Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 301

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 301

Chapter 301 

Mrs. Sullivan was already somewhat inseparable from Olivia

She could sleep well every day. She ate well and had a good appetite. Her body was healthy and energetic

Her happiness was evident every day

The changes in Mrs. Sullivan worried Brad

He had prepared a necklace worth two hundred thousand dollars for her. It was her present for Respect the Elderly Day. He also specially customized a beautiful and fussfree phone for her

Do you like it?Brad was smug. He was sure she would like it

Mrs. Sullivan looked at the necklace and put it down. She said indifferently. It’s beautiful.” 

Brad knew that Mrs. Sullivan was from a prominent family. Her husband’s family was also wealthy. They had been rich all their lives and had seen the best in the world. A necklace was not worthy of her attention

Therefore, he placed more emphasis on the customized phone

The phone was customized to ensure people like Mrs. Sullivan would adapt to it quickly. Every phone function was added only after thorough research and 

numerous trials

Brad took out the phone and showed it to Mrs. Sullivan. Look, the functions of this phone are very suitable” 

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a ringtone

It was Mrs. Sullivan’s phone

Her phone was the latest phone model. Brad watched her take the phone out of her pocket and skillfully unlocked it with her fingerprint. She opened WhatsApp. and sent a voice message. What’s the matter?” 

Mrs. Sullivan did not like smartphones and computers in the past. She always felt they were young people’s toys and was a little afraid of technology

What she minded was asking the younger ones how to use them

However, she was more skillful with her phone now. She might even be better than some younger ones. Not only did she know how to send a voice message, she knew how to type and use filters. She was familiar with all the latest apps

Mrs. Sullivan played the voice message. It was a message asking her to play Candy Crush together

Mrs. Sullivan agreed

She launched the app

She started a competition with an online friend 

Brad had a shocked expression as he watched her play the game 

Although Mrs. Sullivan had just started playing it, her fingers were surprisingly agile. She was extremely good at the game 

Brad was dumbfounded

What happened

What did he see just now

His sixtyyearold sisterinlaw was playing games with an online friend

Brad was dumbfounded

After playing one round, Mrs. Sullivan shifted her gaze to the phone in Brad’s hand and asked, What’s this?” 

Brad quickly hid the phone behind his back and smiled awkwardly. Nothing, nothing.” 

The world was advancing too quickly. Brad felt that he could not keep up. Although he knew the gifts he prepared were lacking, Brad did not forget to make things difficult for Olivia. He asked, What did Ms. Taylor prepare for you?Olivia had something on and was not at home. She would only be back at night. Mrs. Sullivan looked at Elena. She was also curious about the gift Olivia had prepared

Elena went upstairs. She came down carrying a huge box. She placed it in front of Mrs. Sullivan. Miss Taylor has prepared this for you. Please take a look.” The box was so big. It seemed like Olivia had prepared something big

Mrs. Sullivan opened the box. There was a beautiful gemstone necklace inside. Brad glanced at it and snorted secretly. It was also a necklace. They had both chosen to give necklaces as presents. Brad thought Olivia was no better than him. Mrs. Sullivan took the necklace out of its box. She realized there was another box below. After opening it, she realized there was a jadeite bracelet inside the box. There was another box below the bracelet’s box

Mrs. Sullivan’s interest was piqued. Like a treasure hunter, she curiously opened the boxes one by one

There was a ring, an antique cup, a watch, and others

There were a total of twelve gifts worth more than twenty million dollars

Even Mrs. Sullivan was shocked by Olivia’s generosity

Mrs. Sullivan enjoyed opening the boxes more. It was like a treasure hunt. All of the gifts were very much to Mrs. Sullivan’s liking. She found them appropriate

Billiotane’s Missing Darling 

Mrs. Sullivan could not close her mouth throughout the whole process of unboxing. There was no hiding her happiness

The gifts Olivia prepared were overwhelming. They were a stark contrast to Brad’s choice of gift

It made Brad look stingy and poor

Brad wanted to find a hole and hide at that moment

The butler and servants lowered their heads and covered their mouths as they laughed

Brad’s gift was nowhere incomparable to those Olivia prepared

It was insignificant

Daniel returned on the second day after Respect the Elderly Day

He did not inform anyone of his return. His arrival was unexpected

There was no one in the house when he returned

Even Brad, who had always been at home, was not around

Daniel sat on the sofa and looked up at the butler. His eyebrows were beautifully 

arched. His presence was ing 

Where’s Ms. Taylor?” 

Mr. Brown replied respectfully, Ms. Taylor brought Mrs. Sullivan and Mr. 

Andrew out to play.” 

They went out to play

Daniel lowered his head slightly and frowned

He asked about Brad

Before coming back, Daniel had carefully considered how to deal with Brad. Daniel had not been ruthless and had always been tolerant of Brad previously. He had to consider his mother’s feelings

However, Brad dared to scheme against Olivia this time. That was something that Daniel could not tolerate

Hence, Daniel came back to deal with Brad. He had already thought of how to deal with him

He would send Brad to a small country far away. Brad would not be able to come. back

Mr. Brown smiled. He’s gone. He has already left.” 

Gone?Daniel looked at the butler in disbelief. Where did he go?” 

Mr. Brown explained, Mrs. Sullivan said that he’s incompetent. He’s already in his thirties, but he’s still leeching off her. She’s still alive now and can take care of him. However, Mrs. Sullivan also said that it will be hard for her to ensure he can live on his own ten or twenty years later after she’s gone.” 

Mr. Brown paused before continuing. Mrs. Sullivan said that she wanted him to learn independence while she’s still alive. It’ll be for his good.” 

Where did he go?Daniel asked

Mr. Brown replied. He went to the Northernmost Continent.” 

Daniel could not stifle his laughter

He almost choked. He asked in disbelief, What did you say?” 

Mr. Brown also found it unbelievable that Brad had gone to the Northernmost Continent

He felt that things were changing too quickly

Brad was still wreaking havoc at home ten days ago. Mrs. Sullivan was worried about how to ask Daniel not to kick Brad out

In the end, it had only been ten days

Brad had gone to the Northernmost Continent

Mrs.Sullivan was also overjoyed. She felt that Brad had changed and had become véry motivated

Brad was also satisfied. He felt there were many opportunities there. He could also rake in a fortune in the Northernmost Continent. He had left for it happily

Everyone was satisfied with the outcome. No one was dissatisfied. All problems had been resolved

When Mr. Brown could not fall asleep at night for the past few days, he would think about what had happened recently

The more he thought about it, the more frightened he was

Ms. Taylor was too skillful

He could not tell what she had done, but she was the one who set up the entire plan. Not only did she get rid of Brad, but she also solved her predicament and helped everyone be satisfied

Even Brad, who had always disliked Olivia, had changed his opinion of her. 

On the day of his departure, he said to Olivia, You’re a good person!” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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