyed when she noticed Amelia ignored Yvonne. Amy coughed lightly and looked at Amelia disapprovingly, saying, Amelia, what kind of attitude is that? Yvonne is greeting you

Amelia did not want to fight with Amy. Instead, Amelia paid all her attention to the door

Amy got more annoyed when she saw Amelia’s cold look

Yvonne held Amy’s arm and sat down. Then, she explained gently, Amelia must be waiting for Olivia.” 

Amy frowned and asked, Olivia?” 

Amy felt a little guilty towards Olivia because she chose Yvonne. However, she had a very bad impression of Olivia now

Amy murmured to herself, I know Yvonne is going to hate me for doing this, but I plan to leave some money for Olivia

Olivia has never seen big money in her life and thus is not competent to guard her money. I will get her in trouble if I give her too much money. So, I’m thinking of buying a house for Olivia at Evervale and giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash

Yvonne is a good girl. She is kind and sensible. It is just that she can’t accept Olivia for the time being

I will ask Yvonne to take over my business not long after. Then, Yvonne won’t worry about my being 



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Then, I can ask Yvonne to take care of Olivia and Olivia’s children. Yvonne will Olivia’s children to get internships at my company, and Olivia will have nothing to worry about.” 

Amy felt that she had already done everything she could for Olivia

Amy continued her thought, However, I didn’t expect Olivia to be so cold and vicious. She almost destroyed the Taylor family. Then, she claimed that she was not related to the Taylor family. She didn’t come to visit Amelia when Amelia was sick

I don’t understand why Amelia misses that heartless, coldhearted girl?” 

Amy regretted that she had doted on Olivia before

William entered at this moment

Seeing William, Amelia got excited. She grabbed William’s sleeve and asked, Where’s Olivia? Has Olivia arrived?” 

Mom.William sat beside Amelia. Then, he continued, Olivia has something on and won’t be coming today.” 

She’s not coming!Amelia cried and fell on the sofa as if all her energy was gone

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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