Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 292

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 292

Chapter 292 

At the old residence of the Sullivan family

Brad had been paying attention to what Daniel had been up to. When he knew Daniel had flown overseas, he immediately asked Mrs. Sullivan. I heard that Daniel has gone overseas?” 

Mrs. Sullivan stopped smiling. After a while, she said. He’s busy with work. It’s normal for him to fly around.” 

Brad lowered his eyes. His voice was gentle like the spring breeze, but his words were provocative. No matter how busy he is, he should still inform you. I still remember when I first helped to manage the Sullivan family ten years ago, I was also overwhelmed. I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to eat. However, I would still inform you in advance every time I went on a business trip.” 

He continued. You raised me. You’re just like my mother. No matter how old I am, I have to inform you no matter where I go. Daniel is your biological son. I wonder what has caused him to become less affectionate over the years?” 

Speaking of Daniel, Mrs. Sullivan was full of grievances

However, she was unwilling to complain about her son before Brad and her servants. She only smiled and did not say anything

Brad suggested. Since Daniel is overseas, why don’t you have Olivia and Andrew stay over for a few days?Brad was a master at manipulating words. He made it sound like he was speaking from Mrs Sullivan’s viewpoint. You can spend time with your grandson and educate your daughterinlaw. Wouldn’t that be nice?” 

Seeing that Mrs. Sullivan was moved, Brad continued. I heard that she is the head of the Smith family?” 

Yes, yes. She has excellent medical skills.” Mrs. Sullivan praised

Mr. Brown also said. Ms. Taylor is capable. Be it medical skills or scientific research, she’s the best.” 

Brad smiled. But she lacks the etiquette of how someone from our family should behave?” 

Mrs. Sullivan was stunned by Brad’s words

She had not thought of that

Brad continued. I know the Smith family is well known for their medical skills. Isaac’s medical skills are superb. He’s a noble doctor who saves the dying and helps the injured. However, honestly, the Smith family is not considered a prominently wealthy family. Olivia might have learned good medical skills from Isaac, but she is still lacking in terms of her compatibility with the Sullivan family

Brad paused to assemble his words. He said, Daniel is now the richest man in the 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 


world. He interacts with highranking officials and nobles. He needs a capable wife with high EQ.” 

Brad concluded by saying that Mrs. Sullivan needed to show Olivia the ropes

He convinced Mrs. Sullivan

What he said made sense. She had to show Olivia the ropes

She did not need Olivia to be perfect. She just needed Olivia to learn how to act gracefully and not embarrass their family

Olivia was on her way downstairs to have dinner. Zoe saw her and said. Ms. Taylor, Mrs. Sullivan called just now. She wants you to bring Mr. Andrew to stay at the old residence for a while.” 

Olivia had no qualms about it. She looked up and asked Andrew. ‘Andrew, shall we go?” 

Andrew nodded. I miss Grandma.Mrs. Sullivan had been the one to look after him in the past. He had deep feelings for her

Alright.Olivia touched her forehead. We’ll be on our way.” 

Zoe’s hand froze in the air. She was about to place the forks on the table. She asked hesitantly, Ms. Taylor, it’s already very late. Are you going over today?” 

Olivia nodded. Yes, I’ll go over after dinner.” 

After dinner, Olivia and Andrew went to the old residence together. Her two assistants followed

Mrs. Sullivan was watching television at the old residence. When she heard Mr. Brown say that Olivia had arrived, she was surprised. Why did she come so quickly?” 

She had thought Olivia would only come the next day

Brad said, She came at the right time. You can have chicken soup for supper. You can ask her to stew it for two to three hours. It’ll be the right time for supper tonight.” 

Mrs. Sullivan nodded. That’s good too. Since she’s married into the Sullivan family, she has to perform her duties as a daughterinlaw. She will first learn how to be filial.” 

Upon hearing their conversation, Mr. Brown felt sorry for Olivia

It seemed that she would have a hard time the following days

It was not easy to be the daughterinlaw of a wealthy family

Olivia entered the room with Andrew. As soon as they entered, Andrew ran into Mrs. Sullivan’s arms. Grandma, I missed you so much.” 

