Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 328

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 328

Chapter 328 

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The graphene project had always been the focus of competition among major companies in the Professor Corey, who was in charge of this project, was getting very annoyed


People would try to contact him in various ways every day. Even the vice dean, Jeremy Watson, would inquire about his intentions, whether openly or covertly

Professor Corey was worried sick. He kept pestering Rebecca every day, wanting to contact the dean and ask her what she thought. He wanted to know who the dean was going to assign the project to, Rebecca was a professional. Since Professor Corey had come to ask her, she gave Olivia a call

Olivia was performing acupuncture on Bettany Fulham. Bettany’s hand had already recovered a lot, and she would fully recover after one or two more acupuncture sessions

Olivia had just put away the silver needles when she received a call from Rebecca

What’s wrong?she whispered

Rebecca told her about Professor Corey’s worries. Olivia’s frown became deeper the more she listened to Rebecca. By the end, her brows were almost furrowed into a knot

Rebecca could feel Olivia’s intense aura even through the phone line

Professor Corey did not even dare to breathe loudly. He secretly hated himself for being so stupid. He thought. “Why didn’t I call the dean earlier? Why did I take the liberty to do something like this?He 


his ear toward the phone, trying to hear the conversation better

Rebecca glanced at him and wanted to explain the situation to Professor Corey

However, before she could say anything, Olivia’s cold voice rang out from the other end of the line. Isn’t there someone in charge of the industrialization of the project? Don’t bother me with such things in the future. You can decide for yourselves

Bother her?Professor Corey thought

He suspected that he had heard wrongly. The graphene project was a popular product that several large enterprises in the country and several aristocratic families were fighting over. Even the Grant family wanted to get involved, yet the dean did not care about the project at all

After a moment of shock, Professor Corey figured it out

He thought, That’s expected. The graphene project might seem like a big project to the outside world, but there are several such projects in the research institute

The dean can’t possibly interfere with every single one of them, right?” 

With this thought in mind, Professor Corey became more indifferent toward the project. He felt that there was no need to let his worry restrain him. He would just do things in a businesslike manner and. follow the process

However, there was something he had to report to the dean

Professor Corey grabbed the phone. Dean, the few big companies that have the ability to take over the graphene project are all in Evervale. I want to make a trip to Evervale 

Decide for yourself,” Olvia said. She then hung up

At the Smith family villa, Bettany was relaxing her wrist happily. Elena, my hands feel so flexible.As she spoke, she took out a pen and casually drew two lines. Her hand did not tremble at all, and the lines were smooth

Bettany was so surprised that she almost jumped up. This is great, this is great. My hand is healed.Elena was also happy for her. The two girls, who were of similar ages, hugged each other as they cried happy tears

After they stabilized their emotions, Elena took a tissue and wiped Bettany’s tears as she asked, Bettany


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

are you going to acknowledge Mrs. Liebsig as your master?” 

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At the mention of Mrs. Liebsig, Bettany’s expression became excited and her heart thumped wildly. Actually, Elena held her chin and suggested sincerely, Actually, I think it’s better for you to acknowledge Miss Taylor as your master.” 

Olivia?Bettany frowned, not understanding Elena. Why do you say that? Shouldn’t the teacher be better than the disciple? Mrs. Liebsig is a famous artist in the country. I might become like Olivia if I become her disciple.” 

Bettany admired Olivia. She was smart, beautiful, and good at drawing

There was a drawing done by Olivia in front of her that Bettany had been tracing for a few days. Although her wrist was injured and she could not hold a pen, she had been drawing it in her heart. She would often ask Olivia for guidance on techniques

She could draw now. Even if she couldn’t compare to Olivia, she would still be better than Winona

Looking at the outstanding drawing in front of her, Bettany turned around and asked Elena, Elena, do you think I can draw better than Olivia?” 

Elena spread her hands. I don’t know.” 

You wouldn’t know, of course.Bettany nodded and picked up her pen to start drawing. Olivia said that I can draw now.” 

Bettany loved drawing from the bottom of her heart. Once she was immersed in it, she would forget everything around her

She drew one drawing after another, and she would ask Olivia for guidance when she had nothing to do. She had already drawn a room full of drawings by the time her wrist was completely fine

One of the drawings was an imitation of Olivia’s drawing. Bettany examined it closely and felt that it was similar to the original drawing

She took the drawing and ran to look for Olivia

Olivia was browsing Twitter on the sofa. She looked up slightly when she saw Bettany coming over, her expression unchanged

Bettany handed the drawing to Olivia and looked at her nervously and expectantly

Olivia stopped moving her hand, which was holding the tablet computer, for a while and looked at Bettany inquiringly. Her gaze was deep and boundless. Her eyes were as deep and vast as the sea even though she was a little confused now

Bettany pinched her fingers. While her eyes were filled with confidence, she could not help but feel nervous. Olivia, what do you think of my drawing?” 

An evaluation?Olivia thought

Olivia lowered her gaze and looked at the drawing with a focused and serious expression

After a while, she nodded and praised, Very good.” 

“Very good! Very good! Olivia said that my drawing is very good!” Bettany could not help but cheer in her 


Wwhat about compared to your original drawing?she asked

It’s about 30% there,” Olivia answered

30%. Bettany thought

The joy and smugness on Bettany’s face froze. After a long time, she awkwardly took her drawing back. She dejectedly carried the drawing back to her room. Only then did the coldness around her body dissipate

Elena leaned against the door with a smile on her face. Congratulations, Bettany. You already have 30% of Miss Taylor’s skills. You’ll definitely catch up to her in time.” 


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Bettany forced a smile and did not speak. She kept rubbing the drawing board with her fingertips. Sunlight shone through the window and onto her face, reflecting the determination on her originally gentle face

Elena couldn’t tell what Bettany was feeling. She was overjoyed for Bettany. She really felt that Bettany was very impressive.. 

Winona had been drawing since elementary school and had been taught by a great teacher. She had also studied Olivia’s drawings for many years, yet she only reached 60% of Olivia’s standard. On the other hand, Bettany had purely been selfstudying and relying completely on her talent. She had only been drawing for a few days, but she had already reached 30% of Olivia’s standard

In time, she would definitely become an impressive artist

Bettany’s expression improved a lot after she heard what Elena said. Then, she looked down and reflected on herself. She had been too anxious

She had not even gotten her fundamentals down yet. Olivia was the wellknown artist, Sketcher, and anyone else would already be happy to have 30% of her standard. Yet, she was unhappy

She should not feel that way

Bettany wasn’t like this in the past. She simply liked to draw and do what she liked to do. However, after experiencing so much, she could no longer return to her original state of mind. She truly realized that the weak did not have rights in this world

The Dillon family had imprisoned her because she had no power or influence and could not escape. However, Olivia could barge in and take her away, ignoring even the Dillon family and the Fulham family

She was more powerful than the Dillon family since she was the head of the Smith family as well as the fiancée of the richest man in the country. She did not have to care about Marcus’s threats

Bettany also wanted to be such a person. She could only control her fate if she had power. She wanted to be as cool and suave as Olivia and do whatever she wanted

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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