Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 318

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 318

Chapter 318 

Bettany’s pupils contracted. She hadn’t anticipated Doris posing the question so directly. She was momentarily stunned

Doris lowered her head, took a deep breath, and then suddenly raised her gaze to address everyone. Everyone, I must confess one thing. The inspiration for this painting did indeed come from another artwork, but it was solely for the purpose of seeking inspiration. I meticulously crafted this painting stroke by stroke, from start to finish. It bears the imprint of my toil and dedication.” 

With that, she offered a profound bow and stepped back, adopting a dignified and upright stance

Observing her in such a state, Bettany felt a sense of uncertainty, leaving her somewhat suspended

Doris had the advantage in this situation. She openly acknowledged that her inspiration came from Bettany. If Bettany were to affirm that the painting resembled her in this moment, the judges wouldn’t perceive it as plagiarism; they would only see it as drawing upon some creative inspiration

Above all, Bettany’s original creation had been destroyed, making her onesided claims far from convincing

As anticipated, some of the judges displayed a bias in favor of Doris and voiced their support for her. Inspiration shouldn’t be labeled as plagiarism. It’s likely that both paintings share some similarities, but the rest should be distinctive,they argued

As they spoke, their eyes were fixed inquisitively on Bettany, seeking her response. Bettany moved her lips, wishing to convey: No, it’s not just a little resemblance; it’s entirely alike, precisely identical.” 

Nevertheless, before she could utter a word, another judge chimed in, stating, It’s undoubtedly distinct. Even if the original artwork were placed right here, it would be impossible for it to be an exact match. Besides, who would leave their completed painting in someone else’s house for an extended period?” 

Upon hearing this, Bettany was rendered utterly speechless

Even Bettany herself was somewhat perplexed. She had only shown the painting to Doris, and after Doris had damaged it, she had retrieved it

In such a brief timeframe, how could Doris recall it and replicate it with such precision

Even Bettany herself couldn’t achieve such a feat

Furthermore, it had been such a long time that she had nearly forgotten the appearance of the original painting

Crucially, Bettany was excessively timid. After being confined by Marcus for an 


extended period, her spurn had been eleniti antly diminished, Paced with skepticieni and authority, she lacked the courage to offer any resistance

All eyes remained feed on her, anticipating her responer 

Bettany rated her gaze, scanning the expectant faces around her. Afterward, she swinly averted her eyes and murmured softly, It’s not very alike. Perhaps Dons drew inspiration from my painting” 

Upon hearing this, Doris breathed a sigh of relief. A trace of satisfaction briefly flickered in her eyes

She thought, Hmph, even the original artist acknowledged it wasn’t plagiarism and was merely a minor reference, Who could accuse me of plagiarism now? Just as she was celebrating, a composed female voice suddenly interjected, This artwork has been stolen. A dishonest individual should not proceed to the second 


She boldly declared it as plagiarism without a hint of hesitation

This statement hit the room like a thunderclap, leaving everyone in a state of shock and confusion

Doris nearly lost her composure. After a lengthy pause, she retorted angrily, Who are you to claim that this painting is a plagiarism? Bettany herself stated otherwise,” 

The other judges, growing uneasy with Olivia’s apparent bullying of a student, joined in, expressing. Ms. Taylor, despite your association with Mrs. Liebsig, you can’t make allegations of plagiarism without concrete evidence” 

Yes, that’s a valid point,everyone concurred. We’ve heard that Ms. Taylor didn’t pursue painting but delved into medical biology instead. After so many years, their artistic foundation may be quite diminished. What authority do they have to pass judgment on others?” 

Many individuals harbored discontent about Olivia holding the position of Mrs. Liebsig’s disciple while not actively pursuing painting. They believed she had squandered a valuable opportunity

Despite their dissatisfaction with Olivia, people refrained from going too far due to her connection as Mrs. Liebsig’s disciple 

Nonetheless, from the expression on their faces, it was evident that their words. suggested Olivia was speaking without a solid basis

Bettany was slightly apprehensive. She approached Olivia’s side and gazed up with unease. Olivia, I understand your intention to support me. I’m alright. You don’t. need to be concerned about me.” 

