Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 317

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 317

Chapter 317 

Getting a summons to elucidate her artistic vision signified that Emma’s paintings had captured the notice of the Painting Association instructors

She was on the brink of ascending to the celestial realm with just one stride, and soon, she’d be under the wing of a revered mentor. But at this pivotal juncture, how could Bettany possibly intervene

If Bettany were present, wouldn’t her replication of the portrait be unveiled? Doris seethed with such rage that the edges of her eyes nearly ruptured, and her gaze turned crimson

Without much contemplation, she leaped to Bettany’s side and inquisitively inquired. What brings you here?” 

Her inner musings went along the lines of, Weren’t you confined by the Dillon family? How come you’re out now?” 

Doris?Bettany was momentarily taken aback before warmly grasping her hand. It’s all thanks to you. Elena informed me that if you hadn’t informed Olivia about my confinement in the Dillon family, I might never have been released.” 

Doris, I truly appreciate it,” Bettany replied earnestly

Doris was speechless

She truly found herself at a loss for words. Ultimately, she bore the responsibility for the situation

After a brief interlude of silence, Doris regained composure. She glanced at 

Bettany. With a selfassured tone, she remarked, Bettany, I’m thrilled you’re here. The instructor assigned me to elucidate my artistic vision. The portrait I sketched was inspired by the artwork you shared with me.” 

My painting?Bettany pointed at herself, appearing somewhat bewildered

Yes, indeed,” Doris affirmed with a firm nod. The second round involves live painting, and there are no limitations. You can depict anything. I remembered that portrait you have painted and took it as a source of inspiration to craft a new piece. Bettany, you don’t mind, do you?” 

Bettany didn’t hesitate and shook her head. Why would there be anything to mind? But that prototype isn’t exclusive to me. If I can paint, so can you.” 

Upon hearing this, Doris couldn’t help but have a slight curl of her lips, forming a smile

She shifted her attention to Olivia and inquired with curiosity, Sister, are you part of the Painting Association’s staff?” 

Olivia raised her gaze and replied, No.” 

Oh, Doris sighed in complete relief


Nonetheless, Bettany remained concerned that the plagiarism issue might come to light. It was crucial to firmly resolve this matter, ensuring that Olivia would refrain from uttering a word about it

With these thoughts in mind, Doris’s smile broadened. She advanced and embraced Bettany’s arm, remarking, I believe my painting should earn a good rank. I’m curious if it will capture the president’s attention.” 

While expressing this sentiment, she raised her gaze toward the staff

The staff nodded and said, The president has showered your painting with praise, and it has garnered admiration from many instructors

Is that so?Doris was pleasantly surprised. Then, she turned to Bettany and inquired, Bettany, my painting has received a decent ranking. If the portrait you painted enters the competition, it will surely achieve a favorable outcome

At this juncture, Doris cast a deliberate glance at Olivia and remarked, It’s truly regrettable. All your paintings were destroyed, and not a single one remainsDoris conveyed this statement to Olivia and Bettany

What difference did it make if the two paintings bore a striking resemblance? The 

original had already met its demise in the flames. There was no tangible proof, and she had crafted the painting right there and then. There was no evidence of plagiarism on her part

If Bettany and Olivia knew what was in their best interest, they should remain silent and refrain from uttering a word

Even if they failed to comprehend their own interests, it was inconsequential. After all, they were unable to provide any evidence. As long as she stuck to her assertion that she hadn’t plagiarized and that she was the genuine creator, the other party would be powerless to take action

Initially, Bettany harbored some trepidation regarding Olivia. However, it had become evident that Olivia wasn’t even a staff member of the Painting Association. It appeared she was merely a sponsor. The words of such an individual carried no significance whatsoever, and no one would take them seriously

The more Doris contemplated the situation, the greater her selfassurance grew. Eventually, she ceased to be concerned altogether

They all proceeded to the third floor together

Upon leaving the elevator, Doris inquired of Bettany, Where are you folks headed?” 

