Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 315

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 315

Chapter 315 

When the others went to look for Bettany, Olivia sat on the sofa in the living room and waited

As she was going to be a judge at the Painting Association today, she was formally dressed. She wore a light gray suit jacket with a beige silk shirt inside. The pearl cuff’s on the cuff’s emitted a gentle luster, just like her, gentle and reserved, but her strong aura couldn’t be concealed

Elena and Tyson stood behind Olivia in a protective posture

Eudora was burning with anxiety. She glared at Olivia, You, how dare you barge in without permission. This is Dillon Manor.” 

Elena blocked Eudora’s line of sight and said coldly, Madam, I believe you saw the search warrant just now. The Dillon family has violated the law by imprisoning someone privately. Mrs. Dillon, you’d better quickly call a lawyer.Eudora’s face immediately turned pale when she heard the words privately imprisoning someone.She subconsciously looked at Marcus

Don’t worry.Marcus comforted his mother and whispered something into Eudora’s ear

Hearing this, Eudora was delighted. She quickly walked out of the door and went outside

Linda followed closely behind

Only Marcus was still in the living room

He looked calm and did not panic, but he was holding back his anger

Olivia was coming in an aggressive manner, so undoubtedly, this matter couldn’t be addressed in an easy way

Marcus was not afraid of Olivia. It was just the Smith family. Even if she came with the police, she could not casually accuse anyone. Bettany was personally sent over by her father

Moreover, who could prove that Bettany was imprisoned

There was no evidence

Marcus was afraid of scaring Bettany. Recently, she had been especially timid and would be freaked by even the slightest movement

He was even more afraid that Bettany would have the intention to leave

Initially, she was very obedient. She did not cry or make a fuss, obedient like a cat. Now that things had turned out this way, it was inevitable that she would make a fuss

At the thought of this, anger suddenly rose in Marcus’s heart

He clenched his fiars Highly and controlled his desire to hit someone

He told himself that he couldn’t be anxious or angry. It was best if he and Olivia serted this matter peacefully and they coudn’t fall out. Bettany was pregnant and couldn’t be scared

When he thought of this, Marcus took a deep breath and calmed down

He thought of the information he had read before. The Smith family seemed to have bought land in West District in Evervale and was interested in building a pharmaceutical factory

Coincidentally, the Dillon family wanted that piece of land

In order to resolve this matter peacefully, the Dillon family did not mind giving up this piece of land

Ms. Taylor,Marcus said in a low voice, I heard that the Smith family is interested in that piece of land in the Western District?” 

Olivia raised her eyes and looked over indifferently

A cold glint flashed across Marcus’s eyes when he met Olivia’s gaze

He thought, Hmph, bitch, you’re lucky, I weren’t for Bettany, the Dillon family would definitely not give up this piece of land.” 

However, he found some solace when he thought that he could settle the score with Olivia as long as Bettany gave birth to the child. He could wait

Marcus cleared his throat and said, Ms. Taylor, if you leave now, the Dillon family will withdraw from the bidding for that piece of land. If you insist on causing trouble, don’t blame us for taking this seriously. It’s true that the Smith family is influential in Layfield, but this is Evervale, not” 

Before he could finish his sentence, he heard Olivia ask in a slightly puzzled tone. What land were you talking about?” 

Marcus was stunned. Then, the corners of his mouth curled into a mocking smile. Don’t tell me you still don’t know? Oh, it makes sense.” 

