Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 319

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 319

Chapter 319 

It’s over

It was completely over!” 

Doris took a step back, her complexion paling

The others remained silent as well. Those who had advocated for Doris appeared somewhat embarrassed

Someone even interjected forcefully, When it comes to painting, it’s difficult to claim plagiarism. Furthermore, Doris can replicate a painting after just one viewing. It demonstrates her remarkable skill.” 

Who said we’ve only met once?Olivia raised her head and spoke calmly, The circumstances surrounding the Fulham family starting the fire and whether the painting was truly destroyed remain uncertain. We must await the results of the investigation for a definitive conclusion.” 

Doris suddenly raised her head, her eyes reflecting astonishment. She lightly touched her nose and asked, Are you suspecting me?” 

As she spoke, she wiped away her tears and continued, What authority do you have to suspect me? I confess to the plagiarism of Bettany’s painting, but that doesn’t imply I set it on fire. Moreover=” 

Before she could finish speaking, Olivia’s tone had already grown impatient, and she furrowed her brow

Ozymandias acted swiftly and promptly stepped forward to signal Doris. Candidate, please head downstairs.” 

As he uttered these words, he escorted her out

Doris gazed back in a state of confusion. She hadn’t had the chance to finish her 


Observing the situation, Winona couldn’t help but chuckle and mockingly remarked, Ms. Taylor is quite overbearing, not even allowing a complete sentence.” 

She deliberately made this comment for Mrs. Liebsig to hear, insinuating that Olivia was imperious and unyielding

Surprisingly, after Mrs. Liebsig overheard this, she not only didn’t view Olivia as domineering but even nodded in approval. We ought to escort her out. She’s a plagiarist, and it’s typical for her to argue. Listening to her is merely a futile endeavor,” she asserted

Winona seethed with anger, grinding her teeth in secret frustration

This is excessive

Before Olivia arrived, Mrs. Liebsig had always shown care and admiration for 



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we Hewer, since Olivia’s arrival, Mrs. Liebsig seemed to focus solely on Olivia. We couldn’t seem to notice anyone else anymore.” 

Relecting on that time, it was Olivia who had prevented her from becoming Mrs. Liebeg’s disciple. A sharp glint of resentment flickered in Winona’s eyes

The combination of past and present grievances intensified her aversion towards 

She was merely an individual who hadn’t wielded a paintbrush in years. What justified Mrs. Liebsig’s high regard for her

Winona Surrowed her brow slightly, contemplating a clever plan

She turned her gaze to Mrs. Liebsig and proposed with a smile, Mrs. Liebsig, SÜNCE EMELJONEe is gathered here today, why don’t we all create a painting and auction in The proceeds from the auction can be donated to charity in the name of the Pining Association.” 

That’s a fantastic ideneveryone concurred

Winona cast a glance at Olivia, seemingly considering her interests. Ms. Taylor, boxing ceased painting for a while and not being particularly renowned in the art world may not garner a substantial bid if the painting is auctioned openly. To ensure firness, why don’t we leave it unsigned?she suggested

What do you think? Winona turned to the gathered crowd for their input. All present nodded in agreement, finding the proposal to be a favorable one. Olatu gure a nonchalant nod

She didn’t care about this

Observing Olvin’s nod. Winona’s lips curled into a contented smile

Rolling her eyes playfully, she remarked, Painting can be quite timeconsuming. Crafting a quality piece may require ten days to half a month. To ensure charity isn’t hindered why don’t we auction our existing artworks?” 

Winona’s proposal did indeed make sense. Once more, everyone nodded in 


Every individual in the gathering was either a member of the Painting Association or held significant recognition in the art community. As a result, there were a plethora of exceptional artworks available for auction

Ofta on the other hand arrived alone and without any artwork in tow

Around noon everyone took a break and went out for lunch

inona reclined in a lounge chair, closing her eyes to relax

Her assistant. Clarissa, who was seated nearby, mumbled, Winona, why don’t you suggest having Olivia paint it live? She’s been away from painting for years, so she’s probably out of practice. She might end up embarrassing herself.” 

inona chuckled. Without opening her eyes, she spoke casually. It would be too 


perest if we deliberately make things difficult for her. What one person desires, exy as well. It’s better to be magnanimoux and allow her to select the finest 

