Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 310

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 310

Chapter 310 

Olivia only found out about this after the agent was arrested

What did you say?Olivia looked at Tyson. Her eyelashes flickered and her eyes were filled with surprise. Someone from the Security Bureau came?” 

Tyson explained, It has been planned for more than half a month. Firstly, Nimbus Gaze is about to be completed, and foreign forces are restless. Secondly, it’s not very safe in the country. The leader of the Security Bureau is worried that something will happen to you.” 

Olivia was not only the dean of the Capitol Research Institute currently, she was also a nationally acclaimed scientist

Her safety was very important to the Hushe Republic

Although she had hidden her identity now, no one in the upper echelons knew Olivia’s true identity other than Jake. The foreign forces had not found out about her either

However, just in case, it was better to be cautious

Tyson extended a finger. You have at least this many plainclothes with you at all times.” 

Ten?Olivia nodded. Fortunately, this number was still acceptable

Tyson shook his head. 100” 

Olivia facepalmed

Tyson said in a serious tone, Don’t worry. Even a fly with bad intentions won’t be able to reach you.” 

As soon as the little girl appeared yesterday, the manager’s location was locked. Then, Keir, Nicolas, and the others were instantly surrounded by plainclothes. The principle of the plainclothes was that as long as it was not a particularly dangerous person or thing, they would not allow any trouble to reach Olivia and affect her daily life

Hence, when Keir was rushing over, he was tripped by a plainclothes who was hiding in the dark

100 people?Olivia massaged her forehead. She felt that it was a little. exaggerated. She did not need so many people to protect her

However, Tyson insisted, Miss Taylor, this is Mr. Book’s idea. The environment at home and abroad is not peaceful now, especially next year, which is the year of the new term. It will be even more chaotic. To prevent people from taking advantage of the situation to hurt you, we can’t be too careful.” 

Olivia nodded and did not say anything else

The personal assistant, Elena, knocked on the door and entered


Miss Taylor, this is an invitation from the Painting Association.” 

Olivia took the invitation and flipped through it before remembering

It was an invitation to the Painting Association’s internal competition. Every year. Rose would invite her to be a judge. Unfortunately, Olivia had never been there. But this timeOlivia hesitated for a moment

She thought of Bethany, whom she had met when she was hypnotized and ended up selling sandwiches

That girl was extremely talented and would prove to be remarkable

Olivia occupied one of the spots of Rose’s students, but she did not focus on learning painting as Rose expected, so she felt a little guilty towards Rose

She had always wanted to find a talented student to recommend to her teacher. She could use this opportunity to let Rose take a look at Bethany

Closing the invitation, Olivia looked at Elena and said, Reply to the invitation. Tell them that I’m going over.” 

At the Manson family’s residence, Winona had been in the studio for several days. Victoria was very worried. Her daughter had been smart since she was young and was very talented in painting. However, Winona had always been selfdisciplined. and did things according to the rules

Although she liked to draw, she would never be so engrossed in it

After some thought, Victoria pushed the door open and entered. When Victoria came in, Winona was painting. It was an oil painting

Victoria originally wanted to call out to Winona, but when she raised her gaze and looked at the canvas, her attention was instantly attracted by the painting

It depicted a young girl who was dancing ballet

The girl stood gently on her tiptoes and raised her arms high, spinning them in circles. It was clearly a static scene, but Victoria seemed to really see the ballet girl who was engrossed in the dance

Winona’s painting skills improved again

Victoria was pleasantly surprised

After Winona finished the last stroke, she saw Victoria. She tilted her head and wheedled to her mother, My arm is so tired.” 

Victoria’s heart ached. As she massaged Winona’s arm, she said angrily, It’s such at big painting. Usually, you can’t finish it in a month. Why are you in such a hurry. this time? You completed this one in just a few days.” 

Winona’s face was calm, and her beautiful face made it impossible to read her thoughts. In two days, it will be the internal competition of the Painting 

Association. The vice chairman has contacted me for a long time, hoping to show off one of my paintings.” 

It’s just a painting. Victoria said nonchalantly. Don’t we have a lot of paintings at home? Just give them one.” 


Winona shook her head, her eyes deep. Those are not good enough. I want to show off the best painting. After the internal competition of the Painting Association ends, there will be a charity auction. I need to use this to make a name for myself.” 

Victoria frowned. You’re already very famous overseas. There’s no hurry in the country. Even if you really want to become famous, I’ll hold a few art exhibitions. for you and invite some famous collectors to highly praise your paintings. You can just hype them up. There’s no need to be so tired.” 

It’s too late!Winona subconsciously grabbed Victoria’s hand. There was a rare trace of vulnerability in her expression. It’s too late, Mom. I need to quickly accumulate fame so that I can attract Daniel’s attention. Back then, he liked me because he noticed my paintings.” 

Victoria stopped massaging Winona’s arm

She lowered her head and sized up her daughter with a probing expression. “Winona, tell me the truth. What exactly happened? Weren’t you very confident in Daniel’s feelings for you previously?” 

Winona was silent for a moment. The corners of her mouth twitched, revealing an ugly smile. Mom, I misunderstood. He doesn’t like me that much anymore.” 

Speaking of this, Winona looked disappointed

She was not a person who was blindly confident. It was just that Daniel had been alone for so many years that gave her the illusion that he had always been hung up on her

When she was taken away by the police because of Olivia, Daniel did not care. It was at that time that Winona made the realization

Daniel did not have any more feelings for her as she had imagined

Their relationship gradually dissipated with the passage of time

But it didn’t matter. She still had a chance

Winona had investigated. Olivia and Daniel had just met not long ago, so the relationship between the two was not that deep

Daniel chose to be with Olivia because Olivia was similar to Winona. Olivia’s personality was similar to hers, and she was also independent and proud

However, a fake was still a fake

Winona would let Daniel see that only someone as outstanding as her was worthy of him

She would evoke Daniel’s feelings for her and regain the feelings he once had for 


Winona and Victoria went to the dining room downstairs to eat something. In the 


evening, when the light was the best, they came to the studio

She took out her phone and took a few photos of the painting of the ballet dancer. Then, she sent the best photo to Daniel

How is it? I just drew it. Recently, my technique has deteriorated and I did not spend a lot of time on this piece. If I slowly ponder over it, I should be able to draw it better

Give me your opinion.” 

Winona maintained an appropriate attitude

Since she had already realized that Daniel’s feelings for her had faded, she could. not be as cold and distant as before. She had to take the initiative

Young sons from wealthy families like Daniel had topnotch aesthetic standards and a unique appreciation for art

With painting as a bridge between them, it was easy to find common topics to talk


However, Olivia was not good enough. Winona heard that her medical skills were not bad. Olivia would have been surrounded by medical herbs since she was young. It was already lucky that she did not become a bookworm

Even though Olivia was somewhat attractive to Daniel because of her beauty, it would not last long

When he had interacted with Olivia for a long time, Daniel would discover that he had nothing in common with her and would want to find someone else to fill the emptiness in his heart

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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