Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 320

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 320

Chapter 320 

You truly have no sense of selfawareness!Ozymandias sneered. He proceeded to the wall directly in front of him and removed the painting hanging there. Observing his brusque behavior, Winona instinctively furrowed her brow and inquired in a hushed tone, Why are you taking down the Sketcher’s painting?VicePresident Milton likewise appeared distressed. Handle it more delicately, more delicately. There’s only one work by Sketcher in this art gallery. It was quite a hassle for me to secure it on loan.” 

This art gallery was owned by the Milton family

The painting was delivered to Olivia’s side. Olivia lowered her gaze to study the artwork, then raised her eyes and declared impassively, I won’t be lending it to you at the moment.” 

While speaking, she raised a hand and claimed the painting. Placing it nonchalantly on the table, she remarked casually, I’ll auction this piece.” The moment she concluded her statement, the room abruptly hushed, resembling a tomb in its stillness

Summned, everyone in the room was left speechless, their voices seemingly deserting them

Winona was the first to recover, her eyes widening in astonishment. She fixed her gaze on Olivia Taylor and exclaimed, You’re Sketcher!” 

Before Olivia could respond, Ozymandias interjected with a flabbergasted expression. You people, do you even possess a single functioning brain cell? All this time, Sketcher has been contributing paintings through my master, Mrs. Liebsig. This style of painting is clearly not my master’s work. Furthermore, she has six disciples, and every one of them has their own renowned creations. Even if you engage your lowest cognitive faculties, you should have deduced that Sketcher is Olivia!” 

No, this can’t be real,Winona muttered, her expression dazed. Reflecting on her previous boast about her 60% Sketcher’s level, she felt an overwhelming urge to find a place to hide

She ruminated, This is humiliating, utterly humiliating

I can’t even bring myself to face anyone!” 

Winona had shed her previous arrogance and now sat huddled on the sidelines, her countenance riddled with remorse

VicePresident Milton remained composed. He wore a perplexed expression as he regarded Olivia. Given that you’re Sketcher, why didn’t you disclose your true identity sooner? Why keep it concealed?” 

Mrs. Liebsig positioned herself protectively in front of Olivia. With a gentle smile


she gazed up at VicePresident Milton and clarified. My disciple felt she wasn’t a proficient artist. She was concerned about humiliating herself, which is why she concealed her identity 

Upon hearing these words, everyone in the room exhibited a wide range of indescribable expressions

They couldn’t help but ponder, With such levels of expertise, she still claimed that her drawing skills were subpar. In that case, what were we even painting? Stick figures?” 

Mrs. Liebsig’s gaze shifted from the painting before her to the individuals present, her tone now tinged with seriousness. Since when has the Painting Association taken such a downward turn? First, there was vocal support for a plagiarist, and now there’s belittlement from above

Why must my disciple be obliged to paint and gain fame as an artist? Must my disciple be subjected to ridicule and exclusion simply for not being a skilled painter

What kind of deplorable atmosphere is this?” 

As Mrs. Liebsig continued to express her thoughts, her anger grew more palpable. If Olivia hadn’t disclosed her role as Sketcher today, would you still be so reluctant to move on?! The initial purpose of the Painting Association was to foster artistic creation and theoretical exploration. It was meant to safeguard the art of painting and encourage the growth and flourishing of our local art scene, not to foster rivalry and exclusion

I won’t dwell on this any longer. Each of you, take some time to introspect.Mrs. Liebsig had remained silent until now, carefully observing everyone’s reactions. Throughout her tenure, the Painting Association had made steady progress under her guidance. She had believed that selecting talented members was of utmost importance, but she had neglected their ethical conduct

It appeared that the moment had arrived for a reorganization of the Painting Association

Mrs. Liebsig escorted Olivia, holding her hand, and spoke with a tone of apology, Olivia, it’s my responsibility. I never anticipated Winona’s extreme and intolerant stance. She’s a gifted and hardworking young woman, and she greatly admires your work. I had hoped that introducing you to her would lead to a valuable friendship, but I didn’t foresee…” 

