Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 312

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 312

Chapter 312 

Although the internal competition of the Painting Association was lowkey, it was really not low profile at all

Professional media had already followed up on it, and the news spread 

throughout the circle

However, to the public, it was a little lowkey. There was nothing about it on 

Twitter at all

Only some highly professional forums were discussing this matter

The venue of the competition was set at a very famous art gallery in Evervale. For the competition of the Painting Association, the art gallery would not be open for the next few days

The candidates who participated in the competition gradually arrived and were waiting in the waiting room on the second floor

Doris was among them

She was very nervous. She sat at the back of the waiting room and lowered her head to listen to the people in front of her 

A man and a woman were sitting in front and chatting

There are really many experts in this competition! I almost didn’t pass,” the girl said with lingering fear

The competition was divided into two rounds. The first round was the 

preliminary round. After submitting their work, they would wait to be notified. Only after passing the preliminary round could one participate in the second round

The second round was difficult. It required painting on the spot, which tested one’s ability to be innovative there and then

Even you almost didn’t pass?The boy was shocked. He was not even as good as a girl

The girl nodded. My aunt is from the Painting Association. She told me that there were a total of 100 participants this time. About 30 people have passed the preliminary round. Some people have to be filtered out in the second round. In the end, there would only be about ten left.” 

Jesus.The boy put his hand to his forehead. I’m sure I won’t pass the second round.” 

Even if you pass the second round, you may not be chosen by the teachers.” The girl also felt that it was very difficult. Even if she passed the second round at the end, she still had to see if she caught the teacher’s eye. If she were not chosen by any teacher and taken in as a student, it would be a waste of effort

As the two of them were talking, the girl suddenly looked at the door


Billionaires Missing Darling 

“What’s wrong?the boy asked curiously

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The girl pointed out of the window and said excitedly. Do you see that? ThatMr. Murphy, the seventh student of Mrs. Liebsig, the chairman of the Painting 


Ozymandias Murphy?The boy was stunned for a moment. Then he became even more excited. I know him. He just won an international award. He’s an amazing youth painter.” 

Yes, yes.” The girl nodded heavily. Next to Mr. Murphy is Mrs. Liebsig’s sixth student, Ms. Jeanne Weaver. Oh my god, why are they all here? Aren’t they on the third floor? Why did they come to the examination hall on the second floor?The boy stood up and looked outside. He guessed, They should be picking someone up. HmmThey’re getting off the elevator!” 

The girl patted her chest. What kind of big shot is it to actually trouble two of Mrs. Liebsig’s students to go together?” 

Doris sat behind the two of them and listened to their conversation

The two people they were talking about were all big shots. Doris could only dream of becoming their student

There was still some time before the competition. Doris hesitated for a moment. before finally getting up and running towards the door

She was going over to try her luck

Doris did not take the elevator. Instead, she ran up the stairs and soon arrived at the lobby on the first floor

She looked around for Jeanne and Ozymandias

However, she did not find either of them. Instead, she saw a familiar figure

It was Olivia! Her fake sister

Why was she here

Doris was shocked. After thinking for a moment, she quickly thought of a possibility

The fact that Gillian could give her a spot in the internal competition of the Painting Association and that Olivia had also given Bethany a spot meant that both Gillian and Olivia were members of the Painting Association

It was probably because the two of them had some discord that Gillian brought Olivia to their house

This matter was all done by Gillian, their family would at most earn a little. money. They had no grudge against Olivia

However, it was inevitable that people would take their anger out on others. Who knew if Olivia would take her anger out on her because of this

What if Olivia took her anger out on her and tampered with the second round


ruining her hardwon opportunity

It had not been easy for Doris to get to where she was today. She had even done something against her conscience 

She could not let Olivia ruin everything she had worked so hard to build. Olivia could not stay here today

Thinking of this, Doris gritted her teeth and rushed out

Before she could reach Olivia, she was stopped by the man behind her

Doris could not care less. She looked over and said. Olivia, it’s me, Doris. Do you still remember?” 

Olivia turned around and slowly looked up at her

Her gaze was cold and clear, like an extremely cold spring water deep underground

Doris’s heart skipped a beat

She subconsciously took a step back and suddenly lowered her head, not daring to look at Olivia

How strange. They were clearly the same person and had the same appearance, but why did it feel completely different

The feeling Olivia gave her in the past was gentle and natural, like a breeze blowing gently on her face. It was extremely comfortable to be near her. However, the woman in front of her exuded an indescribable calmness and magnanimity. It was as though Olivia only needed to look at her, and all her thoughts would be exposed in front of her

It’s you.Olivia recognized the girl in front of her. When she was hypnotized by Ernesto, Gillian found her a fake sister

Are you here for the second round of the Painting Association competition?Olivia asked

Doris nodded hurriedly

Then you’ve improved a lot during this period of time. Olivia remembered Doris’s painting. It was mediocre and lacked a little spirituality. With her level, it was impossible for her to pass the preliminary round and enter the second round. Upon hearing this, panic flashed across Doris’s eyes. She dug her nails into her palms and barely managed to calm herself down

Olivia’s aura was too strong. She could not control her body from trembling. If it were not for the fact that her future was at stake, her legs would have gone weak. Olivia, II have something important to tell you.Doris trembled

Tell me,Olivia said indifferently

Doris gulped. Can we go somewhere else? There are so many people coming and going here. It’s not convenient.” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 


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Olivia glanced at her indifferently and did not say anything. Doris’s body instantly stiffened. She felt that her thoughts had been discovered. Doris gritted her teeth and said, It’s about Bethany. Something happened to her.” Upon hearing this, Olivia suddenly looked up with extreme iciness in her eyes. She turned around and walked to the lounge beside her. Her tone was calm. Come over here

When they arrived at the lounge, Doris’s body relaxed a little, but her mind was still tense. She stammered as she recounted Bethany’s matter. After you left, there was a fire in Bethany’s house. Everything in the house was burned, and Bethany also disappeared

I thought that she had gone somewhere else, so I didn’t take it to heart. However, half a month later, I suddenly received a call from her. She was terrified on the phone and cried for me to save her. I was about to ask her about her situation, but before I could speak, she hung up

After that, I called back a few more times, but I couldn’t get through.” 

After saying that, Doris took out her phone and found a number. She handed it over. Look. This is the number.” 

Tyson glanced at it and memorized the number. Then, he took out his phone and dialed it

The phone rang twice before it was picked up

It was a middleaged female voice. Hello, this is the Dillon Manor. May I know. who you are?” 

Tyson said in a low voice, Hello, I’m looking for Bethany Fulham.” 

Hearing the words Bethany Fulham, the middleaged female voice’s tone suddenly changed from being easygoing to being vigilant and careful. Who are you? Why are you looking for Bethany?” 

Tyson said, I’m her friend.” 

Friend?The middleaged woman’s tone turned completely cold. I’m warning you, don’t call again, and don’t look for Bethany. If you continue to be a busybody, you’ll be courting death!” 

With that, she hung up the phone

Tyson turned to Olivia and said in a low voice, Miss Taylor, the attitude of the caller is not right. Something might happen to Miss Fulham.” 

Olivia immediately turned around and walked out. Let’s go.” 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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