Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 327

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 327

Chapter 327 

Tucker and May were also brought to the police station, and subjected to examination and questioning. They were released after confirming that they had not gone to hurt Olivia

May muttered, She’s really causing trouble. How powerful is she? She’s actually so careful. She calls the police at the drop of a hat. Who would bother to hurt her?” 

Tucker also felt that Olivia was too careful. She actually had so many bodyguards at home

She was really afraid of death to the extreme

HoweverTucker thought about Tyson’s skills and was very envious. Although Olivia was too afraid of death and had hired so many bodyguards, to be honest, these bodyguards seemed to be quite skilled. All of them looked quite thin. They were not very tall, but their explosive power was extremely strong and they were extremely fast

The moment that they had rushed out, Tucker had felt like he was watching a scifi movie. That speed was really too fast, as if they were flying

Honey.Tucker turned to May. Let’s hire a pair of bodyguards too, lest we get bullied too easily.” Hiring bodyguards?May was tempted. She thought back to that earlier scene in the Smith family villa. Olivia had been so awesome, casually defeating her enemies without needing to get riled up at all. With a casual wave of her hand, a team of bodyguards had appeared

May also wanted to be this impressive

Alright.May nodded. Let’s hire some too. We’ll hire the same kind of bodyguards as those in Olivia’s house.” 

Upon running out, Tucker encountered the Taylor family bodyguards who were driving back home in their car

Hey!Tucker patted the car window. How much does Olivia you pay a month for hiring you? I’ll double it. Come to my side.” 

Eugene Brown, the captain of the Flying Eagle Special Forces, glanced at Tucker and smiled. You can’t afford it

With that, he stepped on the accelerator and the car shot away like an arrow

Tucker looked at the vanishing back of the car and sighed. They drive so well too. Fast yet stable. They’re really versatile

He so wanted to own them himself

Not long after, while Tucker was still lamenting here, he got arrested again

This time, it was for arson

The police had already found evidence that he had set fire to the house

As for Talia, after being interrogated and confirming that she had no intention of hurting Olivia Taylor

she was released

Her left knee was fractured, and Olivia arranged for her to stay in a nearby hospital, and for caregivers to take care of her day and night. Bettany went to visit once and found that her mother was fine, so she stopped going over

She stayed with Olivia to have her wrist treated in peace

She was still pregnant. More precisely, she had been for a little more than a month. Before she decided whether to abort the child, Olivia would not give her any medication and only used silver needle acupuncture


When that was done, Elena went up to her and asked, Bettany, are you keeping this child?” 

A look of confusion flashed across Bettany’s eyes. She did not know if she should keep the child


Emotionally, she did not look forward to the child. In fact, she hated the child’s father. But Intellec 

she knew that regardless of the fend between adults, the child was innocent

Seeing how fragile Bettany was, Elena stopped asking and changed the topic. What do you think Roland is doing?” 

In the front hall, Roland was instructing the servants to pack up

Roland, are you going to throw away all these things?Elena was curious

Roland nodded. Yes, they’re all old toys. My lady said to throw them away as they’re all useless now

Elena felt that it was a pity. These are all from Miss Taylor’s childhood. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep them as souvenirs?” 

Bettany also looked over curiously and found a silverwhite whistle necklace in a box. She looked up and asked Roland, She doesn’t want this too?” 

“My lady said so.” 

Bettany liked this whistle very much. She hesitated for a moment and asked Roland, Can you give it to me?” 

Coincidentally, Olivia had come over. When she heard this, she nodded casually. Take it.” 

Bettany was very happy. She took the whistle and began fiddling with it

Elena was puzzled. It’s just an ordinary whistle.” 

I like it.” Bettany hung the whistle around her neck and tilted her head to ask Olivia, Olivia, did you buy 


Olivia looked at it carefully for a while before retrieving the memory fragment from a corner of her mind. It seems like a little boy gave it to me.” 

Little boy?Elena perked up at the prospect of gossip

Olivia glanced at her and said, It’s a little boy from the orphanage. I gave him a toy and he gave me a whistle in return.” 

