Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 316

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 316

Chapter 316 

Before she could finish speaking, a slightly cold hand grabbed her wrist

Bettany looked up

It was Olivia

There’s no need to worry. If I was afraid of the Dillon family, I wouldn’t have come to take you away today,Olivia said in a calm tone, neither angry nor afraid of Marcus’s threat. Her expression was calm and indifferent, and there was only a hint of authority hidden in it

Looking at Olivia like this, Bettany, who was a blue funk, was strangely soothed. She followed her own thoughts and nodded heavily. Olivia, I’ll go with you.This time, Marcus did not speak. Instead, he watched Bettany leave expressionlessly

After a while, Eudoră came in and quickly walked in front of Marcus. She first Hooked at the empty living room and then at the door

Her heart skipped a beat and her voice trembled slightly. Bettany left?” 

Marcus did not speak. No one could tell what he was thinking from his 

expression, but his back was straight as if it was an extremely taut bow that would break with a slight touch

Eudora could not help but tear up after taking a look

Then, rage bubbled just below the surface of her mind. She cursed Bettany in her heart

The Dillon family had done so much for Bettany, but she was still not satisfied. First, they invested a lot of money into the Fulham family. Then, they hired a famous doctor to nurse Bettany’s health. She lived in the Dillon Manor and had a servant to serve her with everything well provided

What else did she want

The Dillon family did not despise her for coming from a small town without getting a diploma. Instead, she despised Marcus

Eudora blinked to fight back her tears. She said in a low voice, I’ve called Tucker. He’ll be here soon. Marcus, don’t worry. Bettany won’t be able to leave the Dillon 


Marcus closed his eyes in silence

Eudora was worried that he would feel sad and was about to comfort him when she heard him say, It’s good that she’s gone.” 

Marcus’s voice was calm, but there was something hidden inside, revealing a sign 

of a storm

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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I should at least let her try once before she gives up. Then she’ll understand that she can’t escape from me no matter what. As for OliviaMarcus’s tone was bonechilling when he said that. Since she dares to mind other’s business, she has to bear the consequences.” 

He would give her a taste of her own medicine. Didn’t she snatch Bettany away? He could arrange for someone to snatch Daniel away

Without the support of Daniel, the superrich man, Olivia might not even be able to secure her position as the head of the Smith family. By then, she would be brought down a peg or two

There’s no need to let Tucker go over. I have my own plans for this matter,Marcus said and drove the wheelchair upstairs

It was almost 12 o’clock. Olivia didn’t have time to go back to the Smith family. She asked Bettany if she wanted to return to the Smith family first or follow her to the Painting Association

When she heard about the Painting Association, Bettany’s eyes lit up and she said timidly, ICan I really go?” 

Olivia looked up and chuckled. Sure.” 

This was the first time Bettany had seen Olivia smile like this. It was as if the bright sun had broken through the clouds and bloomed with a dazzling red glow. It was incomparably stunning

Bettany was stunned for a moment and regained her senses after a long time. When they arrived at the art gallery, Bettany got out of the car and followed Elena. Her tone was filled with worry. Elena, are you sure I won’t be too much trouble for Olivia?” 

Trouble?Elena, who was looking down at her phone, did a doubletake

After a while, she realized what Bettany meant

You mean the Dillon family?Elena’s tone was mocking, and her expression was completely disdainful. They’re not worthy to be a trouble for Miss Taylor!” 

As Elena spoke, she handed the phone to Bettany

There was a Wikipedia note on it, regarding Olivia

Bettany lowered her head to take a closer look. As she read it, a wave of shock spread over her till she was left dumbfounded

Young scientist

The head of the Smith family

The fiancée of the richest man

Bettany clutched her chest in disbelief. Was this Olivia who sold sandwiches in a small town

Why did it feel like Olivia was from another world

Tullionaire’s Missing Darling 

Thinking of the fact that Olivia used to sell sandwiches for a living, Bettany subconsciously licked her lower lip and turned to ask Elena, Elena, why would Olivia go to town to sell sandwiches?” 

Elena did not know much about it. She only knew a little about it. When she heard this, she frowned and replied, There should be a reason. I’m not too sure, but Miss Taylor must have a reason for going to town,” 

Bettany nodded. Olivia’s sandwich is delicious. Ever since she left, the sandwich has been no longer as delicious and popular as before

At this point, Bettany felt a little regretful. It’s a waste to give up such a good secret recipe. Why doesn’t Olivia open a sandwich shop in Evervale? No, it should be a sandwich chain store. It must be very famous.” 

Elena disagreed. How is it possible for Miss Taylor to open a sandwich shop?Bettany could hear the disdain in Elena’s tone and hurriedly explained, That sandwich is really delicious. I’m not lying to you. I’ve tried many good things in the Dillon family, but they can’t compare to the sandwich. This secret recipe is too delicious and precious. It would be a pity not to open the sandwich shop!” 

Elena chuckled and said proudly, It’s just a sandwich’s secret recipe. How can it be precious? Miss Taylor has many good things. Any of them is more precious than a sandwich’s recipe. Any one of them can shock the world.” 

After saying that, Elena turned to Bettany and said solemnly, You’re lucky to be valued by Miss Taylor. As long as you follow her, you’ll have great fortune in the future.” 

Great fortune

Bettany repeated with a lonely expression. Would she really have a great fortune? Olivia arrived quite early. She had yet to finish commenting on the painting for the second round

At this moment, the judges were arguing over a painting

It was a portrait of a Saintess. The color and outline of this painting were great, but the light and shadow were a little rough

Some judges rated this painting as number one and believed that it expressed native intelligence. Some other judges agreed with them but thought the details. were not handled well. It seemed that the painter had not been systematically learned and his skills were a little rough

The two sides argued endlessly

Since no one could convince the other, someone suggested that they let the specially invited judge make a comment

President.” A middleaged man looked at Rose. Didn’t you invite a mysterious judge? Where is she?” 

Rose said, She has something urgent to deal with and is on the way here.” 

She’s not here yet?The middleaged man doubted, but he didn’t say anything Instead, he turned to Winona and said, Ms. Manson, why don’t you take a look? The others echoed, Yes, yes. Ms. Manson should take a look.”“ 

Winona was not modest. She stepped forward and took a look. She was stunned by the painting

This painting was indeed amazing

Howeverit was just as everyone had said. It was a little rough and strange. There was something that didn’t go well with it

How about this?Winona suggested, Let’s call the painter over to explain the thoughts on the painting.” 

The Painting Association valued talented students very much. They did not want to bury any genius students

Hearing Winona’s words, they immediately nodded in agreement

Soon, a staff member went downstairs to look for Doris

Doris was a little nervous. She kept asking the staff carefully, Why are you taking me there? Is there something wrong with my painting?” 

The staff shook his head. No, it’s just that your painting stands out. The judges want you to go over and explain your creative concept.” 

Her painting stood out

Doris was desperately nervous, but her eyes gleamed with surprise. However, before the surprise filled her eyes, she saw Olivia walking towards her

Behind her was a figure that made Doris’s eyes almost pop out of their sockets

Why was Bettany here

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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