Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 293

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 293

Chapter 293 

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Tracy was indeed a state banquet chef. Her culinary skills were extraordinary. Even Mrs. Sullivan, who had always insisted on cating less, had drunk two bowls. If not for Mr. Brown’s reminder, Mrs. Sullivan might even have a third bowl

This chicken soup is delicious.Mrs. Sullivan reluctantly put down the bowl

Tracy smiled. Good that you liked it. It’s already very late. I have to get going.” 

You’re leaving?Mrs. Sullivan was a little reluctant


The culinary skills of famous chefs were too precious. She wanted Tracy to stay for a few more days

However, it was not convenient for her to speak out and invite her

After all, Tracy was the head chef of the state banquet. Moreover, she had not cooked personally for many years. A few years ago, Tracy was invited to continue to be the head chef of the state banquet, but she had rejected it

Tracy had retired. She rarely appeared elsewhere besides the Smith Cuisine Hall and the restaurants opened by her students

It was already a pleasant surprise that Olivia could invite her over. It would be impossible for her to stay further

Everyone present could tell what Mrs. Sullivan was thinking

But no one spoke

Brad smoothed his sleeve before saying haughtily, Tracy, why don’t you stay and cook for us for a few more days?” 

As he had been overseas for many years, Brad did not know much about the happenings in the country. He only knew that Tracy was a state banquet chef and one of the top chefs in the region. However, he did not hear that she had not cooked personally for the past few years

He thought that he would be able to have her agree to his request as it was just a matter of money. Just like Olivia, he could also invite Tracy

Mrs. Sullivan had given him a large sum of money over the years. He had used it for investments and thus accumulated a lot of wealth

Tracy was just a chef. He could easily employ her services

After saying that, Brad even looked at Olivia with a provocative gaze. Tracy, don’t worry. I will compensate you well. As long as you’re willing to stay and cook a few meals, I will give you double what Olivia paid you.” 

Double?Tracy laughed

Her restaurants were all over the country. She had become a brand in the food industry. She had earned more than enough money. It was a joke that someone had used money to entice her

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Tracy did not know whether to laugh or be angry

YesBrad’s tone was firm. “As long as you’re willing to stay. I’ll give you double whatever Olivia gave you.” 

Mrs. Sullivan sat at the side. Her eyes started to well up after she saw how 

determined and considerate Brad was in trying to help her convince Tracy to stay. His biological son, Daniel, had never been so concerned about her

On the other hand, Brad was always considerate of her. He was generous with his money so that she could enjoy Tracy’s cooking

However, she did feel that Brad’s behavior was inappropriate and disrespectful

Despite his behavior, she was nonetheless touched by Brad’s actions

What a good child

Brad had been observing Mrs. Sullivan’s expression. He knew he had done the right thing when he saw her eyes well up

He knew Mrs. Sullivan’s personality well. He knew that she would fall for hist tricks

Brad had always acted like that since he was a child. No matter what good stuff he got, he would give it to Mrs. Sullivan first. No matter what he did, he would tell Mrs. Sullivan first

He loved her with all his heart. He relied on her wholeheartedly

He was a stark contrast to Daniel. Daniel was smart. However, he was also 

mischievous and a little distant from his mother

Brad held Mrs. Sullivan’s hand and said gently in an emotional tone. You’re like a mother to me. You raised me yourself. When I was young. I swore that I would be filial when I grew up. Even if it’s the stars in the sky. I’ll pluck them for you. Something as simple as this isn’t even worth mentioning.” 

Oh, why would I need you to pluck stars for me?Mrs. Sullivan turned her face away. Her heart had melted

Her efforts back then were not in vain. Brad had grown up to be someone with filial piety and consideration

Tracy. Brad turned to Tracy. Tell me how much to pay you. No matter how much it is, I’ll give it to you. I’ll double the amount Olivia gave you!” 

Tracy looked up at Brad. She felt awkward. After a while, she said, Olivia didn’t give me money

Hearing that, Brad raised his eyebrows. His voice turned icy. That’s insensible of 


Before he could finish speaking, Tracy spoke, Have you heard of seared salmon with herbed couscous? Olivia gave me the recipe for a medicinal cuisine. It has the same value as seared salmon with herbed couscous.” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 


After saying that, she remained oblivious to everyone’s shock and stood up so leave

When Tracy passed by Olivia, her tone was nothing short of amable and respectful. Miss Olivia, if you need anything else, just tell me anytime! Tracy left. Olivia propped up her chin and looked at everyone’s dumbfounded faces. She felt good

She waved at Andrew. Andrew, come over. Shall we go upstairs and rest

Ok.Andrew ran over and followed Olivia upstairs

The ones left downstairs were Mrs. Sullivan, Brad, Mr. Brown, and a few servants

Brad had been overseas. He did not know anything about seared salmon with herbed couscous. However, he could tell that the recipe for the medicinal cuisine was costly

He asked the butler, Mr. Brown, what’s seared salmon with herbed couscous? Is the recipe very precious?” 

After saying that, Brad frowned and complained to Mrs. Sullivan, Tracy is unintelligible. It’s just a recipe. She could have asked for anything else. Why did she leave like that?” 

It was rare for Mrs. Sullivan not to respond to him

Brad’s expression stiffened imperceptibly. He looked at Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown sighed. It’s hard to explain how precious seared salmon with herbed couscous is. What I do know is that it has brought the Smith Cuisine Hall at le twenty million dollars in annual pure profits in the past six to seven years. Mr. Brown was familiar to many distinguished guests like officials and nobles. After all, he had been with the Sullivan family for many years

However, he was also taken aback after learning how profitable medicinal cuisine could be

20 million dollars. A year. That would be 200 million dollars in ten years. Olivia gave away the precious medicinal cuisine recipe worth 20 million dollars to Tracy just so Mrs. Sullivan could have a mouthful of chicken soup

How generous was she

That recipe was so precious

Brad was stunned. He looked at Mr. Brown in disbelief and clenched his jaw tightly

After a while, he asked, How is that possible?” 

Mr. Brown glanced at Brad but did not respond

It was just a faint glance. However, Brad could see the contempt in it

Mr. Brown was looking down on him again


Sutionales Missing Darling 

Anger rose inside him. Brad was furious

What right did a butler like Mr. Brown have to look down on him

After Olivia sent Andrew back to the room to sleep, she went downstairs again. Everyone was still in the living room. They were still sitting at their original positions. Nobody moved

Olivia turned to Brad and said gently. Everyone says that you are filial. It’s the Respect the Elderly Day next week. I believe you have prepared an extremely precious gift for Mrs. Sullivan?” 

Brad suppressed the anger inside him and looked at Olivia coldly. His tone was icy. Of course. I’ve already prepared it. I wonder what you have prepared?Olivia smiled proudly. It would be better than yours. The gift I prepared is so expensive.” 

Expensive?Brad sneered. That might not be the case.” 

After saying that, Brad could not control his emotions. He stood up and said to Mrs. Sullivan in a low voice, I’ll go upstairs first.” 

Brad walked upstairs. Halfway up, Olivia’s voice came from behind. She was speaking to Mrs. Sullivan. Filial piety doesn’t come from words. You have to prove it with actions. Who doesn’t know how to coax people with words alone?Mrs. Sullivan felt uncomfortable after hearing what Olivia said

Why did Olivia misinterpret Brad’s wellintentioned words as hypocritical? Mrs. Sullivan felt Brad was not such a person. However, she could not say anything to refute Olivia. She could only sulk silently

She did not know if she was angry at Olivia or herself

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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