Oh, it’s so meaningful.” Elena stared at the whistle on Bettany’s neck. She kept feeling that it was a pity to give it away. It might have been a special destiny for her to meet the little boy again with this whistle. Bettany also somehow began to feel that the whistle was very hot. She took it off and wanted to return it to Olivia

However, before she could speak, Roland smiled and said, It’s okay. Take it.” 

As he spoke, he opened a box. It was filled with all kinds of little items. Roland introduced them, These are all toys given to my lady by other little boys. And this is only one box. There are still two boxes upstairs. They’re not that precious,” 

Bettany and Elena were instantly speechless

Alright, if there was only one toy, it could still be considered destiny. If there were several boxes of toys, that destiny would not be worth much and could only be called ordinary

Elena also picked one item up and said with a smile, I’ll take one too. Maybe I’ll meet some grownup boy out there. If I do become a couple with him, then Miss Taylor would be our matchmaker.” 

After going back to the Manson family residence, Winona had pestered Margaret for a few days, but Margaret still did not tell her what had happened back then

Margaret even gave her a warning: if she insisted and kept causing trouble, Margaret would tell Daniel

Winona was so angry that her eyes suddenly turned cold

After taking a few deep breaths to suppress her anger, she asked Margaret to meet her. Let’s meet and talk. I have something important to tell you.” 

If there’s anything, let’s talk over the phone.Margaret was unwilling to meet her

Winona emphasized, It’s very important. It cannot be said over the phone.” 


Under Winona’s coaxing and pestering, Margaret finally agreed to meet

The two of them found a quiet place to meet. After chatting for a while, Margaret’s face turned pale and she almost couldn’t hold the cup. What did you say? Olivia is the wife of the future head of the Grant family?” 

Winona nodded, Yes, I’m not lying to you. You’ll see it in a few days. The Grant family will arrange for Olivia to inadvertently meet Mr. Alexander, so as to move their relationship forward.” 

Margaret’s temples throbbed. She had never thought that things would be so complicated

Winona looked at Margaret steadily, Now you know why I insisted on separating them, right? If they were together, the Grant family would definitely deal with Daniel. Even if Daniel’s current strength cannot be underestimated, you should know how strong the Grant family is.” 

That Grant family?Margaret pointed at the ceiling carefully

Winona nodded, Next year will be the year of changeover. Although the Book family is currently in the limelight, the head of the Watson family is already contacting the director of the Capitol Research Institute. Once the director supports the Grant family, the Book family has no chance of winning.” 

Margaret bit her lower lip and hesitated. Let me think about it.” 

Think about what? There’s no time!Winona hated Margaret’s dawdling. She and Margaret had completely different personalities

If she wanted something, she would fight for it without hesitation

However, Margaret was different. This person was very tolerant. She could hold it in and let go after having a crush on someone for more than 20 years

Daniel is in the open, and the Grant family is in the shadows.” Winona squeezed the cup, If you keep deliberating about it, the Grant family might take action. More importantly, the Grant family still doesn’t know that Andrew is Olivia’s child. If they do find out, they will definitely be extraordinarily angry. The young master’s wife, whom the Grant family had put in a lot of effort to groom for more than ten years, got snatched by someone else in the end and even had a child with that person. Even if Olivia were to lose the position of young master’s wife because of this, the First Elder and the others would still not let Daniel off

Now, the Sullivan family is quite withered. Andrew is still so young. No one can support the family business. Once something happens to Daniel, the assets under his name will be ownerless wealth. The Grant family can take the opportunity to pocket it.” 

Margaret raised her eyes and looked at Winona. If Daniel gets together with you, will that keep him safe? Can Andrew’s origin be hidden forever?” 

Winona suddenly leaned closer and grabbed Margaret’s shoulder. She said firmly, ‘Of course. If I marry Daniel, then Daniel will basically be affiliated with the Grant family and become a source of money for them. Taking the Manson family into consideration, even though the Grant family might have some punishment in store for him, it won’t be too serious

Most importantly, if I’m with Daniel, I’ll find a way to send Andrew away so that his identity won’t be exposed.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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