Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 311

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 311

Chapter 311 

After waiting for a while, there was no reply from Daniel

Winona was a little disappointed

However, she quickly perked up and sent the photo to Rose, the chairman of the Painting Association

Rose was an internationally renowned oil painting master with farreaching influence. When Winona was young, she even wanted Rose to be her teacher. Rose also liked Winona’s painting talent very much. She had originally said that she would take her in as her student after testing her. Unfortunately, Rose ran to Layfield the next day

After that, there was no news from her. Rose never mentioned taking her in as a student again

After sending the photo over, Winona dialed a number and said respectfully and modestly, Mrs. Liebsig, I don’t know if you are busy. Sorry to disturb you.” Rose was almost 70 years old this year, but her body was still very strong, and her words were full of energy

It is not considered disturbing when it comes to painting.” Rose went on to praise Winona. Your skills have improved, Winona, and you have captured the emotions very well. Impressive.” 

Winona said modestly, I still have much to learn.” 

Rose sighed and shook her head. It’s already rare for someone of your age to have such outstanding skills. I’ve lived for so long and seen countless children. with talent in painting. There are only two who have such skills.” 

This was an incredible praise

Rose had been famous internationally for a long time, and her prestige was extremely high. No matter where she went, she would be respectfully called a master. Being praised by her like this, even Winona, who was always levelheaded, couldn’t help but be excited

After stabilizing her trembling voice, Winona said, Mrs. Liebsig, you’re too kind. But I’m very curious

Who is the other one?” 

You know who it is.Rose’s tone became more amiable. It’s Sketcher.” 

Sketcher was not a real name. She was a genius painter who appeared out of nowhere a few years ago.

oil painting technique was the pinnacle. She had only painted a few paintings and had not even shown her face. No one knew what she looked like or what her name was

However, her appearance had an epochmaking significance and farreaching impact

There were very few people who studied techniques too much in traditional oil sume they were all didamind of

However Sketcher was extremely addicted to this and flaunted her skills crazily

sally the highest evaluation of paturing techniques was like a photo, but skva dur a hangost this evaluation she gave her paintings a dynamic feeling. Now that Nok like a photo, but it also looked alive

NBA work was a huge tiger. It was so realistic and dynamic that it Bightened everyone who came to see it. Even some painters who had been asons in the painting world for a long time were shocked by her paintings. I was really too realistic, just like a real tiger. The use of color and the coordination of light and shadow were simply to the point of perfection. Just as the oil painting world thought that they would welcome a rising star, Sketcher gave up on painting. She said that her painting was emotionless and could not be considered a famous painting. She said that she was just sketching. That was also the origin of her name

However, just because Sketcher said that she was a sketcher did not mean that she was really one 

Her expansion and innovation in oil painting techniques were of great significance and had a huge impact on the entire painting world

All these years. Winona had somewhat imitated what Sketcher was doing, wanting to become the second Sketcher

Now that she heard Rose say that her techniques could be compared to Sketcher’s, Winona was so excited that she was incoherent. Mrs. Liebsig, is what you said true? Can my techniques really be compared to her?” 

Winona clutched her chest. She needed to take a deep breath

Hearing Winona so excited, Rose smiled. You already have 60% of her ability.After saying that, Rose suddenly smiled and said in a mysterious tone, I have good news 

What good news?Winona was curious

Rose told her. In this internal competition of the Painting Association, Sketcher will appear. She has already promised to be one of the judges that day.Really?Winona was so excited that she kept spinning in circles

“Yes, it’s true. Rose nodded. When she comes over, I’ll introduce you to her. You’re about the same age and are both beautiful. You might become good. friends

The more Rose spoke, the more she felt that this possibility was high

Olivia’s personality was really similar to Winona’s. They were both a little cold, and they both pursued techniques. Perhaps they would become good friends

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After banging up the call. Winona held the phone and was in a daze. The upturned corners of her mouth never came down

Thinking that she would soon get to know her idol, Sketcher, Winona was overjoyed

She didn’t even notice Daniel’s reply to her message

After a long time, she finally saw the message Daniel had sent her

Seeing the notification on the phone screen, Winona’s heart raced as though she was on a roller coaster. Sweetness spread through her

She quickly unlocked her phone and opened WhatsApp. The first thing she saw was the message

[Not bad, but not as good as my wife’s.

Winona pursed her lips and didn’t reply

At the Grant family’s residence, Alexander pushed the pile of information away angrily and rubbed his temples with a frustrated expression

Damian picked up the folders on the ground one by one and placed them on the desk

Alexander looked up and his gaze landed on the folders. There was a hint of hostility in his eyes

He had already flipped through all the information and looked at every photo, but he could not find the girl in the go 


After so many years. Alexander had long forgotten what the girl looked like. He only remembered that she was wearing a gown. However, among the information gathered by Damian, no girl was wearing a gown

Moreover, because it had been so long, these photos had already turned yellow and blurry. It was impossible to see the people clearly

Alexander flipped through every photo carefully. Unfortunately, he could not find any familiarity in these old photos

Damian comforted him. Mr. Alexander, if you are fated with the girl, you will meet her sooner or later.” 

Alexander rested his slender arm on the table, revealing a few diamond cuffs that reflected the sunlight outside the window. They were dazzling and eyecatching

He pursed his lips and his expression was cold. Let’s put this matter aside for 


Damian nodded and placed the three photos in front of Alexander. He said in a low voice, Mr. Alexander, the First Elder and the others are urging you to choose. your wife as soon as possible.” 

Impatience flashed in Alexander’s eyes. He glanced at the three photos casually, When his gaze landed on Olivia’s face, he suddenly paused

He thought of that night, of the smart and quickwitted woman, of the softness when he was pressed against her

A smile appeared in Alexander’s eyes. He raised his hand to hold the photo of Olivia. He said in a low voice, Let’s settle on her first.” 

Damian understood what he meant. Alexander meant to spend some time with Olivia first. If there was no problem between them, it would be Olivia

He took the photo and gave it to the First Elder

The First Elder looked at the photo and narrowed his eyes. His expression was calm, making it impossible to tell his emotions. Then let him interact with Ms. Taylor first.” 

Zelen was also at the side. After Damian left, her expression immediately 

darkened. She was unhappy. Why is it her again? Aren’t there two others? Why must Mr. Alexander choose her?” 

Shut up.The First Elder raised his eyes and swept a glance at Zelen. His 

expression was displeased. Is Mr. Alexander someone you can complain about?” 

Zelen lowered her head. I was wrong. I just felt that it would be letting Olivia off too easily.” 

The First Elder sighed. The girl is quite capable, but she’s too unruly. She still needs to be tested further.” 

As he spoke, the First Elder looked at Zelen. “Go over to Tom and watch over him. Tell him to be gentler with his methods. Bring back the control of the Smith amily and teach Olivia a lesson. Don’t go overboard.” 

Got it,” Zelen said reluctantly

his turn of events really let her off too easily

Olivia’s life was really good. She was actually chosen by Alexander. Who knew just. ow many good deeds she had done in her previous life to be so fortunate in this 


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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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