Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 322

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 322

Chapter 322 

Margaret had just disembarked from her flight. Before she could head back to the Turner family, Winona intercepted her along the way

Margaret felt somewhat helpless. Winona, what’s the rush? I haven’t even had time to recover from the jet lag 

As she spoke, she massaged her temples

Margaret was the eldest daughter of the Turner family, one of the renowned evervale four great families. She was also the older sister of Ethan. While she and Daniel were not childhood friends, they were part of the same social circle and knew each other

Winona remained silent for a while before responding

She posed a question, Margaret, were you aware that Daniel is engaged?” 

Is he engaged?” 

Margaret’s hand, which had been massaging her temples, came to a halt. A hint of bewilderment briefly flickered across her initially composed countenance


pause, she smiled and replied, Why wouldn’t I know? It’s been such a big spectacle that the whole world probably knows by now.” 

Winona toyed with the pendant hanging from her phone with her fingertips and said casually, Margaret, there’s no need to conceal it. I know you had a crush on Daniel as well. You admired him during your school days.” 

Upon hearing this, Margaret didn’t display the nervousness and embarrassment that Winona had anticipated. Instead, she remained remarkably composed. She leaned back and settled into a comfortable position, gazing ahead in a trance. Winona,she mused, what you’ve just mentioned is intriguing. Is having feelings for Daniel such an extraordinary matter?” 

At this moment, she let out a chuckle. Her radiant countenance made it challenging to discern her inner thoughts

This is quite ordinary, Margaret remarked. In our school, at least eight out of ten girls had a soft spot for him. As for Sarah, she’s been sticking by you and Daniel. She keeps saying she wants to safeguard your relationship with Daniel forever. Does she dare to claim she feels nothing for him?” 

She simply thought it was unattainable, so she took a step back and assumed the role of a protector,Margaret explained


was right

Back in those days, Daniel was incredibly charming. Who wouldn’t be drawn to him?Margaret added with a fond smile

With his striking looks and unbelievable intelligence, he had everyone captivated. Even the haughty young lady like Winona, who came from the Capital City, couldn’t resist his charm

Back then, Daniel, at the age of 18 or 19, was as captivating as a sly fox. He’d narrow his eyes and steal the hearts of all the girls with just a sidelong glance

Who wouldn’t fall for such a young man?Margaret concluded with a wistful smile

Margaret had a crush on Daniel for an entire decade, from the age of 12 to 22

When she was younger, Margaret had folded a paper crane herself and handed it to Daniel. She intentionally feigned indifference, as if what she had given was merely an ordinary gift

Daniel, with his perpetually youthful appearance, blinked his long and slender eyes. He furrowed his brows slightly and fixed his gaze on her for a while. All of a sudden, he sneered, Margaret, you’re not about to tell me you have a crush on me, are you?” 

Who said I like you? It’s just a birthday gift,a young Margaret retorted, her face flushing with 


assment. Despite her evident discomfort, she remained steadfast and refused to acknowledge her 

Very wellDaniel nodded and pinched the paper crane between his slender fingers. Then, with a swift motion, he exerted force with both hands and tore the delicately folded paper crane into two, YouA young Margaret’s eyes welled up with anger as she glared at him

Daniel had already settled back into his seat. He closed his eyes, appearing drowsy

He lazily waved his hand and spoke apathetically, Don’t have feelings for me. I’m quite aloof. I can’t bring warmth to you. I’ll never develop affection for someone I’m not drawn to, no matter how much. effort you exert 

These words made Margaret no longer dare to display even a hint of affection

She concealed this love deep within her heart

Marcaret believed that this crush would be buried with time and would never resurface. She didn’t 

icipate that fate would offer her another opportunity

Surprisingly, Daniel had taken the initiative to seek her out

Dunng that period, the Sullivan family was entirely under Mr. Sullivan’s control, and Daniel seemed to be in a dire situation. If he hadn’t taken the initiative to locate her, Margaret might have believed that he had met an unfortunate fate

Daniel proposed a collaboration with the Turner family to aid him and offered to relinquish 10% of the Sullivan family Pharmaceuticalsshares in return

Margaret managed to control her racing heart and put forth a proposal. Let’s get married. A marriage contract is the most steadfast form of collaboration. You’re aware that I can’t make decisions for the Turner family. It’s only when I become the Sullivan family’s young mistress that my father will wholeheartedly assist.” 

Daniel was silent

Margaret was aware that he had a girlfriend by his side. That girl was exceptionally beautiful and charming. She had even given birth to a healthy child for him

But what was her worth? She was merely a girl from a humble village with limited means. Besides being a liability to Daniel, she wouldn’t offer him any assistance

Margaret believed that with a bit of thought, she could easily displace his girlfriend

Nonetheless, the present moment was not suitable

Observing Daniel’s reluctance, Margaret proposed once more, How about we stage a fake marriage?” 

This time. Daniel consented. He pledged to offer her more than half of his assets after their simulated divorce. He even took her to personally explain the situation to his girlfriend

His girlfriend, cradling their child and soothing him to sleep, had a touch of sorrow in her oncebright eyes. Even before Daniel could explain, she resolutely declined

She remained unwilling to consent to either a genuine or a simulated marriage

In short, her response was a resolute No!” 

There was absolutely no room for negotiation

Margaret stood aside, gazing at Daniel’s girlfriend with a sense of pity

What an innocent young lady she was

This world was far more complex than she had once believed. Love alone was insufficient for survival. In Daniel’s life, besides love, there were also ties and animosities

He yearned for retribution. He sought to reclaim all that the Sullivan family had bestowed upon him and return everything that Mr. Sullivan had granted him

Daniel might console her at this juncture, but there would inevitably come a day when she would be emotionally and physically drained.” 

Margaret believed that she didn’t need to take any action. All she had to do was wait

Daniel would surely grow impatient with his dear girlfriend

Yet, Margaret underestimated her girlfriend’s significance in Daniel’s heart

Out of consideration for his unreasonable girlfriend, Daniel actually declined her proposal for a sham marriage

Even to this day, she vividly recalled what Daniel had uttered, She doesn’t want to. I don’t want her to be unhappy.” 

Margaret fell silent

Following that. Margaret took action

She still felt remorse when she reminisced about it

Margaret, lost in her reverie, only snapped back to reality when Winona nudged her

She released a soft chuckle and then gazed at Winona with an expression of comprehension. Winona, why are you seeking me out? Just speak your mind. No need to be indirect.” 

Winona twiddled her fingers, hesitated for a moment, and inquired, I want to know what transpired during the year Daniel vanished? And what occurred with Andrew?” 

Oh, that.Margaret furrowed her brows and let out a sigh of relief. I thought it was something major. Daniel’s disappearance had a cause. He was injured by Mr. Sullivan. He spent the year recovering. As for Andrew, his girlfriend gave birth to their child during that period.” 

Upon hearing the word girlfriend,Winona’s heart constricted, and a heavy ache welled up within her. Who is she?” 

Who?Margaret arched her eyebrows and suddenly grinned. Who else could it be? It’s Olivia Taylor.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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