Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 326

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 326

Chapter 326 

After Talia was taken away, Olivia sat on the sofa and looked at the Fulham couple whose faces were pale. Have I given you some kind of wrong impression? You think the Dillon family is not to be trifled with, and ver 1. Olivia Taylor, is to be trifled with

If I had given you such an illusion, then I’ll tell you the truth now.Olivia paused, playing with an orange with her fingertips. Getting on my bad side is even worse for you than offending the Dillon family!” 

As she spoke, she flicked her fingertips and threw the orange to the ground

On cue, Elena stepped forward. She took out a fruit knife and cut the orange in half, even making an appropriate sound effect with her mouth. Clatter.” 

Slightly weirded out by Elena’s cartoonish antic, Olivia held her forehead

Then she raised her hand and gestured at Elena. Go to the back and wait.” 

Elena’s head drooped. Oh.” 

Oh, right.Olivia thought of something and turned to look at Tucker. The local police have already stepped in to investigate the fire in the Fulham family house. If it turns out to be related to you, you don’t have to be afraid of the Dillon family anymore. You can straightaway go hide in the local prison. It’s very 


Upon hearing this. Tucker’s expression turned cold. His face turned greenish white. I know that you, the Smith family, are powerful. I also know that you’re the fiancée of the richest man, from the Sullivan family. Ms. Taylor, being so rich and powerful, why are you making things difficult for us, a small family?” 

May wiped the tears on her face and turned to Kate with a bitter smile. Kate, I’ve implicated you today. I originally wanted to make use of your relation with Ms. Taylor to meet her and bring the child back. I didn’t expect Ms. Taylor to have such a bad temper. Not only did she not let Bettany go, her mother’s leg and is putting Tucker into prison

she even broke 

We just want to bring Bettany back. I didn’t expect things to turn out this way. Clearly, it’s a case of the one in power oppressing people. She’s rich and powerful, and our small family can do nothing but be bullied. There’s really no justice.” 

This ability to distort the truth was very impressive

The way Kate looked at Olivia became more and more complicated

Olivia, youKate wanted to ask Olivia how she became like this, but she did not know how to start. She just let out a long sigh

Elena, standing behind Olivia, was so angry that her face turned pale. She wished she could go up and beat May up

She wanted to explain to Kate, but Olivia waved her hand and stopped her. No need to explain. Olivia’s tone was indifferent. No one with a brain would believe such a ridiculous and irrational distortion. Kate is a teacher at Ember University, a highlevel intellectual, she will not be taken in.” Then, she looked at Kate and asked, Teacher, was my analysis correct?” 

Kate choked… 

It was as though if she believed Tucker and May’s words, then she would be an idiot who could not differentiate right from wrong

Olivia leaned against the sofa with a calm expression. Her tone was evenly paced. Kate, I remember that you taught logic, right? Just nice, I can ask you for guidance. Tell me, what contradictory things did these 

two say

Here’s some hints.Olivia casually extended a finger. Firstly, did I imprison Bettany and not let her go?Kate thought for a moment and shook her head. No, it was Bettany’s own decision to not leave.” 


Olivia extended a second finger. So why did Mrs. Fulham get kicked?” 

Kate replied, She attacked you.” 

No!May panicked. She clearly wanted to kneel down to you.” 

Olivia asked, How did you know that she was going to kneel down to me? Why would she kneel down to me?” 

May felt very panicked. It was of course to beg you to let Bettany go.” 

Alright.Olivia retracted a finger. Now, let’s return to the first question. Kate, please tell her, have I imprisoned Bettany?” 

Kate was very cooperative. No, Olivia didn’t imprison Bettany.” 

