Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 305

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 305

Chapter 305 

Sit.” Olivia lifted her chin and gestured to Alexander

Seeing this, Alexander curled his lips and smiled. You seem quite at ease.” 

The man was wearing a black shirt. With his good features and sense of style, he looked really exquisite and goodlooking

Although he said that, Alexander still sat on the chair and looked at Olivia seriously. What exactly do you want?” 

I want to ask you something.Olivia’s tone was calm, making it impossible to tell what she was thinking. I want to know if the Grant family was involved in my disappearance when I was five years old.” 

Alexander looked steadily at Olivia and nodded. I don’t know the details, but you are indeed the candidate for the young madam of the Grant family. You have to go through the trial first.” 

After a pause, Alexander continued, The trial is also a series of difficulties. The 

circle of Elders believes that only by suffering can one become superior. Not everyone can be the young madam.” 

What about Gillian?Olivia frowned

Back then, Olivia had neglected many things. Later on, when Olivia thought about it carefully, there were traces of the changes in Gillian

Not only Gillian but she herself had also been instigated by Zelen

Back then, Zelen had said a lot of bad things about Gillian

Mr. Smith went to the parentteacher meeting with Gillian today. Olivia, don’t think that Mr. Smith is biased. It’s just that you’re a little stronger. Mr. Smith can rest assured about you.” 

Mr. Smith is too much. How can he let you cook? You’re the youngest. Why can’t Gillian and Jarron cook?” 

Today, Mr. Smith brought Gillian to meet an old friend. I heard that it’s a famous. lettering expert. Why didn’t he bring you along?” 

There were countless similar other stuff Zelen had said, but when Olivia heard these, she would only be happy for Gillian. She did not feel jealous or uncomfortable at all

Therefore, she did not think deeply about these

Now that she thought about it, Zelen must have said these words to Gillian

Olivia’s magnanimity did not mean that Gillian did not care

Over the years, Gillian gradually distanced herself from Olivia and felt resentful. Alexander did not know the details of the trial, but he promised that he would show Olivia the observation report on her trial tomorrow


Every candidate for the position of young madam of the Grant family would be accompanied by a member of the Grant family who would observe the candidate’s actions, words, and reactions

These were all recorded

Alexander was a man of his word. On the second day, she received the trial observation diary

Olivia flipped through the pages, and the more she read, the colder her eyes


What was this? Was her life set up by someone

She was lost at the age of five, separated from her parents. She fell off a cliff at the age of eighteen and this time, she lost her sister

Olivia closed the book. She did not dare to read it carefully

These people from the Grant family were really too much

Zelen Grant was right beside her

Zelen was no longer the lively and amiable woman who knew how to take care of others. Instead, she had returned to her real personality

Her expression was cold and distant. She exuded a high and mighty aura

She looked down and saw that Olivia’s expression was not right. She was still very puzzled. Ms. Taylor, are you unhappy?” 

It was as if she found it very incomprehensible that Olivia was unhappy. Zelen frowned. “Ms. Taylor’s current achievements are all thanks to the Grant family’s nurturing. This is a rare good thing. How can you frown? You have to know that not everyone is lucky enough to be chosen by the Grant family. You should feel lucky. This is your blessing.” 

When Zelen said this, she sounded righteous. It was as if Olivia was an ungrateful ingrate if she retorted

It was not known when the other heads of the family arrived. When they heard Zelen’s words, they immediately echoed. Miss Zelen is right. Without the Grant Family, there would not be today’s Olivia Taylor.” 

Olivia hugged the book and sank into deep thought. Nobody knew what she was thinking, and she did not notice what the others were saying

She didn’t care about what the others said

On the other hand, Greg couldn’t take it anymore. He sneered and said. What you say doesn’t make sense. A person’s intelligence is written in their genes. Even if it’s because of the postnatal environment, as one of the four great families of Evervale, the Taylor family’s education isn’t much worse than the Smith family’s. Even if Olivia grew up in the Taylor family, she would still have today’s achievements.” 

Greg had long hated the Grant family’s circle of Elderstrial



The candidates for the position of the young madam were all chosen from the six subservient families. In order to prevent blood relations from getting too close, they were basically chosen from the children of the six subservient families who married outside the families

Greg had a young cousin who had to go through the trail

Unfortunately, that little cousin did not have a strong mental fortitude like Olivia. After being abandoned by her parents and relatives, she slit her wrist and committed suicide

Among the six subservient families, there were many people who objected to this kind of trial, but no one was willing to say it

After all, who would be willing to let their loved ones suffer


This time, seeing Greg speak up, Larson also spoke. On this point, I agree Greg. Suffering might not produce talent. It’s also possible to choose a good talent if you nurture the child well from a young age.” 

What?Jonny sneered. Are you dissatisfied with the circle of Elders, Larson?Larson frowned. Jonny, why do you have to misinterpret my meaning? I’m just stating the facts. Ms. Taylor’s quality is good to be able to reach where she is today. It has nothing to do with suffering.” 

Larson and Jonny were about to start a quarrel

Zelen suddenly opened her mouth and said, Without the Grant Family’s trial, Ms. Taylor might be able to become an outstanding researcher, but she will definitely not be able to become the best!” 

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone fell silent

Even Greg, who did not like the trial, could not say anything to refute it

Zelen was right. Without the Grant family’s trial, Olivia would not have been adopted by Isaac. Without Isaac, it was impossible for Olivia to learn such expert medical skills, let alone inherit the Smith family

There were many outstanding researchers, but there was only one reclusive and great doctor like Isaac

Seeing that everyone was silent and tacitly agreed with her words, a trace of smugness flashed across Zelen’s face

She turned to look at Olivia. Her expression was condescending and contemptuous

“Ms. Taylor, I know that you are a little dissatisfied and uncomfortable because you suddenly find out about the trial. However, please remember one thing. The Grant family is nurturing you. The skills you have now are all thanks to the Grant family. If you still have a conscience, you should be grateful to the Grant family and not be like an ingrate who complains about the family who nurtured you.These words were really righteous and aweinspiring


Olivia, who had just regained her senses, almost laughed out loud

She raised her eyes and looked at Zelen. Her tone was indifferent, but there was an extreme coldness in her eyes. Zelen, why don’t you let me nurture you too! I’ll send you to the coal mine to dig coal. How about that? I’ll nurture you till you have indestructible willpower, steellike resistance to pressure, and an ironlike 


Olivia!Zelen’s face was dark and cold. Don’t be unappreciative. The Grant family can let you take over the Smith family and can make you lose everything!Oh?Olivia smiled. How are you going to make me lose everything?” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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