Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 323

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 323

Chapter 323 

Winona Manson bit her lower lip, and her face suddenly turned pale

She opened her mouth to say something, but her lips were trembling so badly that she couldn’t 



Margaret Turner looked up and glanced at Winona. The corners of her mouth twitched and she wanted to laugh. However, after the corners of her mouth had curled up, she suddenly felt bitter

What right did she have to mock others? Wasn’t she the same

Margaret suddenly leaned back and covered her eyes to suppress the tears in her eyes. After a while, she said, Winona, you’re too conceited

What makes you so sure that Daniel likes you? Back then, when he went after you, it was just for a bet.Very few people knew about this, but Margaret had been paying attention to Daniel Sullivan and she happened to hear about it

Daniel had always been a straightforward person. He didn’t like Winona. Even if it was because of the bet, he wouldn’t play with a woman’s feelings

He had told Winona the truth straightforwardly and asked her directly if she was willing to cooperate with him by pretending to be his girlfriend

He would do his best to fulfill his responsibility as a boyfriend and satisfy her to the greatest extent. That year, Daniel had said those words to Winona at the entrance of the female dormitory

Margaret had happened to hear it

At this moment, Winona had already recovered her wits. Her heart was still twitching uncomfortably, but her rationality had already returned

She lowered her head and said calmly, So what if it’s a bet? The beginning of a relationship is always strange and there are all kinds of reasons. But after interacting with each other, who could say for sure that there’s no truth in the relationship?” 

This time, Margaret did not refute

She was a little frustrated. She pinched her earlobes and said coldly, Winona, I’ve already told you about Daniel’s situation. If there’s nothing else, let me alight. I have to go home.” 

Margaret.Winona grabbed her hand and said with reluctance, You haven’t finished the conversation with me. What’s going on with Olivia and Daniel? I want to know everything. Everything that happened.” Margaret frowned imperceptibly and was a little impatient. Winona, on account of our past friendship, let me remind you not to fight for this. Daniel has a deep relationship with Olivia Taylor. Back then, for Olivia, he rejected the marriage proposal. Even if it would be a fake marriage, he was unwilling. He relied on himself and spent hundreds of times more effort to get the Sullivan family back

In order to wait for Olivia, he didn’t even have a female companion by his side for so many years. Even if he couldn’t see any hope and couldn’t find Olivia anywhere, he still insisted on waiting.” 

Speaking of this, Margaret turned to Winona. I’m sure you know better than me how stubborn he is. Why do you have to overestimate yourself? Why do you have to make things irreparable, to the point of ruining the friendship that you had since you were teenagers?” 

This was what Margaret had learned from her own experience back then. Now, she gave this insight to Winona

Back then, Margaret had thought that, with Olivia having left and not around, Daniel would take notice of her

She had not been afraid. She had plenty of time and could wait for Daniel to change

Even if Daniel’s heart had been a rock, she could still seep through it like water

However, unfortunately, Daniel had been even more patient than her


That unwavering love that remained consistent from beginning till end. Regardless of whether Olivia was there or not, she would still be the one he liked. It would not change in the slightest over time and space. Such deep affection had touched Margaret and made her terrified at the same time

She had been touched by Daniel’s deep love and terrified that this deep love did not belong to her

In the end, Margaret had given up. She admitted defeat. She could not win Daniel over through patience. Facing Margaret’s persuasion, Winona didn’t think much of it. Her gentle and charming face made it impossible to tell her emotions

She was very stubborn and insisted that Margaret tell her what had happened back then

Margaret was also stubborn and directly refused to do so

Hence, halfway through the car trip, she asked Winona to stop the car, got out, and left

Winona sat in the car and stared at Margaret’s back. At a glance, noone would be able to tell what she was thinking

After a long time, she said, Going home.” 

After returning to the Manson family residence, Winona immediately went to look for her father and asked him if he could find a way to contact Zelen Grant. She had something to ask

Jonny Manson only had one daughter, Winona, He doted on her very much. Hearing this, he nodded. Sure. My relationship with Zelen is not bad, but you have to tell me why you’re looking for her.” 

Winona hesitated for a moment and did not reveal the matter of Daniel. She only said that she wanted to understand Olivia

Dad.Winona hugged her father’s arm and said coquettishly. As the old saying goes, know yourself and the enemy, and you will win every battle. Although I have confidence in Daniel’s feelings, I can’t ignore the enemy.” 

Oh, youJonny tapped his daughter’s nose but did not say anything

He knew how his daughter felt about Daniel. For so many years, she had been unable to let go of this relationship. Now that Daniel was successful and had become the richest man in the country, there was no need to stop Winona from pursuing Daniel. He would fulfill his daughter’s wish

Soon, Winona was able to contact Zelen. She first asked a lot of other questions, then pretended to inadvertently mention, Olivia was pushed off a cliff by Gillian Dale? That was close. Gillian’s methods are really vicious.” 

Zelen frowned. She didn’t like to mention this matter. It could be considered as a result of her negligence. If Olivia hadn’t returned on her own, this trial would have been considered a failure

If she lost the candidate, even if she was the First Elder’s niece, she would be punished

Winona seemed to be very curious about this matter. After falling from such a high cliff, Olivia’s still unscathed. She’s really awesome.” 

How could she be unscathed?Zelen still had lingering fears. The people we had sent over searched for a year before we found out, after asking the villagers nearby, that Olivia had had a brain injury from the fall and had lain in bed in a vegetative state for a year. And not long after she woke up, she was discovered by the people we sent over

At that time, her memory had been a little incomplete and she could not remember many things. She only gradually recovered after two months of recuperation 

I see.Winona nodded

After that, she exchanged a few more words with Zelen before hanging up

She sat on the sofa in a daze

Margaret and Zelen’s explanations were completely different. Margaret had said that Olivia had been with Daniel that year and even given birth to Andrew Sullivan

However, Zelen’s explanation was that Olivia had been in a coma for an entire year. Soon after she had

woken up, she was brought back 

Winona lowered her eyes and ran her fingertips across the table. Finally, she figured out a more reasonable hypothesis

Back then, Olivia had not entered a coma. Instead, she had been with Daniel However, because of Margaret’s appearance, Olivia had been agitated. Hence, she had fainted and her memory got messed up Later, she was found by the people sent by Zelen 

YetWinona still felt that something was wrong. If that had been the case, then what about the story told by the villager 

After thinking for a long time, Winona still couldn’t figure it out 

Forget it, I won’t think about it anymore

She shook her head to get rid of the confusion in her mind, then traced her finger on the table 

There were two things that should be true

Firstly, Daniel’s feelings for Olivia

Secondly, Olivia’s memory had indeed gotten messed up and she had not remembered Daniel at all Winona’s eyes flashed. There was a lot of room for maneuver 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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