Bettany was genuinely afraid. She was deeply concerned that Olivia might face. widespread criticism because of her actions

In that moment, Winona spoke in a composed and impartial manner, stating, Onesided accounts can’t substantiate anything. If Ms. Taylor alleges plagiarism

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she should present her evidence. Placing the original artwork here would quickly resolve the matter, wouldn’t it?” 

Original artwork,” Olivia responded calmly. It has already been destroyed.Burned?Someone chuckled. Ms. Taylor, are you here for a jest?” 

Mrs. Liebsig, why don’t you rein in your disciple and prevent her from causing a disturbance here? This is the examination hall, and it impacts the future of the candidates,someone remarked, their tone filled with displeasure

Ive heard rumors in the past that Mrs. Liebsig’s fourth disciple is quite wayward and merely holds the disciple title. Not only is painting not her pursuit, but they seldom make an appearance. I had assumed it was just talk, but it appears to be accurate. Tsk tsk, why did Mrs. Liebsig take on such a disciple?someone lamented with disappointment

Witnessing a multitude of individuals critiquing Olivia, Bettany was overwhelmed with fear, and tears welled up in her eyes, rendering them a shade of red. She extended her arms to shield Olivia and exclaimed vehemently, Stop discussing Olivia. The fact remains that Doris’s painting did imitate my artwork. That is the truth. Are we going to let this wrongdoer go unpunished simply because my original painting was destroyed?” 

If you claim it’s plagiarism, then it’s plagiarism. Do you possess any evidence? You initially said no, and now you’re altering your stance,Winona remarked with folded arms. How about this? Create a painting on the spot and let everyone gauge your skill level. If you outperform Doris, your statements will hold more weight. However, if you fail to surpass Doris, it’s truly a farce. Accusing the firstplace winner of plagiarism without solid proof is indeed absurd!That’s a fair point. Let’s have a competition. The Painting Association seeks genuine talent,chimed in another voice

If we compete, our skills will do the talking,” added yet another voice

Upon hearing this, Bettany quivered. Her lips grew pallid, and she turned toward Olivia, desiring to convey that her right hand was crippled. Drawing was an arduous task for her, if not impossible

However, she couldn’t bring herself to utter those words

Elena presumed that Bettany was anxious and approached her, placing a reassuring arm around her shoulder. It’s okay. Let’s defeat her fairly,she consoled

Bettany was overwhelmed with bitterness

Mrs. Liebsig also gazed at Olivia and inquired, Why don’t we allow them to compete? It could be an opportunity for this young girl, Bettany.” 

Compete?Olivia pressed his lips together, his countenance stern and his voice unwavering. No! She’s nothing but a contemptible plagiarist. How can she be deemed worthy of competing with Bettany?” 

Upon hearing this, Bettany abruptly raised her head, her eyes shimmering with determination as she gazed at Olivin

It was as if a blazing fire had ignited in her heart

Her internal organs seemed to be aflame

In that moment, Olivia lowered her head and gently brushed her hand across Bettany’s forehead. She whispered, Don’t be afraid; I’m here” 

Bettany lowered her head and shielded the corners of her reddened eyes

Don’t you want evidence? Provide them with the evidence,” Olivia lifted her dainty and pale chin slightly

Tyson comprehended the situation. He retrieved his phone, logged into his account, and accessed the cloud storage that contained the video. He then glanced at Olivia and asked, Miss Taylor, which date are we looking for?” 

Olivia provided a specific date

Throughout the hypnosis sessions, she had surveillance cameras recording her every move. Apart from her privacy, there were individuals monitoring her around the clock. They were vigilant in case any issues arose, and if there was ever any danger, her protective team would swiftly intervene

Tyson promptly located the pertinent video and displayed it to the assembled audience

The video clearly showed Bettany presenting that portrait as a gift to Olivia, only For it to be smudged and wrecked by Doris

The two paintings were nearly identical

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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