Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 294

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 294

Chapter 294 

Mr. Brown watched coldly from the side

He thought to himself, Ms. Taylor is impressive.” 

It had not even been a day since she arrived. She had already started manipulating Brad’s relationship with Mrs. Sullivan

Brad was the most doted on by Mrs. Sullivan in the family over these years. Daniel was not that favored comparatively

Daniel was suppressed by Brad while growing up

Whether it was the late Mr. Sullivan or Mrs. Sullivan, they doted on Brad more than Daniel

If Daniel had not worked hard, there would not be a place for him at home. Ms. Taylor had only briefly spoken to Mrs. Sullivan. It was enough to label Brad ast a hypocrite who only knew how to inflate himself as someone with filial piety

If Brad did not present an expensive gift on Respect the Elderly Day, it was possible that Mrs. Sullivan would hold a grudge against him

Mr. Brown was sure of that

On the other hand, Mr. Brown had reservations about Olivia. He felt that she was too arrogant and was not one to suffer any grievances

What was the use of her getting in the moment and going up against them? Mr. Brown thought it was more appropriate for Olivia to consider the longterm consequences. She should curry favor with Mrs. Sullivan

He believed that a genuine relationship could be slowly cultivated

After returning to her room, Elena had the same advice for Olivia. She felt that Olivia was being too impatient. Miss Taylor, you might have suppressed Brad now, but you’ve provoked him. It might make him launch a strong counterattack later

Elena advised Olivia to act docilely so that she could deal with Brad once he let his guard down

Olivia’s other assistant, Cecilia, was not as experienced as Elena in the ways of the world. However, she was older and experienced

She agreed with Elena

Olivia leaned against the bed in a comfortable position. She closed her eyes slowly. No one knew if she was listening

Elena decided to try to persuade Olivia again

Olivia slowly opened her eyes

Her tone was a little cold and indifferent. She said, If we’re dealing with someone 

more formidable, we can use your method. However, there’s no need to spend any effort dealing with Brad.” 

Olivia could not be bothered with Brad

She found it unbelievable that she was asked to be docile before him. Could Brad even be considered an enemy

He was, at most, just an annoying clown

Elena understood. Miss Taylor did not take Brad seriously at all

However, she still had some doubts

Although she had not worked beside Olivia for long, she had heard from Rebecca that Olivia was decisive and swift in her actions

Why did she take her time with Brad

Would it not be better to deal him a swift and deadly blow

She even deliberately provoked him into buying an expensive gift

Elena decided to ask. She had always believed in asking to clear any doubts. There was no point in hiding questions

Miss Taylor, why did you mention the gift for Respect the Elderly Day?” 

Olivia slowly looked up. Her thick and long eyelashes flickered

Elena’s heart could not help but flutter when she saw Olivia looking at her

Olivia was gorgeous

Olivia paused before explaining. He took so much money from Mrs. Sullivan. He has to return it

Olivia was petty. Mrs. Sullivan’s wealth was for Andrew. No one else could take it 

Elena was enlightened.. 

So that was the reason

Elena still had questions. Why did you say that to Mrs. Sullivan? Why did you say he was pretending to be filial? Was it to make Mrs. Sullivan hold a grudge against him?” 

Olivia crossed one leg and looked at Elena lazily

She was not interested in Mrs. Sullivan. She had no mood to compete with Brad in terms of filial piety as well. It was just that Andrew liked his grandmother. She had to consider Andrew’s feelings

Olivia’s style was simple and crude. Since Andrew liked his grandmother, his grandmother could only like Andrew

I want Andrew to be the happiest child in the world,” Olivia said. Mrs. Sullivan’s role is to be a good grandmother who loves her grandson. If anyone dares to stop her from being a good grandmother, he’s asking for trouble.” 

It was almost time to sleep. Olivia wanted to take a look at Andrew

Ilionaires Missing Dorling 

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She returned to her room after kissing Andrew’s check

On her way back to the room, she saw Brad leaning against the corridor wall. Ms. Taylor. Brad was the first to speak. His tone was no longer gentle. Instead, it was filled with complicated and mocking emotions. Do you think you can curry favor just because you spent a lot of money and eve 

gave Tracy the precious 

medicinal cuisine recipe?” 

Without decades of relationship as the foundation, no matter how much please her, she will never like you, Brad said firmly

Olivia’s expression did not change as Brad mocked her


It might be because it was already midnight. She was a little sleepy. She was almost in a daze

She wanted to ignore Brad. However, he had already come looking for trouble. If she did not return the favor, she would appear weak and easy to bully

Olivia looked up. She will like me.” 

Brad sneered. Money can’t buy feelings. Only sincerity works.” 

Before he could say further, Olivia interrupted him. That means you’re not rich enough. Just wait and see. Money will work for my case.” 

Brad was so angry that his eyes turned red. He clenched his fists tightly

Olivia was so annoying

What did she mean by saying he was not rich enough

Brad was seething with anger

The next day, Olivia went to the Taylor family to administer acupuncture to 


Andrew wanted to follow her. He moved closer to Olivia. Can you bring me along?” 

Of course. Olivia scratched his chin lovingly. No matter where I go, Andrew can follow me.” 

Andrew was so happy. He hugged Olivia’s arm and chuckled. There was no hiding. his love for her

Brad helped Mrs. Sullivan to the living room. When he saw Olivia and Andrew behaving intimately, he could not help but worry. Andrew, aren’t you going to class? Your performance will be affected.” 

Mrs. Sullivan was also worried

Although she doted on her grandson, she was careful not to spoil him. She hoped that he would grow up to be a capable person

Andrew.Mrs. Sullivan waved at her grandson. Be good and go to school, alright? You’re going to be in the first grade next year. You have to be studious.” 

Upon hearing what Mrs. Sullivan said, Brad looked at Olivia. He had a faint smile

Bulliman’s Missing Darling 

Although you aren’t Andrew’s biological mother, you should plan for the child. How could you indulge him like that? You’ve won his favor. Everyone knows you are doing well with him. However, you’ll harm him with your indulgence!” 

He stopped short of saying that Olivia was a stepmother with ill intentions. He knew how Mrs. Sullivan would think after hearing what he said

Mrs. Sullivan frowned and looked at Olivia. She subconsciously hugged Andrew tightly

Olivia was not in a good mood. She did not want to waste time with Brad, so she gestured to Elena

Elena understood. She stepped forward and said to Mrs. Sullivan with a smile, Mrs. Sullivan, you might not have heard yet, but Miss Taylor has already invited a renowned teacher for Mr. Andrew.” 

What renowned teacher?Brad sneered. The Sullivan family can invite any renowned teacher. Who knows what she’s up to? What if she finds someone unit for Andrew?” 

Before he could finish speaking, Elena said softly, She’s Leanne Richards. The top preschool education expert in the region.” 

Brad was instantly silent. He could not believe what he had heard

He stood frozen on the spot

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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