Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 298

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 298

Chapter 298 

It was already evening when Olivia returnest to the Sullivan family’s residence. As soon as she wached the door. Elena ran over. Miss Taylor, bad news. Mrs. Sullivan is angry 

Olivia raised her eyes slightly. She had a puzzled expression

Elena quickly explaiest 

It turned out that Mrs. Sullivan was upset that Tyson came back alone with Andrew in the afternoon. Mrs. Sullivan was unhappy and felt that Olivia was not attentive enough to her grandson

Brad caught wind of it and said something to Mrs. Sullivan, She was fuming

Mrs. Sullivan said she had to teach Olivia a lesson. Olivia was not allowed to go out for the next few days

She would teach Olivia how to behave

The more Elena spoke, the more agitated she became. Why is he behaving like that? He’s scheming and such a lowlife. Also, Mrs. Sullivan is too gullible for her age. How could she just… 

Before she could finish speaking, Olivia gave her a look

Elena immediately fell silent and lowered her head, not knowing what to do. Olivia said calmly, Mrs. Sullivan is Daniel’s biological mother. She’s an elder. Even if she’s a little unhappy, we have to respect her when we speak about her.It was not easy to maintain a cordial relationship

Daniel could hold a grudge against his biological mother, but this did not mean that Olivia could disrespect Mrs. Sullivan

But, sheElena’s heart ached for Olivia

Stop talking.Olivia waved her hand. I’ll take care of it

When she walked into the living room. Mrs. Sullivan told Olivia that she would be showing her the ropes personally over the next few days

Brad sat at the side and looked at Olivia quietly. He had a faint smile. However, the smile did not reach his eyes

Mr. Brown stood at the side, looking down. He was like an emotionless block of wood

He did not want to be embroiled in it

It seemed that Ms. Taylor was going to suffer the next few days

That was also the reason why Mr. Brown did not think highly of Olivia 

previously. He did not understand why Olivia had to cause trouble for herself by provoking Brad

Mrs. Sullivan personally raised Brad. He was like her biological son. A few words from Brad could affect Mrs. Sullivan’s impression of Ms. Taylor

It was not a wise move to go against Brad

Brad, who was sitting at the side, was proud of himself

With just a few words, he could sow dissatisfaction between Mrs. Sullivan and Olivia. He was only teaching Olivia a small lesson this time. If she continued to be so insensible, he would not hold back

Mrs. Sullivan offered to show Olivia the ropes personally for the next few days. She initially thought that Olivia would find excuses to refuse her or have it postponed. She had already made up reasons to reject Olivia if the latter did not agree immediately. She did not expect Olivia to accept straight away

Olivia was so docile that Mrs. Sullivan was stunned. She stared at Olivia for a long time

Brad also frowned. He suspected that Olivia was up to no good

Olivia’s performance over the next few days was jawdropping

Olivia had been serious throughout the days spent with Mrs. Sullivan. She showed no impatience. No matter what Mrs. Sullivan said, she would remember it carefully

Not only did she chat with Mrs. Sullivan every day, but she also gave her a massage and acupuncture to treat her heart disease

She even personally cooked for Mrs. Sullivan

Mrs. Sullivan was initially a little uncomfortable. She did not want to chat with. Olivia. She felt that Olivia was her junior and her personality was not likable. She thought Olivia would speak unpleasantly

Unexpectedly, Olivia and Mrs. Sullivan got along very well

Olivia’s words touched Mrs. Sullivan’s heart. Everything she said made sense to the latter

The two of them had very similar values and interests

Mrs. Sullivan liked everything Olivia liked

Even though Mrs. Sullivan was not familiar with the things recommended by Olivia at the beginning, she immediately fell in love with them after she got the hang of it

In less than three days, Olivia had successfully replaced Brad as Mrs. Sullivan’s favorite person

It had always been Brad talking to Mrs. Sullivan in the past. Now, Mrs. Sullivan was no longer willing to chat with Brad. Instead, she frowned and looked at Brad. You’re not young anymore. Why are you hovering at home every day? Why are you meddling in matters overseen by others? A man should focus on his career.” 

Brad found it unbelievable

Mrs. Sullivan enjoyed his company the most. Why would she find him annoying 


Brad immediately felt uneasy. He asked Mrs. Sullivan in a soft tone. Whats wrong? Why are you displeased with me? Did 1 do something wrong?” 

It was Brad’s usual tactic. As long as he spoke that way and acted fearful, Mrs. Sullivan’s heart would soften immediately 

However, the tactic did not work this time

Mrs. Sullivan had goosebumps all over her body after hearing what Brad said. She felt uncomfortable and walked away to maintain a distance from him

She then ran upstairs

It was as if Brad was a ghost

Even Mr. Brown was shocked, let alone Brad

Mr. Brown quickly went upstairs to chase after Mrs. Sullivan. She was in her 

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Mr. Brown entered the room. Mrs. Sullivan was sitting on the bed and panting heavily. He was puzzled as he asked. May I ask if there’s anything wrong?Close the door!Mrs. Sullivan glanced behind Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown closed the door

Mrs. Sullivan sighed dejectedly. Oh my god, Brad is so offputting!” 

Mr. Brown was frowning when he heard Mrs. Sullivan continue, For the past few days. Olivia has shared her views on why she thinks Brad should behave more fittingly. I thought about it. She was right. Brad should have focused on his career and not whine and meddle in stuff that does not . He has crossed 



Olivia told me that Brad was whiny about the smallest of matters. I didn’t believe her. But did you see how he whined about me not paying him enough attention? He’s a grown man now, How offputting.Mrs. Sullivan only felt goosebumps all over her body

She was a little annoyed with Brad

Olivia was right. He was a big man. He spent all his time in the house. She had nothing to say if he did not want to make any improvements, but he whined and complained about unimportant matters

How annoying

Mrs. Sullivan was getting more easily annoyed with Brad.. 

Olivia had already finished preparing dinner. She went to the living room to call Mrs. Sullivan to eat, but she did not see her. Olivia was about to ask the servant

Brad stood before her. He had a livid expression as he gritted his teeth. Olivia, what did you say behind my back?” 

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Olivia waved her hand at the servants

The servants in the living room immediately turned around and left. Their movements were as agile as welltrained soldiers

Brad looked up

He was shocked

He was wrong to underestimate her

She had only been in the residence for a few days, but the servants were already listening to her orders. Even Mr. Brown was slightly biased towards her. Brad’s heart could not help but sink. He felt like he had brought a wolf into the house

Olivia sat on the sofa and looked up at Brad with an innocent expression. Didn’t you ask me to come here to be a companion? Why are you angry now? It’s so hard to guess what 

at you’re thinking!you’re thinking!” 

Brad’s face was livid. Olivia, don’t play tricks with me.” 

I’m not playing tricks.Olivia smiled gently. I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine. You’re not the only one who knows how to manipulate people. I know how to do it. Moreover, I’m doing it better than you. I’ve surpassed you.” 

Was it not just a simple game

Olivia had never known anything else easier to pick up

She wanted to use Brad’s tactics and make him understand he was wrong to provoke her

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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