Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 314

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 314

Chapter 314 

When Marcus went out, he met Linda, who was rushing over

What are you doing? Why are you in such a rash?Marcus frowned

Linda quickly stopped in her tracks. Her face turned pale as she explained in a panic, I’m here to watch Ms. Fulham.” 

Marcus did not speak. His gaze was still on Linda

Under such an intense gaze, Linda’s legs went weak in a moment. She stammered as she explained, It’sit’s Madam who asked me to come up and watch Ms. Fulham.” 

Watch her?Marcus was very smart. Despite the fact that he kept himself at home because his legs were injured in a car accident, nothing could escape his eyes. With just a glance, he could tell that there was something wrong with Linda. You received a call just now. Who called?Marcus asked in a cold tone. Linda didn’t dare to hide anything and hurriedly said, The caller is looking for 

Ms. Fulham. Madam was worried that Ms. Fulham might be restless and do something, so she asked me to come up and keep an eye on Ms. Fulham.” 

Marcus said with a frown, It’s not a big deal. Don’t go over and disturb her. Wheel me downstairs.” 

Linda quickly nodded and wheeled Marcus downstairs

Downstairs, Eudora was on the phone with a scowl

She did not even notice her son, Marcus, coming downstairs. It was only when Linda called her that she came back to her senses

Upon seeing Marcus, Eudora forced a smile and explained, I got a call from the Smith family, saying that the head of the family and Bettany are good friends. She knows that Bettany is here and wants to visit her.” 

The caller was very polite, but Eudora had a feeling that she did not come with good intentions

Because of pregnancy, Bettany had been quite steady and didn’t make a fuss these days. If outsiders interfered, it was very likely that she would be restless and wouldn’t set her mind in staying with her son

The Smith family?Marcus frowned slightly and quickly realized who it was. It’s Olivia? Daniel’s fiancée?” 

That’s her. Eudora nodded and said, The Smith family has been on the rise these days. They are already quite strong, and now the Sullivan family and the Smith family are connected by marriage. That’s quite something. The Smith family is not something to be trifled with. Even these wealthy families in Evervale. have to show some respect to the Smith family.” 

Marc and coldly heer Daniel’s Banere, not his wife yet. It’s just the Smith 

the wounded kunde. Ishon’t think she can barge in if we reject her!” 

By Fundors was nervous Team reject her now, but this is not a longterm plan. What it she goes against com family?” 

Marcus disagreed She’s just Olivia. Although I’ve never seen her before, I think the must have had the Sullivan family’s help to become the head of the Smith Fanly at such a young age. There’s no need to take such a woman to heart.Then seeing that his mother was still frowning, Marcus comforted her. Mom, you worried about nothing. Suppose Olivin is really that capable. As long as we insist that Bettany is not in the Dillon, would she dare to come and search? Even if she wants to she doesn’t have the strength. More importantly, Bettany was personally sent here by her father. Even if Olivia wants her, she should go to Bettany’s Rather and not us” 

These words completely calmed Eudora down

She mmeshately said. Then I’ll call back and say that Bettany isn’t with us. I don’t believe that Olivia can barge in.” 

Marcus nodded and did not take it seriously

Eudora picked up the phone and dialed the number back. She said over the phone, Hello, you misunderstood just now. I don’t know Bettany Fulham. She isn’t at my house ether” 

Elena frowned when she heard this and turned to look at Olivia. She asked in a low voter, Miss Taylor?” 

Olivia looked up coldly and took the phone. She opened her mouth and said, Mrs. Dillon?” 

Hearing this pleasant female voice, Eudora quickly realized that the person who picked up the phone had changed. She was stunned for a moment before asking tentatively. Are you Olivia Taylor?” 

Olivia said in a low voice, Yes.” 

It’s really Ms. Taylor, Hello, hello.Eudora’s tone became enthusiastic. There must be a misunderstanding. We don’t know Bettany. You’ve found the wrong person

Olivia ignored her words and told her unhurriedly, I’ll be at the Dillon Manor in half an hour.” 

What?Eudora suddenly raised 

You’re not welcome. I’m warninvoice and panicked. What are you 


you, I won’t open the door for you. If you insist 

on breaking in, I’ll call the police. Our…” 

Olivia ended the call before she could finish speaking

Eudora’s warning words were instantly swallowed back. She almost stomped her 

feet in anger. She has no ujduringing she actually comes uninvited the

Linda psited Eudora’s back to calucher down and comforted her Medem, don’t be angry Olivia is young and arrogant, but the ballon family isn’t vomeone to be trifled with. You shouldn’t lower yourself to her level, just ignore her 

As she spoke, she handed a cup of hot coffee to Eudora and continued, In a while, I’ll tell the security guards at the door not to let anyone in 

Hearing Linda’s words, Eudora finally calmed down. She looked up at Marcus and said, Marcus, go upstairs and rest. I won’t let Olivia in 

Marcus nodded. He was not very concerned about this matter

In his eyes, Olivia was just an arrogant girl, What kind of place did she think the Dillon Manor was? Did she think that she could come just because she wanted to

What a joket 

Half an hour later

The security guard at the entrance hurriedly called, Madam, Ms. Taylor is here. She has already gone in” 

What!” Eudora freaked and almost lost her composure. She snapped, Didn’t I ask you to stop them? Why are you letting them in? What are you doing? What’s the use of having you?” 

Linda stomped her feet in anger. Goodfornothing. These security guards are useless. They can’t even stop a person

Marcus happened to come out of the elevator. Seeing this, he immediately asked with a frown, What’s going on? Why can’t you stop her? There are many of 


The security guard felt wronged and said, Not just that.” 

Stop hemming and hawing. Just say it.” Eudora was furious at the security guard’s 


The security guard said, They have a search warrant.” 

Hearing these words, Eudora was instantly suffocated. She was like a big rooster whose neck was being strangled, and she went very red in the face

A search warrant

What was going on? Eudora’s body stiffened and she turned back to look at her son in fear

At this moment, Marcus’s face took on a ghastly expression. He drove the wheelchair towards the door and knocked down Olivia. Behind him was a team of police officers with a search warrant

You’re Olivia Taylor?Marcus sized her up and frowned. Didn’t I say that Bettany isn’t here? Why are you still here?” 

Olivia looked up at Marcus

When their gazes met, Marcus’s mind raced. He was thinking about what to say to fool her and make her leave

However. Olivia only cast him a cold glance before bypassing him and walking straight into the house

She completely ignored him

Marcus’s expression darkened, and he suddenly felt a tide of embarrassment surging through him. 

No one had ever dared to ignore him like this

Marcus took a deep breath and turned to look at Olivia. His gaze was icily cold as he said, “Ms. Taylor, you… 

Shut up!Olivia interrupted him with an indifferent expression, and there was an innate pride and nobility in her eyes. When she made a simple statement, it was as if she was giving orders. Don’t speak when I’m not asking you. My time. limited


With that, she turned to the police officer behind her and ordered with a slight nod, Search

She did not have time to waste with them. Her goal today was to take Bettany away. As for the crimes that the Dillon family had committed, the police would deal with them


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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