His tone changed. Ms. Taylor, you have just taken over as the Smith family’s family head. You might not be able to completely control the Smith family yet. That piece of land in the Western District is quite big. It involves hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s a very large project. The fewer people who know about such an important project, the better. You’re probably not qualified to know this 


Projects of this level were the highest level of confidentiality in the Dillon family. Other than some core members, no one else knew anything about it

Marcus had wanted to use this piece of land as an exchange previously, but he did not expect that Olivia was not completely in charge of the Smith family and she knew nothing about such a large project

What a joke

Olivia’s gaze was indifferent. She truly did not know about this. She turned to look at Elena

Elena immediately explained, Miss Taylor, it’s something related to the Traditional Medicine Healthy Ecological Garden Plan. That piece of land in thr Western District is just one of the locations. The exact site hasn’t been deaded you If you have any ideas about it, I’ll call Mr. Yanis and ask if there are any other options. You” 

Before she could finish, Olivia waved her hand and suddenly realized something, Oh, so it’s the site for the ecological park. It’s not a big deal. There’s no need to tell me about it. Let them do as they see fit

Not a big deal

Marcus’s expression froze. The mocking smile froze at the corner of his mouth. Hurried footsteps came from upstairs. In a moment, two policewomen came down with Bettany, who was wearing sportswear

When she went downstairs, Bettany was still a little confused and her expression was trembling. It was not until she saw Olivia that she came back to her senses and called out in surprise, Olivia?” 

Olivia looked up from the sofa and sized Bettany up for a long time. Her eyes were a little sad

I’m sorry I’m late.She grabbed Bettany’s hand

Bettany’s heart skipped a beat, and her eyes instantly moistened, blurring her 


She choked on her words and kept shaking her head, unable to speak 

Olivia held her hand tightly. An invisible force was transmitted over, filling Bettany’s heart with boundless courage

She raised her empty hand and wiped her tears. Thinking of what the policewoman had said to her previously, she nodded heavily. Olivia, I didn’t marry Marcus. It was the Dillon family who privately imprisoned me hereOlivia looked at the pale and thin Bettany, her eyes filled with pity. More than that, she regretted not thinking things through

Bettany’s situation was not positive at that time. However, Olivia did not bring her away and only gave her an invitation to the Painting Association

It’s fine now. Don’t cry.Olivia touched Bettany’s thin and sharp chin and handed her a tissue

Bettany wiped her tears. Her eyes were swollen, but she was in good spirits. She stood behind Olivia, carefully holding the corner of her shirt

During this period, she did not even cast a glance at Marcus as if he did not exist. As Marcus looked at Bettany like this, a hint of pain flashed across his eyes. He clenched his fists tightly

You can’t take her away!Marcus said. Bettany is my fiancée. I didn’t imprison 


Olivia ignored Marcus and turned to Bettany. Did he imprison you?” 

Bettany hesitated for a moment and nodded. Yes.” 

That’s enough.Olivia looked up and said, Let’s go.” 

Wait.She had just taken two steps when Marcus called out to her

This time, his gaze landed on Bettany as he said in a cold tone, Bettany, are your leaving just like that? Have you forgotten the good moment with me?” 

Upon hearing this, Bettany was freaked out. She was terrified and covered her ears. Stop talking.” 

Marcus continued, Alright, I won’t say this, but do you really want to leave? Do you think you can leave? Ms. Taylor can take you away today, but can she protect you for the rest of your life? And the police. Are you sure they will guard you day and night?” 

Bettany flinched

Seeing this, Marcus smiled and added, Bettany and Ms. Taylor should be very good friends. For your sake, Ms. Taylor risked everything to barge into the Dillon family today. With such a good relationship, Bettany, you must not want to cause trouble for Ms. Taylor

Bettany, you know that I’m determined to get you. You know I lose myself sometimes. If you insist on leaving today, I’m not sure if I’ll do something out of control in my anger. It won’t be good if I hurt your good friend Ms. Taylor.” At this point, Marcus chuckled. Bettany, you know you’re the only one who can soften my heart. If it were Ms. Taylor, I’m afraid” 

He didn’t continue, but Bettany was already on the verge of collapse

She thought of Marcus’s terrifying methods

This man was a demon. There was nothing he couldn’t do

She was already very grateful that Olivia could save her. If Olivia was hurt because of her, she would never forgive herself for the rest of her life

IBettany let go of the corner of Olivia’s shirt and said with all her strength, I don’t” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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