Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 304

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 304

Chapter 304 

Olivia’s gaze moved southwards below Alexander’s navel before she spoke indifferently. There are many women in this building. I believe there are many people who are willing to be your cure.” 

Alexander was currently in a stiff position. He was half lying on the bed, but it did not affect his fierce aura at all


He was someone who was used to being of a status higher than everyone. though he looked sorry now, he could still take women’s breaths away. He narrowed his eyes and whispered. I can’t leave this room tonight.There’s a traitor?Olivia continued. To be able to plot against the son of the Grant family, the traitor must have a powerful background. If I hand you over, I wonder if I can exchange you for a bigger reward?” 

Alexander frowned

He was surprised by Olivia’s intelligence. He did not expect her to guess that there was a traitor with just one sentence and use the information to her advantage. Just like that, she had turned the tables around and threatened him instead! With this thought in mind. Alexander’s tone softened. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have used your grandfather to threaten you

Olivia sneered when she heard this 

The man was truly adaptable

Not bad.She clapped her hands together. You finally realize your predicament. What you have to do now is beg me, not threaten me

Alexander’s eyes darkened. What do you want

What did you mean when you said my grandfather won’t wake up? You have a way to wake him up?” 

No.Alexander’s tone was straightforward. But… 

His tone changed. I can guarantee that his vitality will not end. Every family head in the Smith family will take a Great Nourishment Pill. This medicine will help him keep his vitality.” 

What principle is this based on?” 

I don’t know.Alexander raised his eyebrows

Seeing that Olivia’s tone had become unfriendly, Alexander added. I really don’t know. The Great Nourishment Pill is in the hands of the Fifth Elder. Even if I’m the son of the Grant family, I can’t make the decision for everything.” 

He wasn’t lying about this

Olivia had investigated the Grant family in private and knew that the Grant 

family’s circle of Elders had a lot of say

Alexander observed Olivia’s expression carefully. I’ve already told you what I know. Shouldn’t you help me with the cure now?” 

Aphrodisiac?Olivia frowned. The person who plotted against you is a weirdo. He didn’t use poison, but instead chose to use an aphrodisiac.” 

Olivia was just making a casual comment, but when Alexander heard it, his expression became even colder

He snorted inwardly. Only spies who were familiar with what was going on would give up on other poisons and choose to use an aphrodisiac

It was because, firstly, the Grant family’s security was tight, and poisons could not be brought in. Secondly, Alexander’s body was special. Ordinary poison could not hurt him at all

On the other hand, the aphrodisiac could make his emotions unstable and reveal weakness

Ms. Taylor.Alexander’s attitude was polite. If you help me, the Grant family will 

aturally reward you handsomely.” 

Olivia looked over at him

Alexander quickly explained, You misunderstood, Ms. Taylor. What I meant is that you are proficient in medicine and should have a way to cure the aphrodisiac in my body. There would be no need to resort to sex to help me

Olivia nodded. I do have a way.” 

When he heard this, Alexander was delighted. His usually deep and cold eyes showed some warmth. I’ll thank you first

As soon as he finished speaking, Olivia leaned forward and pressed a few spots on his body

Then, Alexander felt his body relax. The burning heat that had been stirring within him vanished, and he was no longer demanding attention below

His body could also move

Alexander stood up and lowered his head to check himself. He felt especially relaxed. Not only did he not feel the unbearable heat from before, but he also felt a little more carefree. His mind was refreshed and clear

Alexander had never felt so relaxed in his life

As expected of the Miracle Doctor, he thought to himself. It only took a few taps. to have such a miraculous effect

Thinking that Olivia was still a candidate for his wife, Alexander’s gaze carried some warmth

For some reason, such a thought suddenly appeared in his heart

It would not be a bad notion to have her accompany him for the rest of his life

Sensing something was wrong with Alexander’s gaze, Olivia looked at him strangely and asked in a low voice, What’s wrong?” 

Alexander smiled faintly. His beautiful eyes were like sparkling stars in the night, making him look extremely gentle. Thank you.” 

Thank you for saving me,” he thought

You’re welcome.” Olivia’s tone was still indifferent, as though it was something not worth mentioning

Alexander was impressed by Olivia’s nonchalant attitude

The woman was really different. She clearly had such powerful skills, but she was humble and not arrogant. She saved people without asking for anything in return. She was completely indifferent

It was as though she was no part of the world but of a level above

eyes and Alexander’s goodwill towards Olivia increased a little. As he lowered his moved his stiff wrist, he praised, Your medical skills are really brilliant. You don’t need to use silver needles or drugs. Just pressing on a few spots on the anatomy and you can remove the effects of the drug from my body.” 

Olivia glanced at Alexander emotionlessly

Suddenly, realization spread across her face as she figured out what he meant. I’m a doctor, not God. How can I remove the drug with just a few taps on your body?ButAlexander was shocked. He clearly felt that his body was refreshed and he no longer had the urge to have sex at all. Did that not mean she had removed the drug effect from him

Alexander looked over in confusion. You didn’t remove the effect of the drug?” 

Olivia nodded

Alexander frowned. Then why don’t I feel burning desire?” 

It’s simple,Olivia said unhurriedly. You’re fine as long as the root cause ist removed.” 

Alexander suddenly had a bad feeling

As expected, Olivia’s next sentence was, I simply cripple your manhood!Olivia Taylor!Alexander’s body suddenly emitted a piercingly cold killing intent. He was like a leopard that had gone berserk and out for blood. In the blink of an eye, he approached Olivia

His right hand resembled a claw as he suddenly grabbed Olivia’s neck

Just as his right hand grazed Olivia’s neck, the cold metal of the gun was pressed. against his forehead

It was the same gun that he had used to restrain Olivia a moment ago, but it was now in Olivia’s hands

Tell meOlivia tilted her head and looked at Alexander with a childlike 

mischievousness in her eyes. Her slender finger was on the trigger. Tell me, is your hand faster or mine?” 

After weighing the pros and cons for half a minute, Alexander retracted his right hand and took half a step back. At the same time, he raised his hands in surrender

Olivia, what are you trying to do?” 

Olivia ignored Alexander. Instead, she leaned against the couch and found a comfortable position for herself. She even picked up a bottle of water, opened it, and took a sip of water

She was getting comfortable. It was as if the other party was not an enemy waiting for an opportunity, but a tamed pet

A strange feeling rose in Alexander’s heart

He had never seen such a woman before

Although Alexander rarely appeared in public, as the son of the Grant family, he held a high position and was decisive and ruthless. He emitted power all the time. Even if he stood there without saying anything, his aura was already oppressive. There weren’t many women who wouldn’t be afraid of him, especially when he was deliberately trying to intimidate

However, Olivia was not afraid. Instead, she was relaxed

Alexander felt as if he had been stung by a bee. It was a slight sting but enough for him to know about its presence

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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