Bettany was uncertain as well. Upon hearing this, she raised her gaze to Olivia and inquired, Olivia, where are we heading?” 

Elena swiftly retrieved her phone and whispered, Let me make a call.” 

Observing this, Doris’s expression took on an even more contemptuous air. She casually nodded at Bettany and remarked, I’ll head over ahead.” 



While conversing, she followed the staff to the judgesroom 

Upon arriving at the door, Doris straightened her collar, took a deep breath, and entered the room

After offering a profound bow to the judges, Doris composedly expounded on her creative concept. However, in the midst of her presentation, Ozymandias received a phone call 

He cast his gaze downward to check the caller ID, and his expression suddenly lin up with excitement. He promptly left the room. After a short while, he returned accompanied by Olivia

From the corner of her eye, Doris noticed Olivia’s entrance. A pallor washed over Dorisface, and her heart involuntarily quivered a few times. She tightly clenched her fists but managed to finish her sentence

Doris wasn’t finished yet. The attention of everyone in the room had already shifted towards the door

Particularly Winona, whose pupils abruptly contracted upon seeing Olivia, Nevertheless, she remained remarkably composed and displayed no signs of disturbance

Olivia.” Mrs. Liebsig greeted her accomplished disciple with joy. She then turned to introduce Olivia to the others, saying, This is my fourth disciple, Olivia Taylor.” 

Olivia Taylor! Fourth disciple!” 

Upon hearing these two titles, Doris’s heart raced. She felt her face drain of color, and her entire body seemed rooted to the spot

The name Olivia had become exceedingly wellknown of late. Not only was she the scion of the Smith family, but she was also engaged to the wealthiest man in the city. Her fame had reached a point where practically everyone was aware of 


Regardless of the circumstances, Doris couldn’t reconcile the composed and remarkable woman before her with the gentle, reserved, and adept lady she knew at home

She mused, It truly doesn’t seem like it

How is that even possible?” 

A wave of dizziness washed over Doris, and she nearly blacked out

Winona was equally astounded. She had never anticipated that Olivia would be Mrs. Liebsig’s disciple

Waitthis can’t bel 

Is she the fourth disciple?” 

Doris’s heart trembled violently. She recalled Mrs. Liebsig had rejected the opportunity to mentor her in order to travel to Layfield and accept the fourth 



Could it be that Olivia was the fourth disciple who had taken her mentor away from her

Winona found it hard to believe, let alone accept, that Olivia Taylor’s talent surpassed her own

She pondered, Inconceivable, impossible, utterly impossible. Why would Mrs. Liebsig choose Olivia over mic?” 

Mrs. Liebsig remained oblivious to the astonished and inquisitive glances of the others, Instead, he took Olivia Taylor’s hand and moved ahead, Come, Olivia, have a look. What do you think of this painting?” 

Observing this, a stunned Doris felt like her insides were on the verge of exploding


She wished to intervene, but the words wouldn’t leave her lips. She could only remain there with a pallid countenance

Olivia stepped in front of the painting. At a single glance, she discerned that this painting bore a striking resemblance to Bettany’s earlier artwork. They were nearly identical, although the finer details weren’t as refined as Bettany’s

Olivia involuntarily furrowed her brow and turned to Bettany. Come and have a look,she said

Bettany didn’t comprehend but walked over, nonetheless

As she was about to take a step, Doris advanced and seized her hand. Her voice quivered as she uttered, This painting drew inspiration from you. It might seem somewhat alike, but I’ve reworked it.” 

Bettany nodded and replied, I understand.” 

Doris didn’t say a word. She persisted in tightly pinching Bettany’s arm until it licited pain

jettany endured the pain and approached the painting. She lowered her head to xamine it closely

he was utterly taken aback

he pondered, Why is this painting precisely identical to mine?” 

he abruptly turned to fix Doris with a querying gaze

oris gazed intensely at Bettany and enunciated each word, Bettany, you ouldn’t accuse my painting of being copied from yours, would you?” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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