Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 325

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 325

Chapter 325 

Talia was actually not a bad person. She was just timid and had a different mindset from Bettany. From Talia’s point of view, the Dillons were really a good family to marry into. They were hand. powerful, not lacking at all in the necessities of life and other material conditions. This was already very good. As for the psychological differences and Bettany’s own thoughts and feelings, Talia didn’t care. She blamed everything on Bettany’s fussiness

In the living room, Talia was crying and Bettany was silent. The others, especially Kate, were restless and embarrassed

Only Olivia sat on the sofa peacefully. She looked relaxed and did not seem to be affected

However, she still frowned slightly

This was because Talia’s crying was endless. It was really a waste of time

She raised her eyes and looked at everyone. Then, she said calmly, I still have something to do. Please go 


With that, she actually stood up and left

Everyone was a little confused, especially Tucker and May, Before they came, they had imagined many situations, but without exception, they had all imagined how difficult Olivia would be and how she would not let Bettany go. They had thought of many ways to deal with her

However, they had never thought that it would be like this

She had actually not made to stop them at all

Tucker and May looked at each other, dumbfounded

Kate felt even more uneasy when she heard that. She had not expected Olivia to leave her here high and dry together with the Fulham family and not bother with the issue at all

After saying that sentence, Olivia had stood up and left. She felt a little uncomfortable in her head and went straight to the bedroom to lie down and let the masseuse massage her head

As for the people and situation in the living room, she had no intention of interfering 

Even Elena was a little stunned. She followed Olivia to the bedroom and sat on a small stool at the side. She looked up at Olivia. Miss Taylor, are you really not going to care about Bettany anymore

That Mrs. Fulham is really too much. What did she mean by it takes two hands to clap? Just listen to her, did that sound like something a mother would say? I want to go and slap her and ask her if that counts as a clap. The more Elena spoke, the angrier she became. She gritted her teeth in hatred

Olivia closed her eyes and asked calmly, Why should I care about Bettany?” 

Elena was stunned by the question. After a while, she stammered, You’ve helped Bettany so much. I thought, I thought… 

At this point, Bettany scratched her head as the realization dawned on her

To be honest, Bettany was no relation of Miss Taylor’s 

It’s not good for an outsider to drive a wedge between kin Olivia Taylor said. How can I do that to at mother and daughter?” 

At this point, Olivia suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Elena. She said in a serious tone, The more capable a person is, the more power she has. The more she can’t use it casually. In this world, there are laws on the outside and moral constraints on the inside. There’s no need for me to rush out and act the part of a good person, and make some noble impartial judgment.” 

Who could confidently say that they were impartial and objective and that their position would always be 


Hadnt the Grant family relied on their power to manipulate her life, causing her to separate from her 


millionette’s Minune Pearling 

parents and fall set with her sisters In the end, they even blamed her parents for being blind and biased and ale blamed her sisters for being selfish and jealous 

They had put on a pretense of doing all this for her good

No matter how her own life was going, whether she was poor or destitute, it was not a reason for others to 

Therefore, Olivia was especially restrained. With her current achievements and status stabilized, she was even mere unwilling to readily interfere in other people’s matters

She was not God She did not have the right to interfere in other people’s lives. She did not have the night 

make decisions for others

Those were all Bettany’s family matters. Bettany leave

Volivia would only provide her with the greate, hould decide for herself whether to stay

protection, nothing more

In the living room downstairs, although Olivia had left, the butler. Roland Gibson, still made all the proper arrangements

He found a room for Kate so that she could rest. He brought the crying Talia to wash up

Tucker and May stayed in the guest room and had a discussion with each other in hushed voices

“What should we do? May was anxious. The current situation is that Bettany isn’t leaving at all and we can’t forcefully the her up. Isn’t this situation unsolvable?” 

Tucker also felt very helpless. This Olivia is really amazing. Without even interfering in anything, she has put us in such a difficult situation.” 

May thought quickly and hardened her heart after thinking for a while. In a while. I’ll get Talia to kneel down to Olivia and ery and beg her to let Bettany go. This way, not only can I morally blackmail her, but I can also make her annoyed.” 

Tucker stroked his chin and felt that this was a good idea

This group of people had stayed at the Smith family villa for quite a while. Olivia had finished with her massage and then started reading for a while, yet they still hadn’t left

Roland went upstairs to ask for instructions. My lady, they want to see you and bid you farewell 

Olivia nodded and went downstairs

To the living room, Talia was still trying her best to persuade Bettany to go back with her. but Bettany was determined not to leave no matter what

The more Talis tried to persuade her, the more despair she felt. She could not understand how her daughter, who had been fine previously, had become so stubborn. Could it be as her father had said just now, that she had been bewitched by Olivia

Thinking of this, Talia could not help but shed two streams of tears

She hated Olivia and felt that the latter was being a busybody. Her daughter had been living well in the Dillon family, so why did she have to get involved

If it weren’t for Olivia, her daughter wouldn’t have become like this

Talia blamed everything on Olivia. Then, she remembered what Tucker had said before

He had said that the Smith family was powerful, so they could not retrieve Bettany by force. They could only beg and art pitiful. Kate was still here, so Olivia definitely had to care about her reputation. Tucker had asked Talia to kneel down and beg Olivia to let her daughter go back to her

Prop Olivia upon the moral high ground

Talta gathered her emotions in her heart and thought of how to cry and beg. Then, she suddenly pounced 

Towards Olivia 

She wanted to hug Olivia’s legs and cry

Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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However, before she could get close to Olivia, two bodyguards suddenly appeared from both sides and kicked her knee

Before Talia realized what was going on, she heard her knee click

She had a bone fracture

Immediately after, another group of bodyguards rushed out into the living room. There were twenty to thirty of them, and they surrounded the Fulham family, their eyes vigilant

The leader among them spoke in an extremely cold voice. Who are you? How dare you ambush Miss Taylor!” 

As he spoke, the bodyguards went forward and restrained Tucker, Talia and Even Kate was surrounded


For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded. They had not expected things to develop in this direction. Talia, with fracture in her knee, was in so much pain that her forehead was covered in cold sweat. Bettany hurriedly went forward and wanted to support her, but she was waved away by the bodyguard

Bettany subconsciously looked at Olivia and wanted to plead for mercy. However, just as she opened her mouth, she was pulled back by Elena and commanded in a low voice, Be quiet!” 

Tyson Burton walked over to Talia’s side and interrogated, Why did you attack Miss Taylor?” 

Talia’s lips were pale from the pain. She shook her head in a panic. I didn’t, I didn’t.” 

Tyson frowned. Then why did you rush over?” 

Talia replied, I want to kneel down and beg her.” 

Tyson snorted. You’re lying. How can you make up such a ridiculous lie? Why would you kneel down to Miss Taylor for no reason?” 

After saying that, he turned to Olivia. Miss Taylor, I’ll bring her back to the police station.” 

Olivia nodded. Treat her leg first.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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