Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 306

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 306

Chapter 306 

Zelen snorted and was about to speak

A dignified voice came from the side and scolded her. Zelen, don’t mess around.Zelen’s body stiffened, and she immediately turned to look at the person who had arrived. Her tone was respectful as she said, First Elder.” 

The First Elder walked over with a smile. His expression was relaxed, but he had. the aura of a powerful person who had been in a high position for a long time. He was clearly an old man in his seventies. His face was amiable and his eyes were. kind. However, everyone in the room held their breath and were focused at the same time. Their hands fell to their sides as they took on respectful expressions. Almost everyone stood up at the same time to welcome the First Elder in

The hall was silent

Only Olivia was still in her seat. She was expressionless. It made her look out of place

Harvey, who was following behind Greg, secretly glanced at Olivia. The corners of his mouth could not help but twitch. He couldn’t help but notice that Olivia could really keep her cool

The First Elder’s gaze landed on Olivia at this moment. He was not angry at her for not getting up. Instead, he smiled tolerantly and praised, You’re very composed.” 

Then, he turned to everyone. Come on, everyone, take your seats.” 

Zelen walked to the First Elder’s side and asked in a low voice, Why have your come?” 

The First Elder glanced at her and snorted. If I hadn’t come, wouldn’t you have made the situation worse? Hurry up and apologize to Ms. Taylor.” 

His words were filled with obvious affection. Even though he scolded her, he did not really mean it. There was not much reproach in his words

Zelen wasn’t too willing and even turned to glare at Olivia

Seeing this, the First Elder sighed and looked helpless. My niece is stubborn and has a child’s temper. Ms. Taylor, don’t lower yourself to her level.” 

Olivia raised her eyebrows and smiled

A child’s temper? Zelen would be the oldest child ever at almost forty years old this year

However, Olivia did not have time to argue with him. After obtaining everything she wanted to know, she did not want to stay there for a minute longer. She stood up and said, My people have already come to pick me up. I’ll leave first.” 

She was really leaving


Everyone’s gazexchanges. They all telt that Olivia was a little tough 

Larson and the others indeed had the intention to split the Smith family amongst themselves. Although the Smith family’s development over the years was average, they had accumulated a lot of wealth over the past few hundred years. It was very impressive

No one would complain about having too much money

However, other than that, the other family heads also wanted to watch the show

After all, no one from the subservient family dared to go against the Grant family. so openly

Now that there was a hothead like Olivia, everyone felt that it was very interesting. It was as if they were watching a monkey perform on stage. They wanted to see how she would be dealt with by the Grant family

Even Greg frowned and did not agree with Olivia’s actions

He felt that she was too rash and impulsive 

She was indeed still young

Even if she was really dissatisfied with the Grant family, she had to slowly. accumulate strength. Only when she had become strong could she obtain the right to speak, then she could take action

Olivia was not really saying goodbye to the Grant family. She was just informing 


With that, she took the observation report and walked out

Zelen was extremely dissatisfied with how unruly Olivia was. She tilted her head and whispered into the First Elder’s ear with a ruthless expression, Do you want 


Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by the First Elder. Let her 


Although Zelen did not want to let Olivia off so easily, she did not dare to disobey the First Elder’s instruction. She could only stare hatefully at Olivia’s back. After Olivia left the Grant family’s residence and was about to get into the car, Greg’s voice suddenly came from behind

Mr. Smithson,” Olivia called out

She still had some respect for Greg

Girl.” Greg had a complicated expression on his face. He said earnestly, I know you’re smart and have good medical skills. You’re the reason why the Smith family could develop to its current scale and accumulate so many connections.The six subservient families did not have a close relationship with each other. They each had their own path of development. Other than the occasional cooperation, they would not help each other

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The reason why the Smithson family was so close to the Smith family was because of Olivia’s outstanding medical skills

She had displayed extraordinary talent since she was very young. At such a young age, she could practice medicine with Isaac to save people

If Isaac’s medical skills were good, then, with Olivia, the grandfathergranddaughter duo pushed that to the brink

They could do anything they wanted with their medical skills

There were many diseases that looked unbelievable in modern medicine and could not be cured at all. As long as the grandfather and granddaughter pair worked together, these diseases could be cured

Olivia, I know that your medical skills are high and you’re capable. You don’t want to be fooled by others, but I have a few words to remind you.Greg said. earnestly. In today’s society, our six subservient families are all impressive families with powerful strength. However, the Grant family must have some unknown methods to be able to lead us for so many years. You’re still young. Although you’ve had some achievements and even married into the Sullivan family, you’re still not the Grant family’s match

It’s too impulsive of you to resist the Grant family so openly and not give the First Elder any face.” 

Impulsive? Reckless

Olivia looked at the horizon in the distance and suddenly wanted to laugh

She had, in fact, discovered the Grant family a long time ago, but there were some things that she was still uncertain about

Back then, Augus had always wanted to nurture her to take over the Capitol Research Institute. At that time, she was not interested in these things at all. She only had her grandfather, Gillian, and Jarron in her heart

She was going to become a peerless doctor in the future. Why would she take over the research institute

Later, she was ambushed by Gillian and pushed off the cliff. Olivia was unconscious for a year at the bottom of the cliff

When she woke up, she accidentally realized that there were people searching for her

However, it was very odd. The people who were looking for her did not seem to be sent by her grandfather. Instead, everything seemed strange

After realizing that something was wrong with this group of people, Olivia immediately did her counterreconnaissance and began to investigate this group of people

In the past, Olivia did not realize that there was something wrong with Zelen and Gillian. It was only because they were in the dark and she was blinded by emotions. When she ignored emotions and regained her rationality, nothing in 

the world could hide from her

Olivia quickly found out about the Grant family

However, because she was alone at that time, she could not investigate further, She could not even protect herself, so she put this matter aside and did not continue investigating

Instead, she first returned to the Smith family, found Augus, and agreed to take over the Capitol Research Institute

The reason why Olivia stayed in Evervale and did not return to Layfield for so many years was not only because of Gillian but also because she really did not 

have time

On one hand, she had to reform the Capitol Research Institute. On the other hand, she had to go to school and do research

She really could not find the time

After so many years, Olivia had completely taken control of the Capitol Research Institute and developed it into an independent power, all for the sake of resisting the Grant family

Why would she, Olivia, fight an unprepared battle

Every step and every action she took was deliberate and had a purpose

However, Olivia was still grateful for Greg’s reminder. She nodded at him and said sincerely, Mr. Smithson, thank you for caring about me. However, I won’t change.” 

Looking at Olivia’s determined gaze, Greg sighed. Since you’ve already made your decision, I won’t say anything else. However, remember to protect yourself. well. You still have the identity of the other candidate for the position of young madam. Although this identity will add many difficulties to your life, it’s also a protective talisman. You have to use it well

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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