A profound sense of guilt overwhelmed Mrs. Liebsig, nearly consuming her entirely

Despite the fact that today’s events were instigated by others, as the president, she couldn’t absolve herself of responsibility

Olivia rested her head on Mrs. Liebsig’s shoulder. Her tone, once frigid, had transformed into one of deep admiration. I should be the one apologizing. If I hadn’t insisted on concealing my true identity, you wouldn’t have been unjustly 


Billionares Missing Darling 

accused in this matter.” 

Naïve child,Mrs. Liebsig affectionately patted her hand. Why dwell on this? You’re my student. If I can’t shield you, then who else should I safeguard? If you ever think you’ve disappointed me, just channel that energy into your art Olivia beamed and beckoned Bettany over. Mrs. Liebsig, behold, the seventh student I’ve discovered for you. Would you like to have a look?” 

Mrs. Liebsig observed Bettany for a moment and nodded with approval. Impressive.” 

Bettany stood by, her face flushed with embarrassment. She yearned to speak but found herself without the opportunity. Finally, in a tone of despair, she managed to murmur, No, no, I can’t draw anymore.” 

What happened?” 

Everyone asked

Bettany raised her right hand, wearing a fragile expression. This hand has suffered from tendon injuries, and I can’t maintain a steady grip on the pen.she explained

After uttering those words, she closed her eyes in resignation

Painting had been her lifelong dream. She had a passion for sketching from a very young age, aspiring to become a renowned artist and host her own art exhibition. Little did she anticipate that a day would come when she could no longer wield her brush

Just as Bettany was anticipating the remorseful sighs of those around her, a gentle hand covered her wrist

Bettany opened her eyes and gazed at Olivia, puzzled by her grasp on her wrist. Olivia checked Bettany’s pulse and applied gentle pressure for a moment. After a careful examination, she asserted, It’s a minor issue. It can be treated.” 

What the hell

What did Olivia just say?” 

Bettany was left dumbfounded. The shock was so intense that it felt as if her soul had nearly departed her body

She vigorously rubbed her face and fixed her gaze on Olivia. Olivia, what did you just say?” 

Elena couldn’t bear to see her like this any longer and guided her to the side

Come on, come on, don’t be so disheartened. Miss Taylor mentioned it can be treated. Didn’t you catch that?” 

Bettany was in disbelief. Even when she returned to the Smith family and sat on the sofa in the room, she still looked like she was in a daze

Elena waved two fingers in front of her eyes. Snap out of it, wake up.” 

Bettany grabbed Elena’s hand in utter disbelief. Can Olivia really heat my hand Absolutely,” Elena stated confidently. This is a minor issue. Miss Taylor’s medien expertise is remarkable.” 

Bettany still found it hard to believe. She extended her finger and remarked, Sh can make sandwiches, she knows medicine, she’s into scientific research, and she’s an artist tooOlivia is just incredibly talented. Is there anything in the world that Olivia doesn’t know?” 

Is there anything in the world that Olivia doesn’t know?” 

Elen cupped her chin and pondered deeply

After Bettany finished her sigh, she noticed Elena lost in thought and gave her a gentle nudge. Hey, Elena, why the daydreaming? What’s on your mind?” Elena furrowed her brow. I’m pondering, is there anything in this world that Miss Taylor isn’t knowledgeable about?” 

Bettany asked, Have you thought of it?” 

Elena became exasperated and shook her head. No, I can’t come up anything.” 

Bettany was speechless

That’s a bit of an overstatement, Elena


At that moment, Bettany believed that Elena was simply exaggerating and making a jest. It wasn’t until several years later that Bettany came to understand that Elena had been genuinely contemplating whether Olivia had any knowledge gaps. Indeed, there truly existed a genius like Olivia in this world

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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