Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 329

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 329


Chapter 329 

Although the Grant family had used all kinds of trials and methods to pick Alexandler’s wife, it was not purely based on appearance and ability. They also paid a lot of attention to the relationship between Alexander and his prospective wile

After all, it the two of them did not have a good relationship, then she would pose a greater threat the more capable she was

During this time, First Elder and the others had been studying how to create a chance encounter between Olivia and Alexander to promote their relationship

The advisory team had come up with several plans and even researched the current popular idol drammas. They also invited many experts in relationships and psychology to form a relationship team. However, First Elder rejected all the plans they came up with as he felt that they were not good

Zelen saw that First Elder was very troubled about this, so she suggested that Olivia should interact more with Alexander first. Then, they could analyze any followup actions based on their interactions. They had an entire team. They did not believe that they could not subdue a little girl like Olivia. First Elder nodded. Thus was the only thing they could do for now

Then, the relationship team began to come up with plans for Olivia to encounter Alexander. A few of them were not good, and only one caught the First Elder’s eye

Alexander had always had serious headaches, and sometimes, he would go crazy when he was in pain. Coincidentally, Olivia knew medicine

The Smith family’s creed was to treat illnesses and save people. Olivia would definitely save Alexander if he fainted in front of her. This would create time for the two of them to be alone

After determining the general plan, they began to study the details

Olivia liked staying at home and rarely went out. However, she was a very responsible person. She would leave her home to visit the Smith family’s hospital every once in a while ever since she took over

They were uncertain about when she visited last time, but they were now. It was the 3rd, 13th, and 23rd of every month

It just so happened that tomorrow was the 3rd, Olivia had already set off for Layfield. They could stop. Olivia when she went back to rest at night

They analyzed the map of Layfield. Olivia would return to her old family building behind the hospital to rest after her consultations. The building was not properly managed, and there were no street lamps in that area. It would be easier to do things in the dark

They could get Alexander to block the path that Olivia had to take to return home

They sent the plan to Alexander after it was finalized

Alexander was wearing a satin shirt and leaning against the sofa. He had an indifferent gaze, but there was a hint of coldness in the depths of his eyes. He looked up and flipped through the proposal

With a soft snort, he casually threw the proposal on the table

Nonsense!His slightly cold tone carried a hint of laziness. However, the power contained in it could not be underestimated

Even First Elder’s legs went weak in front of Alexander. He thought to himself, Alexander’s aura has cally become stronger over the years.” 

He took the proposal and flipped through it. He was about to tell the team to take the proposal back and edo it when Alexander on the other side suddenly agreed to the plan

First Elder was stunned and subconsciously looked up

Opposite him, there was no expression on Alexander’s face. First Elder could not see any emotion no natter how he looked at Alexander


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

It was not appropriate for him to continue staring. He placed the proposal neatly on the table and stood. up to leave

After First Elder left, Alexander looked up, reached out to pick up the proposal, and flipped through it 


He thought of the cold and alert woman that night and suddenly felt an itch in his heart

Alexander, who had always been cold and selfpossessed, rarely smiled

A desire to conquer Olivia arose in his heart

He thought, It would not be a bad thing to be able to make that cold and indifferent face blush 

No matter how smart Olivia is, she is just a woman. With so many people analyzing her actions and controlling her emotions, it might not be long before she’s in 

In Layheld

On this day, Olivia ended her consultation at 8 p.m. as usual



After the Smith family’s hospital became famous, many people would come because of its reputation. They would be busy until late at night almost every time they opened for consultations

Olivia rubbed her aching temples and slowly walked toward the family building

She had only taken two steps when she noticed a struggling figure in front of her

Olivia stopped in her tracks while Tyson went over to check out the situation. After a while, he brought two people over. They were Alexander and Damian

Olivia was a little surprised to see the two of them. Why are you two here?” 

Alexander’s face was pale and his entire body was pressed against Damian

Damian glanced at Olivia and replied, Mr. Alexander came to Layfield for something. Unfortunately, he developed a headache and needs to go to the hospital for acupuncture.” 

Headache?Olivia frowned slightly and was about to go forward to check

However, Alexander pushed her away. The man’s handsome face was covered in cold sweat. He was in so much pain that the veins on his forehead were bulging, but his tone was frighteningly cold. Get lost, don’t touch me!” 

These were the lines that the team had arranged for Alexander

They were not going to rush things. If Alexander was too proactive, not only would it attract Olivia’s suspicion, but it would also reduce his charm

After all, the more cold and handsome a man was, the more challenging it would be for a woman to 

obtain him

The team had analyzed that the more Alexander coldly rejected Olivia, the more unconvinced Olivia would be and insist on treating him

Damian cooperated from the side. Mr. Alexander’s headache is an old problem. I don’t know how many doctors we’ve hired but they can’t treat it. Ms. Taylor, don’t cause trouble.” 

This was a provocation

Everything went according to plan. Next, Olivia would want to treat Alexander

And yet… 

Something unexpected happened

Olivia only replied with an ohbefore stepping back. She walked past the two of them and led the people behind her toward the building

During this time, she did not even turn around

Alexander and Damian were left in a mess in the cold wind

When Olivia’s figure completely disappeared from the corridor, Damian came back to his senses and 

looked at Alexander in a daze. His tone was confused. Mr. Alexander, why did she act differently from 


the analysis? The relationship team First Elder hired consisted of top experts in the industry. I don’t know how many behavioral analyses they have done, but their accuracy is very high. Why would this happen?Damian was dumbfounded

He thought. Isn’t Olivia a doctor? Isn’t the Smith family supposed to save the dying and heal the injured? How could she be so indifferent when she saw Mr. Alexander in so much pain and leave just like that

Does she have any sympathy at all?” 

Unlike Damian’s confusion and resentment, Alexander lowered his head and curled his lower lip. A faint smile appeared at the corners of his eyes, blowing away the hot and humid night air like a breeze

Olivia was very different from the investigation data

Alexander turned around and looked up

There were thousands of lights above his head. He wondered which one of them belonged to the Taylor family

What is she doing now?Alexander thought, suddenly curious


Elena sat in front of Olivia and was very curious. Miss Taylor, isn’t that man goodlooking

“Is he?” Olivia thought, He seems rather ordinary and is nothing special

If I have to pick someone goodlooking… 

Olivia’s expression froze for a moment before a smile appeared at the corners of her eyes. “I think Daniel is the bestlooking.” 

Elena groaned as she thought, What a disgusting act of love” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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