As he brought up this topic. Wmona’s eyes formed a sly crescent shape, her comedysing a chilly and disdainful expression. She’s been under Mrs. Zebs’s tage for countless Fears, yet none of her artworks have gained recognition. It’s clear her skills are subpar. Even if I extend the offer for her to select the finest piece she likely won’t possess one” 

Clarissa tally comprehended Winona’s motive and couldn’t help but chuckle, giving her a thumbs up Winona, you’re truly considerate,” she praised. Following Auch, everyone reconvened and assembled in the thirdfloor hall. A few individuals couldn’t help but express their curiosity upon noticing Olivia’s emptyhanded arrival. Ms. Taylor, you didn’t return to fetch your artwork?Olivia responded nonchalantly. There’s no need to return for it. Here-Before she could complete her sentence, Clarissa burst into laughter. Ms. Taylor, you don’t have any artworks, do you?” 

Winona interrupted firmly. Hush, what nonsense are you saying?” 

Clarissa felt aggrieved. Tm not saying nonsense. Olivia didn’t have any works to start with. Despite being Mrs. Liebsig’s disciple, she’s virtually unknown, and she Jacks any artworks. She’s tarnishing Mrs. Liebsig’s reputation for no reason.” Despite the emotional tone in Clarissa’s words, they held a degree of validity. Among Mrs. Liebsig’s six disciples, the remaining five were wellknown figures in the art world. It was solely Olivia who lacked this recognition, and it indeed seemed quite embarrassing

A meddlesome individual even attempted to stir the pot. Ms. Taylor is only a few years younger than Ms. Manson. Ms. Manson has garnered fame for several years, whereas Ms. Taylor remains relatively unknown. The contrast is quite stark.” 

I heard that in the past, Mrs. Liebsig had to decide between Ms. Manson and Ms. Taylor, and she ultimately picked Ms. Taylor. Welleven the wise can make mistakes, the busybody added, trying to fuel the fire

The Painting Association was not a cohesive unit. While everyone held Mrs. Liebsig in high regard. VicePresident Milton had been experiencing

remarkable upturn in his fortunes lately. His wealth had soared, and he had long aspired to secure a fulltime position

VicePresident Milton raised his hand to quieten the clamor. Let’s not cause such a ruckus. It’s not appropriate.” 

He then directed his attention to Olivia, wearing a frown. Ms. Taylor, now that you’ve consented to auction your artworks, you must produce quality paintings. Otherwise, if your pieces are included alongside the other works of the Painting Association, it might give the impression that a Painting Association member is 

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merely here to fill the quota. There’s an assortment of mediocre pieces. This could needlessly dilute the reputation of the Painting Association.” 

Ozymandias had been positioned behind Olivia all along. Hearing this, he couldn’t hold back any longer and sneered, How intriguing. Since when did Olivia state that she won’t be providing any artworks? Have you already seen her creations? It appears you’re underestimating her. Do you happen to possess clairvoyance or the ability to predict the future?” 

Then why don’t you present your artwork?Clarissa scoffed and approached The Girl Gracefully Performing Ballet. She bore a smug expression. This is Winona’s masterpiece. It has received unanimous acclaim from everyone in the Painting Association, including President Luo, who has awarded it a perfect 6 out of 6 points. There’s no need for Ms. Taylor’s work to excel; it just needs to reach 2 points to match Winona’s creation.” 

Isn’t this standard quite reasonable?she inquired, addressing VicePresident Milton

VicePresident Milton nodded in agreement. A score of 2 points is indeed not demanding. Anything lower than that would compromise the association’s reputation.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a thrilling romance novel that follows the passionate and suspenseful journey of a billionaire’s beloved who mysteriously disappears, weaving together love, intrigue, and a quest for truth… Billionaire’s Missing Darling” by Theresa Wilde is a captivating romance novel that immerses readers in a world of luxury, love, and suspense. The story revolves around the enigmatic disappearance of a beloved character, whose absence sends shockwaves through the billionaire’s opulent life. As the plot unfolds, the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, from deep romance and desire to nail-biting intrigue and suspense. The novel masterfully weaves a tale of love tested by adversity, drawing readers into a web of secrets and mysteries that they must unravel alongside the characters. It’s a thrilling blend of romance and suspense, promising an unforgettable reading experience.   Billionaire's Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde  
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