Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 300

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 300

Chapter 300 

Mrs Sullivan entered the dining room excitedly. She was surprised to see there was only Brad in the room. She saw there were mushroom soup and waffles on the table

Where’re the chocolate croissants? Mrs. Sullivan asked. Then, she smiled and said. I know. Olivia must be in the kitchen

There was no hiding Mrs. Sullivan’s joy when she guessed that Olivia was busy in the kitchen. She walked to the kitchen with a smile

She had just taken a step forward when Brad stopped her. I specially prepared breakfast for you today.” 

Mrs. Sullivan was surprised

She stopped before asking. What about Olivia? Has Olivia made the croissants?Brad frowned subtly and put on a gentle expression. I asked her to rest. I wanted to prepare breakfast for you myself today

That means Olivia didn’t make anything this morning.Mrs. Sullivan’s voice was a little cold

She was disappointed

She had been looking forward to the chocolate croissants Olivia promised. Her disappointment was beyond words

Fortunately, Mrs. Sullivan could still conceal her disappointment. She tried her best not to look too disappointed

However, she was visibly listless

She forced a smile at Brad. You’re a considerate child.” 

Brad had a relaxed expression as he explained patiently. That is what I should do. In the past. I always wanted to cook for you, but I was worried that my culinary skills were not good.” 

As he spoke, he scooped a bowl of mushroom soup and handed it to Mrs. Sullivan. Please try it. It’s my first time making it. It might not taste good.” Mrs. Sullivan took the bowl and took a sip

The soup remained in her mouth. She did not swallow it.. 

The taste was awful beyond words

She forced herself to swallow it and smiled at Brad. It’s delicious.” 


Brad’s smile spread after hearing what Mrs. Sullivan said. He deliberately the burn on his right hand while serving the waffles. He had scalded it while making waffles

As expected, Mrs. Sullivan exclaimed, What happened?” 



Hollomanes Missing Darling 

Brad retracted his right hand. He looked nonchalant. I’m fine. I just scalded myself” 

A servant was standing behind him. He immediately spoke up as instructed by Brad earlier. He scalded his hand while making the mushroom soup for you. turned into a big red patch. We asked him to rinse it with cold water first to prevent it from worsening. However, he insisted that the soup was more important.” 

Mrs. Sullivan nodded awkwardly

She did not know what to say

Brad took a glance at her. He was satisfied to see Mrs. Sullivan’s stunned expression

He was sure his gesture had touched her. 

However, Mrs. Sullivan was in a dilemma

Olivia had told her previously that Brad was immature and did not seem wise enough. She was angry to hear that and had spoken up for Brad

Now that she heard that Brad refused to wash his injury after hurting himself while making the mushroom soup, she was not so sure anymore

He did seem immature and unwise

If the mushroom soup was delicious, the wound might have been worth it. However, the soup was almost inedible

Mrs. Sullivan was deep in thought. She agreed with what Olivia said. Brad was unwise

Mrs. Sullivan took a bite of the waffles. She did not have any expectations. It tasted worse than she had expected. She wanted to throw up

Mrs. Sullivan had been pleased with anything Brad gave her in the past. She gladly accepted everything

Recently, Olivia had gifted her various precious items that were way above the standard of what Brad had given her previously

Mrs. Sullivan could not help but compare Olivia and Brad

A comparison was brutal


After barely finishing a small bowl of mushroom soup, Mrs. Sullivan could not force herself to eat anymore. She smiled awkwardly at Brad and said, I can’t eat anymore, but the meal you prepared was delicious.” 

Really?Brad was pleasantly surprised. As long as you like it.” 

Mrs. Sullivan said awkwardly, Yes, I enjoyed it.” 

Putting down the utensils, Mrs. Sullivan hurriedly went upstairs to look for Olivia

Olivia, Olivia.” Mrs. Sullivan was about to cry when she saw Olivia. You’re right. Brad is indeed clumsy and immature.” 

