Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 309

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 309

Chapter 309 

The young hunk. Keir West, was annously waiting in the lobby of the Wess 


His assistant had already told him that as long as he cooperated with the plan involving Olivia and succeeded, he would be given the male lead of a television drama 

Keir sat on the sofa nervously. His palms were covered in sweat. 

His assistant comforted him. Don’t be nervous. It’s just a few photos. It’s not a big deal. When the target appears later, rush over. It’s best if you hug Olma. Try to hug her for as long as possible. Someone will take photos nearby. Try to buy more time so that they can take a few more photos” 

Keir nodded. A look of determination flashed in his eyes

This was his last chance. He had to take 

She’s coming!The assistant pushed Keir

Keir quickly got up and rushed towards Olivia. He wanted to catch Olivia of guard and hug her tightly

However, before he could get close, a leg suddenly stretched out from the crowd and tripped him

Keir immediately fell to the ground

He lay sprawled on the ground, his legs in splits, unable to get up for a long time. On one hand, it hurt. On the other hand, Keir was ashamed

How embarrassing was this! Why did he fall

His assistant was so shocked that he could not close his mouth. Dear God! How could he have fallen

Olivia was also very surprised. She did not expect someone in front of her to fall so hard

She held the little girl’s hand and took a few steps back, worried that he would scare the little girl

The little girl looked fine and was not frightened. Instead, she tugged at Olivia’s hand. Pretty sister, let’s go find Mommy.” 

Okay.” Olivia nodded. She held the little girl’s hand and walked around Keir, who was on the ground. They headed towards the elevator

The manager had already noticed the situation here and quickly arranged for a second young hunk to take over. He instructed the hunk to go to Room 7012 first and waited

As soon as he received the call, the substitute hunk rushed upstairs, wanting to get to room 7012 first and be photographed entering the room


He walked quickly and reached the seventh floor in less than a minute. He was about to enter Room 7012 when he realized that there was a circle of people at the 


There was a hotel manager, hotel staff, and a few unfamiliar men

How could there be so many people here

Nicolas Darwin walked over and asked, What are you guys doing here?” 

The hotel manager glanced at him and asked, Do you stay here?” 

Nicolas nodded

Do you know Mrs. Jameson?The manager asked

Nicolas’s heart skipped a beat. Mrs. Marie Jameson was the mother of the little girl. She was used as an excuse to lure Olivia over here

There was no Marie Jameson at all.. 

But how did the hotel manager know? Did Olivia consult the manager

Oh no! There was a problem

He had to contact his manager immediately, but before he could take out his phone, Olivia arrived with the little girl

His body stiffened. He didn’t know what to do

Olivia led the little girl over and looked at everyone. She lowered her head and asked the little girl, Do you know them?” 

The little girl grabbed Olivia’s arm tightly and hid behind her, shaking her head. Seeing this, the hotel manager stepped forward and explained in a low voice. I’m: the hotel manager. Leave the child with me first. I’ll help her find her family.Seeing that Olivia was silent, the hotel manager added, I’ve already called the police. The police will be here soon.” 

Hearing this, Olivia nodded and handed the little girl to the lobby manager. Then she went downstairs and left

On the other side, as soon as Olivia left, the manager rushed to the hotel in a hurry and scolded everyone. How do you do things? Everything had already been arranged, but it still went wrong. You’re all so stupid!” 

Keir was very ashamed because of how he had fallen on the ground

Nicolas felt wronged. How could he have known that there would be so many people gathered at the door

After scolding everyone, the manager decided to set up another trap for Olivia. He set up the second trap three days later. Before he could execute it, he was arrested

When his manager was arrested, Tom was recording a show

The assistant waved and winked at Tom from off the stage

essing Darling 


Tom saw his assistant too. He frowned and glanced at the director

The director was very tactful and immediately paused the recording for halftime. Tom returned to the waiting room. As soon as he sat down, his assistant said. anxiously. Tom, there’s bad news. Your manager has been arrested!” 

What?Tom’s originally lazy expression immediately turned cold and solemn. He looked up in shock. What happened exactly?” 

The assistant also looked confused. I don’t know. I only know that the has been arrested. I’m not sure why. It was very sudden.” 

Tom frowned


His manager had been with him for many years and was his righthand man. He also knew a lot about Tom’s private affairs. He definitely could not be caught. Tom took out his phone and called the Deputy Commissioner, Leon Dalton, of the City Police Department to ask him why he had taken his manager away. Leon was baffled. Butwe didn’t arrest anyone.” 

Did the provincial department make an arrest then?Tom frowned

This was difficult. He did not know anyone from the provincial department. If he wanted to inquire about the provincial department, he had to go through the Grant family

Tom did not want to accept anything from the Grant family because he did not want to be restrained by them. He did not expect that he would have to lower his head and beg the First Elder in the end

Left with no choice, he called the First Elder

When the First Elder heard that Tom’s manager had been arrested, the First Elder scolded Tom, his tone full of disdain. I’ve already told you not to get involved in the entertainment industry, but you just wouldn’t listen. What kind of future can entertainers have? They just earn money faster. What’s the use of that? Does the Grant family lack money? Power is the most important.” 

Tom was impatient, but for the sake of his manager, he could only obediently listen to his father’s scolding

The First Elder gave Tom a good scolding before he called the provincial department

Chief Payne,” the First Elder said in an official tone

Mr. Grant,Theo Payne, the Chief of the Provincial Department, spoke in fear and trepidation. Why did you call me personally? If there’s anything, just let your assistant tell me.” 

The First Elder chuckled. It’s not a big deal. It’s that rascal son from my family. His manager has been arrested. I want to ask, why?” 

Theo was stunned by the question


As someone who was of a high rank, he paid attention to important cases. A small manager was not worthy of his attention

However, this concerned the Grant family. Even if it was a small matter, he had to be very alert

Theo kept apologizing to the First Elder. It’s all my subordinates fault for being insensible. I’ll reprimand them later. Don’t worry. The manager will be released immediately.” 

Hey, don’t.The First Elder added righteously, I just want to ask what happened. I’m not asking you to be biased. In my position, I have to be more vigilant. I can’t use my position for personal gain. You just have to investigate strictly. If there’s really something wrong with the manager, you don’t have to worry about me at all.” 

Theo was filled with respect. Mr. Grant, you are really a role model for us. You are fair and just.” 

That being said, after hanging up the phone, Theo immediately ordered his secretary to find out who had arrested Tom’s manager

The secretary quickly replied, The manager is not in the provincial department.” Theo frowned. What about the city department?” 

The secretary said, I checked there too. He’s not there.” 

Theo was in disbelief

How strange was this! If the manager wasn’t at the city department or the provincial department, where did he go? Did he disappear into thin air

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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