Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 302

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 302

Chapter 302 

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Olivia had always been meticulous. She had always plotted carefully

Even with a magnifying glass, nobody could find any flaws

Just like how Mr. Brown could not figure out how Olivia did it. No matter how hard he racked his brains, he did not know what Olivia did that made everyone. sanished

She did not hurt anyone in the process. It made everyone happy and satisfied. In the end, the matter was resolved perfectly

She was the most wellreceived person in the Sullivan family’s residence

Andrew had always liked to stick to her in the past.. 

Mrs.Sullivan’s impression of Olivia had changed. She would always call for Olivia endearingly. Those who did not know better would think she was her biological daughter

The servants, chefs, and security drivers in the residence all treated Olivia with respect. They depended on her

Even Oscar became dependent on Olivia, He preferred Olivia more than hist biological father

His father was relieved to leave him at the Sullivan family’s residence. He even said that he had nothing to worry about with Mrs. Sullivan and Olivia around. After resolving the matter at the residence, Olivia moved out

She did not stay at Daniel’s accommodation. Instead, she returned to the Smith. family

Blake brought her an invitation

What’s this?Olivia glanced at the goldembossed invitation letter on the table. Blake lowered her eyes and explained in a low voice, This is from the Grant family.” 

Olivia casually flipped through it and realized it was an invitation for a small banquet. It was lowprofile. She threw it aside. She was not interested

Blake quickly picked up the invitation letter and blew off the dust. She asked worriedly, Are you going to fall out with the Grant family?” 

In the past, Blake could not say many things. However, now that the Grant family had appeared before them, she felt she should persuade Olivia since things. between their families had soured

She started by saying, The relationship between the Smith family and the Grant family is special. It’s a dependent relationship. Blake slowly explained the relationship between the two families. The Grant family is an aristocratic family that has been passed down for hundreds of years. Their family motto is to live in 

seclusion to a chaotic world and the the otherwise in a prosperous world No matter how the world changes, the Grant Gully has always remained strong Blake paused before coming. The South family has always worked for the Grant family Such a tradition has been passed down for hundreds of years Culier than the South tantly, there’s the Watson family, the Manson family, the Holmes family, the Smithson family, and the Wilcox family over seas. All these families have been working for the Cirant family for generations. They listen to the Cirant family’s orders.” 

After saying that, lake looked at Olivia worriedly. Although the Smith family is the weakest among these six families and is not valued by the Cirant family, the Grant family has ruled the six tamilies for hundreds of years. They must have some exceptional areas. You just took over as the Smith family not long ago. It’s too rash to fall out with the Grant family” 

Blake was worried

Putting aside the hundreds of years of history in which the Smith family had worked for the Grant family, the Grant family now was also too formidable to risk offending

There would be an election next year. The Grant family had planned for someone from their family to run for it. Their candidate was the most promising. Once their candidate was elected as president, it was possible he would find trouble with the Smith family

Blake felt there was no need for Olivia to fall out with the Grant family. Olivia could behave obediently and perform her duties like Isaac. She could focus on building up her reputation as a miracle doctor

Olivia did not pay much attention to the historical relationship between the Grant family and the Smith family. She only asked, Do you know about the Great Nourishment Pill?” 

Blake was stunned for a moment before shaking her head

She had never heard of that before. Mr. Smith had not mentioned it

Olivia nodded and asked her to leave. Then, she called Evervale. Have you tested. the medicine I sent over? Did you find anything abnormal during my grandfather’s body checkup?” 

The person in charge of the Life Science department at the Evervale Branch replied, Miss Taylor, the composition has been tested. There’s only a white cocoonlike substance left with the composition unclear.” 

What about my grandfather?” 

The person in charge said apologetically. We have conducted a checkup. There’s nothing abnormal.” 

Got it.Olivia nodded. After hanging up, she picked up the invitation letter on the 



After thinking for a moment, she decided to attend it 

Knowing that Olivia was attending the Grant family’s banquet. Blake and Yanis were overjoyed. They fussed over the gown Olivia should wer 

On the day of the banquet, Mr. Yanis personally drove Olivia over

The security at the Grant family’s banquet was strict. Only one person could enter with an invitation letter. They could not bring their companions with them. When they entered, they had to go through a security check. They could not wear anything sharp. Not even a hairpin

After Olivia entered the banquet area, she glanced around and saw many familiar 


It was not that they knew each other. She had seen these people in the newspapers, on the television, and on the Internet. They were all big shots. Seeing someone enter, everyone in the banquet hall looked up. They started sizing Olivia up

Mr. Smithson was also in the crowd. He saw Olivia and waved at her. Olivia, come here

He introduced Olivia to the people in the banquet area. Olivia nodded at them one by one

Those who could attend the banquet were either the heads of the various families, their wives, or the core members of the families. They were all smart and 

ambitious people

Regardless of what they thought secretly, all the attendees maintained polite expressions

Even the head of the Manson family, Jonny, praised Olivia. How impressive. You’re so young, yet you’re already the head of the Smith family. How rare is 


His wife, Victoria, also echoed Jonny’s praise

However, Victoria did not seem like she meant it. Her eyes were filled with nockery

All these families had their sources of intelligence. Olivia’s encounter with the ifth Elder from the Grant family was no longer a secret

Everyone was waiting to see Olivia make a fool of herself. They wanted to know low the Grant family would punish an insensible girl like her

is soon as Olivia left the spot, the people remaining there began to discuss how to plit the Smith family. Their hospitality, elegance, and amiability earlier were all


ɔnny spoke first. I believe everyone has already heard that she’s untamed. She ejected the Fifth Elder’s Great Nourishment Pill on the spot

ictoria covered her mouth and laughed. She’s still young. She doesn’t know 


what’s good and what’s bad.” 

Larson, the head of the Holmes family, twirled a sweet in his hand and muttered

Will he find someone else to take over 

I wonder what Mr. Alexander is plan with 

the Smith family? Will he break up the Smith family and distribute it to 


Break it up, of course,” Victoria said confidently. There’s no one presentable from the Smith family now. Now that Isaac has fallen, he has no successor. What’s the use of keeping the Smith family? It’s an empty shell.” 

Larson looked up. But I heard that Isaac has two outstanding young people 

under him.” 

Victoria sneered. Gillian Dale and Jarron Lane, Their medical skills are not bad, but they are far inferior to Isaac. Moreover, they are too incompetent to support the Smith family.” 

Larson’s eyes darkened. According to you, the Smith family will be broken up. then.” 

Robert, the head of the Watson family, had been closing his eyes and listening to the conversation. He suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes flickered. This is a big cake. How should we split it?” 

It should be split equally.Jonny smiled. Then, his gaze landed on Olivia. She was not far away. A hint of darkness flashed across his eyes. Speaking of which, that young lady from the Smith family is a real beauty. If Mr. Alexander cannot think of any use for her, we might have some idea.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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