Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 288

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 288

Chapter 288 

After everyone left, a thin maid returned to her room, where she frowned upon seeing the workbook filled with hatred for Olivia

She called Olivia immediately. Miss Taylor?” 

Olivia was with Andrew. When she received the call, she came out of Andrew’s room and went to the study

Olivia said plainly, It’s me. Speak.” 

Natalie Hopper, the maid, furrowed her brow and said, You told me to go to Andrew’s room and make sure everything was okay. At first, I was puzzled because I thought no one in the old residence would harm Mr. Andrew. But you won’t believe what I discovered. Their target is not Andrew, but you!” 

It had been a while since Natalie found the workbook. However, she was still furious at the mention of the workbook

Natalie thought, Miss Taylor appointed me to work in the old residence some time ago to protect Mr. Andrew. During these days, I didn’t cause anyone’s attention or approach Mr. Andrew. Instead, I only did my cleaning job

I did my job so well that Mr. Brown quite liked me.” 

Miss Taylor, you won’t believe this.Natalie’s voice was filled with hatred. The workbook is filled with words like hate you.” 

Olivia sat on the sofa, holding the phone in her right hand. She put her left hand on her forehead and did not speak for a long time

The afternoon sunlight shone in through the window and landed on Olivia’s face, accentuating her red lips, white teeth, and exquisite jawline

Olivia half closed her eyes, long eyelashes covering her eyes nd concealing her thoughts.. 

After a short pause, Olivia said, Try to swap the workbook with a blank one, and then let me know what happens next.” 

Natalie nodded and followed the order. Later, she reported, Oscar said he needed to get his toys back from Andrew’s room. Then, Brad suggested Mrs. Sullivan follow Oscar to Andrew’s room. To his surprise, Brad didn’t find the workbook he had prepared

He flipped through the workbook from beginning to end and seemed shocked.” 

After saying that, Natalie became curious and asked, Miss Taylor, how did you know that there’s something wrong with Brad?” 

Brad had spent more than a week in the old residence. He had a gentle personality, spoke slowly and softly, and appeared quite easy to get along with

Even Natalie liked Brad, the returned member of the Sullivan family

Olivia massaged her temples when she heard Natalie’s question

In fact, Olivia did not know that there was something wrong with Brad

After all, Olivia was not a prophet and could not know everything. It was because Brad displayed his malicious intentions too clearly

Olivia explained plainly, Two things are suspicious and strange. Firstly, Oscar tried to brainwash Andrew that I, as Andrew’s stepmother, was mean and evil. Secondly, Daniel had no idea that Brad had returned.” 

Olivia finished explaining, but Natalie was still confused

Natalie wondered, What are they? Why are they strange? Why didn’t I sensel it?” 

Natalie could not understand it after thinking for a while. Thus, she asked, Miss Taylor, why is it strange that Oscar brainwashed Andrew that stepmothers were evil? Children know nothing, and it’s normal to hear them say nonsense.” 



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Olivia blinked and was surprised. Her beautiful eyes seemed to be covered in a layer of mist. Olivia continued. Isn’t that strange enough? Oscar grew up overseas and didn’t watch the movies like the kids did in our country, I don’t think Oscar knows how to demonize stepmothers by himself. Moreover, Oscar has returned to the country for about a week. He probably doesn’t even recognize everyone. I bet he doesn’t know me. Then why would a little boy who doesn’t understand things always emphasize stepmothers are evil

Also, I’ve checked everything with Brown. Brad has been back for a week. However, as soon as he arrived at the old residence, Andrew was picked up there. This is illogical. Why did Brad secretly bring Andrew over instead of informing Daniel when he came back?” 

Olivia did not know what Brad was up to, nor did she care about it. However, she would never allow Brad to hurt Andrew

Thus, Olivia’s eyes instantly turned sharp, and her tone was low and cold. I asked you to go to room Andrew just in case. I didn’t expect Brad to have evil intentions.” 

Natalie became nervous and asked, Miss Taylor, do you need me to do anything?” 

Olivia lowered her eyes and replied, You don’t have to do anything. Just stay in the old residence.After hanging up the phone, Olivia sat in the study for a moment

Olivia realized she needed two assistants because things kept coming up these days. She wanted a life assistant and a work assistant

Olivia had no choice but to hide her identity in the past. However, things were different now since she became stronger

She could gradually appear in front of everyone

Thinking of this, Olivia picked up the phone and dialed a number

The old academicians from different departments at the Capital Research Institute were arguing, slapping the table, and kicking the stools

Their faces were red, and they were about to fight

They were all old academicians in their sixties or seventies, outstanding talents in various fields. However, they disregarded their reputation and almost attacked each other

Rebecca could not bear to watch this scene

Just as Rebecca was letting her imagination run wild, a special ringtone arose

Rebecca was shocked. The academicians stopped the fight and turned to look at Rebecca

They stared at Rebecca like wolves

Rebecca was so nervous that she broke out a cold sweat

Is it the director?The old academician from the Economics Department asked in a trembling voice. Rebecca nodded in response

Seeing this, the academicians from all departments were instantly excited and rushed toward Rebecca. Rebecca made a prompt decision. She pushed open the door of the conference room and ran out. Fortunately, she was young and had long legs. Those old academicians could not outrun her

Rebecca heaved a sigh of relief when she returned to the office

She took a sip of water and quickly called back. Hi, Director Olivia. This is Rebecca.” 

Rebecca was keeping her emotions in check, but her tone clearly showed she was excited

Rebecca continued, I’m so happy to receive your call. You have no idea how crazy those people from all departments become!” 

Olivia was about to drink a cup of coffee when she heard Rebeccas’s words. Thus, Olivia asked casually, What are they arguing about?” 

Did you forget that?Rebecca sounded like she was about to cry. The twoyear period is up. You’re going 



Billionaire’s Missing Darling 


to another department for a rotation.” 

Olivia remembered everything until then

Olivia murmured inside. It’s been two years? Time flies.” 

Olivia should be in charge of Capitol Research Institute for five years. She designed a series of policies in the first year. She went to the Information Technology Department in the second year and launched the Nimbus Gaze plan. Two years later, she rotated to the Life Sciences and Medicine Department and discovered a neurodrug. Because of Olivia, the institute took leaps in its medical development and received countless achievements

Now that the twoyear period was up, Olivia had to rotate to a new department

Olivia had almost forgotten about it if Rebecca had not mentioned it

Olivia should have transferred to another department. However, she realized she was too busy to focus on research work these days

Doing research required ample time and concentration

Olivia was intelligent and far beyond ordinary people, but she could not be an exception. She was required for time and concentration for the research projects like others


However, Olivia could not stay peaceful for research because the Smith and Sullivan family brought her too many problems. She did not have much time for research

Hence, Olivia said, I can’t do it this year. I won’t rotate this year. We’ll talk about it next year.” 

Rebecca was dumbfounded and cried, What?” 

Rebecca thought, It’s hard to believe. The old academicians from the various departments are arguing and fighting each other in the conference room. However, Director Olivia says she won’t rotate this year

What am I supposed to do? How do I deliver this news to those academicians?” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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