Mrs. Sullivan hugged her grandson and could not stop smiling. My good grandson. Grandma misses you too.” 

After changing into indoor slippers, Olivia smiled and greeted Mrs. Sullivan and 

the rest bebere aling on the sola opposite Them 

When Mrs Sullivan faced Olivia, the antle on her face disappeared. Olivia, you came at the right mine. Co to the lunchen aid make chicken soup. We’ll have that 

Do you want to have supper?Olivia smiled and asked gently

Mrs. Sullivan modded. Yes, I don’t sleep much as I get older. I usually stay up until midnight before I can fall asleep. If I sleep late, I have to eat something at night. Otherwise, my stomach will be empty 

Olivia nodded. In that case, we do need to have some supper” 

Brad’s gaze was fixed on Olivia. Seeing her gentle expression, he felt even more disdainful

She was so gentle and had no personality There was no challenge in bullying her 

did whatever she was told to do

Then go quickly, Ms. TaylorBrad urged her. There are ingredients in the kitchen. If you don’t know how to cook, og chet can help you” 

Olivia glanced at Brad indifferently and said unhurriedly, Since Mrs. Sullivan wants to drink chicken soup, it would be best for her to have the best chicken soup in the world.” 

After Olivia gave a few instructions, Elena went out to make a call

After a while, Elena returned and reported in a low voice, Don’t worry, she said she’ll be here in a while. About half an hour” 

Alright, Olivia nodded. Then, she stood up and said to Mrs. Sullivan. The chef will be here soon. You don’t have to be anxious. You will be able to have the most delicious chicken soup. I’m a little tired, I’m going upstairs to rest first

As soon as she finished speaking, the room suddenly fell silent

No one expected Olivia to hire a chef

Mrs. Sullivan’s expression was ugly. The Sullivan family has a chef. Do you need to hire one from outside? I’m not trying to make things difficult by asking you to cook. I just wanted to see if you could obey your elders!” 

Brad chimed in. Ms. Taylor, that is not appropriate. You have to cook personally to show your filial piety. How could you hire a chef?” 

Olivia did not want to waste her breath on these meaningless arguments. She said, I’m tired. Let’s talk when the chef arrives.Then, she turned around and w upstairs

Mrs. Sullivan was so angry that her face turned red

The servants all lowered their heads. They did not dare to breathe loudly

Mr. Brown watched as Olivia slowly walked up the stairs. He could not help but 

sigh silently. She was still too young and impulsive. He did not understand why she could not do as requested. It was just a meal

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Brad leaned into the sofa

He said nothing, but his lips curved in a mocking smile

Things were going the way he had planned

Olivia was shrewd and impatient. It was a joke that she was made the head of the Smith family

Could it be that there was no one left in the Smith family

There was no sense of accomplishment for him when dealing with a person like Olivia. He had not made any big moves, and Olivia had already made things worse for herself

Brad’s smugness only lasted for half an hour. He saw the chef Olivia hired

His expression instantly changed. He was speechless for a long time

Olivia had hired Tracy Smith

Tracy was the head chef of the state banquet. She also won the gold award in the World Cuisine Competition

Tracy had not cooked personally for years since her students made names for themselves. Olivia managed to get a big shot in the culinary world to come over to make chicken soup for Mrs. Sullivan

It was unbelievable

Mrs. Sullivan was initially still fuming at Olivia’s rejection. However, her anger dissipated after seeing Tracy. She was shocked

How was it possible? Olivia invited Tracy over

Just at that moment, Olivia walked down the stairs. Tracy nodded at her and followed the servant to the kitchen

Olivia walked to the sofa in the middle of the living room and sat down. She smiled gently at Mrs. Sullivan. The socalled filial piety is to provide you with the best within my abilities. It’s more important than anything else. There are specialties in every profession. It’s better to leave professional matters to professionals.” 

With that, Olivia turned to Brad and asked with a smile, Don’t you think so?” 

Brad’s face was livid. His eyes were dark and cold

Olivia had turned the tables

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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