See.” Olivia’s tone was light and a little teasing. Since I haven’t imprisoned her, who am I to let her go?” KateOlivia now had three fingers extended. Thirdly, she talked about throwing Tucker into prison. Can I be so powerful as to command the prison? If Tucker did not set the fire, why would he be going in?Kate completely understood and quickly nodded. Yes, that’s right. If Tucker didn’t start the fire, why 

afraid of? would the police arrest him? In that case, May, what are you 

May was furious

She shifted her gaze and wanted to say something, but Olivia had already completely lost patience. The amount of time wasted with these unimportant people was already reaching her limit

She waved her hand. Send these people out. Kate, leave too,” 

After saying that, she turned to Bettany and said in a comforting tone, “Don’t worry, your mother’s leg will be fine. As long as it’s proven that she didn’t ambush me, she will be released soon.” 

Bettany stammered. She wanted to say something, but when she saw Elena’s cold expression, she did not say anything

She closed her eyes. Everything that had happened today was because of her. It was not easy for Olivia to still protect her

How could she have the cheek to ask for more

Things had been happening too quickly just now and she had not been able to react in time. Now that she thought about it carefully, she could guess her mother’s intentions. Her mother wanted to use begging to force Olivia to let her go

It was her mother who had the idea first, and hence rightly deserved the suffering

The Fulham family and Kate were quickly sent away. When they reached the entrance, Kate was s little confused

Why had she been asked to leave too

She subconsciously looked up at the butler and called out, Roland, what’s up with Olivia?” 


Roland frowned. Madam Leach, my lady only let you in because she respects you. But look at what you’ve done. You brought someone in without knowing the truth about the situation!” 

Kate wanted to explain, I hadn’t thought that much about it.” 

No, you’ve thought about it.Roland’s eyes seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts. He stared at Kate coldly. You’re a university teacher. I don’t believe that you don’t even know the basics of how to handle things. Bringing a stranger to a student’s house, and a stranger who has ill intentions towards the student, couldn’t you inform her first

I don’t believe that you don’t even have my lady’s number!” 

Roland’s tone was firm. At the end of the day, it can’t hide the fact that you’re here to cause trouble, no matter how you quibble! My lady respects you and lets you in, but respect is for people who deserve respect. Since you don’t know right from wrong and have bias, you’re not worthy of my lady’s respect. Madam Leach, please leave this place!” 


Kate’s face turned pale

Like a wandering soul, she returned home and told her husband about this

Her husband also disapproved of her actions and criticized her. You should have informed Olivia in advance. You shouldn’t have brought those people over directly and made things difficult for her.” 

Kate explained. I really hadn’t thought too much about it. May is my cousin. She came to tell me that Bettany was being locked up by Olivia. That’s why I went.” 

Heh.Her husband snorted. Did you believe her nonsense? If Bettany really got locked up, why didn’t they call the police?” 

Kate was at a loss for words

After a while, she finally admitted her mistake and said in a low voice, I’ll apologize to Olivia after


Why wait a while?Her husband took out his phone. Apologize now.” 

Kate was a little embarrassed, but under her husband’s prodding gaze, she had no choice but to take the phone and call Olivia

No one picked up

After calling a few more times, Kate realized, I’ve been blocked!” 

This was too petty

Kate was a little unhappy. She said angrily, So be it. What’s the big deal? If she ignores me, I don’t want to bother with her. She’s already so arrogant after just making some achievements. If she falls in the future, I don’t believe that there won’t be a time when she comes begging to me.” 

Her husband sighed. Honey, youSigh” 

He started to say something, but the words died in his throat

Kate was in charge of teaching in school, but her husband, Terrence Leach, was in the administrative office. He knew a little about Olivia’s identity. Although he didn’t know much, he could confirm that her identity was extraordinary

Even the principal was very respectful to her

Olivia had already resigned from the school’s teaching job and the experiment had stopped. Terrence had heard through the grapevine that Olivia’s identity was quite special and seemed to have relations with the Capitol Research Institute

This was confidential information, so Terrence did not dare to tell his wife about it 

He could only regret that he had missed the opportunity to befriend Olivia. He hoped that in the future, his wife would not regret what she had done today


Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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