Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 296

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 296

Chapter 296 

Summer was at its hottest. It was hot outdoors

Olivia was worried that Andrew would be sunburnt if they did not start to get moving. She was getting impatient. Her tone was a little fierce. If you have something to say, just say it. If not, move aside. Don’t stand here and block my way.” 

Yvonne’s expression immediately darkened when she heard what Olivia said. However, her expression brightened when she recalled what she planned to announce to Olivia. There was no hiding the smugness on her face

I have secured the examination slot at the Evervaleth branch of the Capital Research Institute,Yvonne announced. She deliberately paused and looked at Olivia

She wanted to keep Olivia in suspense

All researchers valued Capitol Research Institute

Having a slot there almost sounded too good to be true. To many researchers, it was almost like a dream come true

Yvonne did not believe that Olivia would be any different

She crossed her arms and waited for Olivia to beg her to elaborate further. However, Olivia frowned and looked at her. Can you finish your sentence in one go? If you don’t want to say it, then move aside.” 

She was running out of patience. She did not want to waste time on Yvonne. Yvonne did not expect Olivia to be so impatient. Hatred was building inside her. However, she suppressed it and continued, I have a recommendation examination slot at the Evervale branch. Do you want it?” 

No.Olivia refused without hesitation. Her tone remained cold. If there’s nothing else, get out of my way.” 

Yvonne could no longer maintain the smug smile on her face

She did not expect Olivia to be so arrogant. Olivia even rejected her directly

When Yvonne recovered her senses, Olivia had already gotten into the car with Andrew. She was driving towards the entrance

Yvonne ran to catch up with them. She hit on the car window and shouted, Olivia, I do have a slot for the Evervale branch. Do you not want it? This is a onceinalifetime opportunity for you!” 

The car stopped. Olivia rolled down the window

Yvonne was overjoyed to get a response from Olivia

She knew that Olivia would not be able to resist the temptation of the research institute

Bellona Mwang Darling 

Yvonne was thinking about what she could exchange with Olivia. She could ask for something worthy enough of that examination slot. She was absorbed in her thoughts when she heard Olivia speak coldly 

You’re so annoying. Since an examination slot at a research institute can make you so hysterical and loud you should give it 

With that. Olivia rolled up the window and drove off. There was no hesitation. Only a trail of car exhaust was left behind

The exhaust landed on Yvonne’s face. She was shocked. She was not expecting Olivia’s response

When Yvonne recovered her senses, she was angry to the extent that she stomped her feet repeatedly

Olivia had got to her again. Why did Olivia always have the last say whenever they confronted each other

Yvonne was pissed. She could imagine herself strangling Olivia

Diana leaned over and whispered. Olivia said something about giving up the slot. Is she up to something

The recommendation examination slot was not obtained through official means. Yvonne had obtained it through donations. It could not be made public. If someone leaked news about it. she might have to give it up eventually

Yvonne sneered. She would have to have that ability. We’re not the only ones who donated to get recommendation examination slots. Others do the same. I don’t believe Olivia dares to reveal anything

Most importantly. Yvonne had been cautions and secretive. She did not use any affiliated company’s name to donate at all. Instead, she had gone to lengths to ensure she would not be found out

Even if Olivia wanted to investigate, she could not find out which spot was under 


If further investigations were conducted, she would not be the only one who would be offended. The stakes involved were too huge. Olivia would not dare to get herself involved

However, Yvonne was wrong. Olivia proceeded to do what Yvonne thought she would not

Not long after getting into the car, Olivia called Rebecca. She instructed the latter to contact the Evervale branch and have Yvonne’s recommendation slot canceled. Rebecca was in a difficult position. I’ve already asked just now. Yvonne did it very secretly. She did not use any affiliated name, so I don’t know which spot belongs. to her

Olivia’s tone remained calm. She deliberated momentarily before asking. How many recommendation slots does Evervale have this year?” 


Billionaires Missing Darling 

Rebecca replied to say there were seven

Olivia was straightforward.”Remove them all!” 

Olivia had always been decisive

+5 vouchers 

Olivia could not be bothered with Yvonne. She cared neither how secretive Yvonne had been nor the methods she used

It was easier to cancel all recommendation slots obtained through donations. It would be a direct blow

Given her authority, there was no need to rack her brains to think of ways to deal with Yvonne

She could attack her swiftly

Yvonne and Olivia were not comparable in the first place. They had different visions and mindsets

Olivia received a call after driving away from the residence of the Taylor family. It was Blake

Blake’s nervous and suppressed voice could be heard. Come back quickly. Someone from the Grant family is here!” 

Olivia asked Tyson to send Andrew back to the Sullivan’s residence. She and Peter took a taxi back to the Smith family’s villa in Evervale

Mr. Yanis lived there

Olivia was supposed to live there. However, she had moved to Daniel’s 

accommodation after their engagement

The guest had been waiting for a long time at the villa

Blake ran out to welcome Olivia. She reported to Olivia as they entered the villa. together, Fifth Elder is here.” 

Blake did not know much about the Grant family. According to the Smith family’s house rules, only the household heads would be given information about the Grant family

Others would not know much about them

Blake and Yanis had been working closely with Isaac

That was why they knew a little about the Grant family

Ms. Taylor, congratulations on taking over the Smith family.Fifth Elder wore a tuxedo and a pair of shiny black shoes. He had an outstanding demeanor

He pushed a wooden box over. He had a gentle and kind smile. This is the congratulatory gift from the Grant family

Olivia opened the wooden box. There was a black pill inside

What is this?Olivia raised her eyes. Her indifferent gaze revealed a hint of coldness


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

+5 vouchers 

Fifth Elder smiled. Isaac fell suddenly. There might be many things that he didn’t explain to you. There’s a rule in the Smith family. Only by taking this Great Nourishment Pill can you truly take over the Smith family. Otherwise, the Grant family won’t recognize you as the head.” 

The Grant family

Olivia snorted. She raised her hand and picked up the pill. With a pinch, it shattered into pieces. You want me to eat this thing with an unknown origin?” 

She found it ridiculous

Fifth Elder frowned after seeing what Olivia did. His heart ached for this medicine

The ingredients for the Great Nourishment Pill were rare. It took ten years to produce one

He was in charge of making the Great Nourishment Pills. He only had less than ten pills in total, yet Olivia crushed it just like that. His heart ached.. 

His expression turned cold. Even your grandfather isn’t as arrogant as you. Don’t act high and mighty. Without approval from the Grant family, you can’t take over the Smith family at all!” 

He thought of something and looked at Olivia with disgust. Break off your engagement with the Sullivan family as soon as possible. Stay away from that person. You might become Mr. Alexander’s future wife. You have to be careful with your conduct.” 

Mr. Alexander’s wife? It was news to Olivia

Olivia pinched her fingers while digesting the news. A voice suddenly popped up in her mind. It seemed to urge her to ask what was going on. 

What do you mean?Olivia frowned. She had no idea what he was talking about. Seeing that Olivia looked genuinely confused, he was also surprised. You don’t know?” 

Olivia was already twentyfive years old. She should have already known by now. Fifth Elder was also puzzled

However, he did not say much

After all, Olivia’s identity was not ordinary. If she became Mr. Alexander’s wife in the future, she would be the mistress of the Grant family. It was not good for him. to offend her

It was better for him to go back and consult the other elders before deciding

Send gift 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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