Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 299

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 299

Chapter 299 

Olivia had never enjoyed competitions. She disliked it

She liked to be the referee. She could decide the outcome

She could even set the rules

Olivia had no interest in competing with Brad. She wanted to be the referee. She would decide Brad’s fate

In the past, Olivia could not be bothered with Brad. However, he was the one who provoked her first. Olivia had to retaliate

After accompanying Mrs. Sullivan for a week, Olivia successfully won her over. Mrs. Sullivan grabbed Olivia’s hand every time. She was regretful that she did not have such a considerate daughter like Olivia

Occasionally, when Mrs. Sullivan was alone at night, she would feel that she had. not lived fully

Why did she not have a daughter

Back then, how could she have been blinded and only focused on Brad? She even postponed her plan to get pregnant until seven or eight years later

She might have given birth to a thoughtful daughter like Olivia

Although she was not angry at Brad, Mrs. Sullivan felt a little regretful when she thought about it

She sighed

She wanted Olivia to be her daughter

She wondered why Olivia was not born as her daughter

It was clear that Olivia had won Mrs Sullivan’s heart

On the other hand, Brad was also sighing

Recalling how Mrs. Sullivan had changed over the past few days, Brad felt he had lured a wolf into his house

Why did he ask Olivia to come over to train under Mrs. Sullivan? Why did he ask her to come to their residence

He was the one who brought it upon himself

Brad wanted to cry. He regretted what he did

However, he was not someone to be easily defeated. He was only upset for a moment before he started devising again

Mrs. Sullivan was his trump card. Everything depended on Mrs. Sullivan

Therefore, he definitely could not lose this trump card

Brad thought about the meals Olivia made for Mrs. Sullivan

He was sure cooking was a piece of cake

Brad made a decision. He would wake up early the next day to make breakfast for Mrs. Sullivan. It would show his filial piety

Brad felt that he had an obvious advantage over Olivia. Older people often 

thought it was mandatory to have their daughtersinlaw prepare meals for them. It would be rare for someone to cook for their sisterinlaw

Brad did not sleep. He sat in front of the computer and looked through various menus for breakfast the next day

He had decided on what he would make. Mushroom soup and waffles

Brad woke up early. He woke up at four in the morning. He went to the kitchen. and instructed the chef and servants inside

The mushrooms had to be chunky. All other ingredients also had to be fresh and topnotch

He would not accept any subpar ingredients

There were five or six people in the kitchen. Chef Waynes was so busy that he did not have time to have breakfast

When Olivia arrived at six o’clock, Brad had already prepared the mushroom soup as planned

Brad leaned against the door and looked at Olivia smugly. I’ll be in charge of breakfast this morning.” 

He could also do such things to please Mrs. Sullivan

Olivia was not the only one

He was proud to snatch Olivia’s job of making breakfast. There was nothing she could do about it

Brad was sure that Mrs. Sullivan would be touched after waking up to see the breakfast he had prepared

He imagined Mrs. Sullivan’s expression. He also imagined how Olivia would sulk

Brad was proud of himself

It would be a heavy blow to Olivia. Olivia would not dare to be so arrogant in the future

Olivia only tilted her head and glanced at the kitchen before leaving the dining. room. She said indifferently, Since you’re here, I’ll go back.” 

Brad was stunned

She retreated easily. She did not even argue with him

Brad was shocked. He could not help but size up Olivia. He realized her gaze was calm. There was no dissatisfaction or anger on her face. There was not even a hint of mockery

the was pushed 

The more Brad thought about it the more he frowned

It was hard to understand va 

Tystans on the second floor. Mrs Sullivan woke up early. She was wearing pasansas while practicing the breathing techniques that Olivia taught her. Not only was the breathing technique easy to practice, but she noticed herself becoming more alert these days after practicing it for just a few days

Mrs. Sullivan felt hungry after she was done with the first round of practice. She quickly washed up and changed her clothes

A servant came in to help her. Seeing that Mrs. Sullivan was in a good mood, she could not help but ask curiously, Mrs. Sullivan, is there a happy occasion today?Mrs. Sullivan smiled and glanced at her. You are sharp. You noticed it” 

The servant smiled. I’ve been with you for years” 

Yes, time flies.” Mrs. Sullivan nodded. She said excitedly. Olivia said she would make me chocolate croissants this morning. I’ve been looking forward to them all night

Chocolate croissantsThe servant’s expression changed

Mrs. Sullivan could tell something was amiss. She immediately frowned. What’s wrong?” 

The servant smiled awkwardly. You’ll know when we’re at the dining table.Brad had long gathered the servants and said that he wanted to give Mrs. Sullivan a surprise. He wanted them all to keep the secret and not say a word

Hence, the servant did not say a word. She remembered Brad’s instructions

Mrs. Sullivan went to the third floor. She wanted to find Andrew and bring him downstairs

Andrew was painting. When he saw his grandmother, he pounced on her happily. He asked. Why are you here?” 

Mrs. Sullivan kissed her grandson’s tender face. Andrew, let’s head downstairs for breakfast now. Olivia is making us chocolate croissants for breakfast. Let’s go. enjoy them.” 

That’s great.Andrew was overjoyed to hear what his grandmother said. He was feeling hungry. Moreover, he liked Olivia’s cooking the most

Unfortunately, Olivia usually did not make much. Both his grandmother and he only had small servings whenever Olivia cooked. They always did not have enough of her food

Why doesn’t she make more?Andrew was frustrated. He complained to his grandmother

Seeing her grandson’s response, Mrs. Sullivan smiled. She replied to him dotingly


Olivia isn’t a chef. She has a lot of things to do. How can she cook so many dishes? Don’t you like Chef Waynes’s dishear 

Andrew nodded and sighed. I used to like his dishes, but I don’t like them any more now. He made it clear that his favorite cook was Olivia

Mrs. Sullivan laughed uncontrollably. She pointed at Andrew and said, You linde guy, you are so fussy.” 

The servant stood at the side and listened to them praise Olivia’s cooking. She was 

very curious

Was Ms. Taylor better at cooking than Chef Waynes

It sounded unbelievable. Chef Waynes’s cooking skills were already top notch

In the dining room downstairs. Brad was ready

He got someone to place the breakfast he made on the table. The rest of the breakfast made by Chef Waynes was left in the kitchen and would be served later

Looking at the breakfast on the dining table, Brad was proud

He was sure Mrs. Sullivan would be touched at the sight of the breakfast he prepared personally

He could not wait to see how touched she would be

Where is she?Brad asked a servant beside him

The servant replied, She is already downstairs. She’ll be here soon.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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