Olivia stepped forward and held Mrs Sullivan’s hand. She helped the latter at down. He’s sincere.” 

Upon hearing that Brad was sincere, tears flashed in Mr Sullivan’s Pyrs. He is indeed very filial 

Olivia lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes hiding the emotions in her eyes

Olivia had never blatantly insultedd Bead by Tom of Mrs. Sullivan. Even if she did say he was immature and unwise, she met it as naive and clumsy 

She had carefully chosen her choice of words. Mrs. Sullivan would know what she implied, yet she would not be angry at Olivia

Olivia knew well that Mrs. Sullivan treasured her kinship with Brad, even if she was displeased with him now

Their kinship of more than thirty years was authentic

Olivia could not be too hasty in sowing discord. It would not be good if she left 


She had to take things slowly

One at a time

Brad was still in the dining room. He looked at the bowl of mushroom soup that was half empty. He frowned

How could there be so much left

Could it be that she did not like it

Mrs. Sullivan had always finished the dishes Olivia made. Not only that, she would also ask Olivia to make more

Why did she not finish the bowl of mushroom soup that he made

Could it be that Olivia’s cooking was delicious and irresistible

Brad shook his head and felt that it was impossible. Even if Olivia was very talented, her cooking could not be better than Chef Waynes’s.. 

Chef Waynes was a top chef. Even if it were Chef Waynes who made the meals, Mrs. Sullivan would always eat moderately. It was impossible that Olivia cooked much better

Mr. Brown stood at the side and watched coldly

He had been around all this time. He saw the changes that had happened these few days

He saw how Mrs. Sullivan adored Ms.Taylor now. She had initially been unhappy with Ms Taylor. However, they were now inseparable

It had only been a week

It was unbelievablel 

Mr. Brown felt that it was something unachievable. It was incomprehensible. After 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

all, Mrs. Sullivan and Brad had lived together for more than thirty years. Ms. Taylor had only accompanied Mrs. Sullivan for a few days

Feeling uneasy, Mr. Brown returned to his room. He called Daniel

He told Daniel how Mrs. Sullivan wanted to show Olivia the ropes

Daniel had been reading a book. He was leaning against the sofa. His collar was loose. He was in a comfortable and relaxed position

When he heard what Mr. Brown said, he immediately sat up straight. He asked anxiously, Why didn’t you tell me earlier? How is it now? Did my mother make things difficult for Olivia?” 

Mr. Brown hesitated. He was in a dilemma. He did not know how to reply to Daniel

Mrs. Sullivan did not make things difficult for Ms. Taylor at all. Instead, it was Olivia who had manipulated Mrs. Sullivan

Mrs. Sullivan even despised Brad now. The person she had doted on for more. than thirty years

However, Mrs. Sullivan only had eyes for Ms. Taylor now

Daniel could not get any information out of Mr. Brown. Daniel hung up and called Olivia. When the call went through, he immediately asked, Olivia, are you alright?” 

Olivia was reading in her room. When she picked up the call, she subconsciously chuckled. Daniel.” 

Upon hearing Olivia’s chuckle, Daniel felt relieved. Then, he tightened his grip on the phone. His big hand was holding it tightly

Olivia must have suffered a lot. She chuckled so that he would not worry. He was sure she wanted to reassure him

Daniel’s heart ached. Olivia, has it been hard on you these days?” 

Olivia’s hand that was holding the book paused in the air

It had not been hard on her at all

However, she thought it would be good to show her soft side to Daniel

Olivia softened her tone. Yes, a little. However, it doesn’t matter.” 

Hearing what Olivia said, Daniel felt worse. He was upset that Olivia had suffered

Olivia was such a softie. She must have suffered grievances in the Taylor family. His mother must have been picky

Daniel decided that he would go back

Daniel was supposed to head elsewhere. However, he decided that he would return home first

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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