Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 331

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 331

Chapter 331 

In the meeting room, there was

Up of elites in suits and leather shoes in front of Daniel A Tewod them were shareholders and elders of the company

However, Daniel had no intention of hiding anything. He turned his chair and picked up the call. Olivia His voice was low and mellow

It had been a long time since he last saw Olivia. Daniel missed her so much that he subconsciously lowered his tone when he spoke

How is it? Still busy? Olivia asked him

YesDaniel nodded heavily, not hiding his embarrassment at all. 

Just like that year at the bottom of the cliff, he relied on her every moment and wanted to see her the moment he opened his eyes. He would not hide anything from her

Daniel could not help but want to wheedle and ask for a hug. He had an aggrieved tone as he said, The company’s development hasn’t been going well recently.” 

Daniel did not want to compete in the Internet market. The big shots of the business world had divided the industries that could be integrated into the Internet amongst them, and their tentacles had already begun to reach out to vegetable vendors

Daniel felt embarrassed. He wanted to get into a hightech industry

However, some of the company’s internal members did not agree. They had benefited from the Internet and experienced instant wealth. Their net worth had grown by several millions of dollars overnight They had lost their motivation to improve and only wanted to monopolize the industry so that they 

ould keep the money flowing in. They were unwilling to expand into hightech industries and focus on 


The shareholders sitting in front of Daniel were all members of the Sullivan family. They frowned when. saw Daniel taking the call as if no one was around and looked at each other with worry in their eyes. specially Thomas Sullivan. He had been very supportive when Daniel and Olivia got engaged. After all, livia had a good background. Not only was she the head of the Smith family, but she was also a young 


was one of the best, be it in terms of her family background or her personal qualities

ren as the two of them spent more and more time together, the dissatisfaction in Thomas’s heart creased day by day

all because Daniel focused too much on Olivia

ot only did he care about her daytoday life, but he also didn’t hide anything about his work from her. somas felt that this was too dangerous

didn’t matter if a man was a playboy or not, but it would not be good if he was bewitched by a beauty. d lost his mind

ina told Daniel about what happened during the day. She felt that some of the machines at the Smith nily’s hospital were old and wanted to replace them with a new batch

need an investment?There was joy in Daniel’s voice. It just so happens that I have a foundation it donates to hospital. I’ll donate a batch of equipment to you. I won’t have to call a meeting if the ue of the equipment is below 20 million dollars. I can approve it alone.” 

omas subconsciously tightened his grip on his cup as soon as Daniel finished speaking. His 

satisfaction with Olivia increased

thought. What nonsense! They aren’t even married yet, and she’s already asking for so much money

nel had already invested a sum of money into the entertainment industry a while ago, but she’s Ing for another sum of money today. Does she think that the Sullivan family is an ATM?

The corners of Olivia’s lips curled up, and there was a sparkle in her eyes. Which direction do you want the company to develop in? Is it still the internet?” 

Daniel nodded. That’s right. I want to engage in some technological innovation. I don’t want to rely on capital operations to monopolize the industry anymore. However, scientific research takes too long, and I will have to form a new team. It’s not easy to find talents,” 

Olivia held her chin. Since you’re donating to me, I can recommend talents to you.” 

Really?Daniel’s eyes lit up. He even turned his head to look at the people in the room. He placed his index finger on his lips and shushed them, signaling them to be quiet. Then, he said, Thank you so much, Olivia.” 

The man’s voice was still low, but his tone was quite pleasant. It was like a cello, gently strumming and disturbing her heart

Daniel and Andrew gave Olivia a similar feeling. Their emotions were passionate and pure, with a little cunning

Olivia could not help but feel a soft, moving, and indescribable emotion in her heart

Olivia was still in a daze even a long time after she hung up. Her eyes were shining with happiness. Coincidentally, someone knocked on the door. Olivia walked over to open the door

The moment she opened it, she saw Alexander and Damian

Olivia was still feeling the same emotions as before. The light in her eyes had yet to dim

Alexander was stunned by the light in Olivia’s eyes. He sneered in his heart and thought, Is she that happy to see me

“Women really don’t mean what they say. 

She had been acting cold toward me downstairs just now, but in the blink of an eye, she’s looking at me with sparkling eyes. Could it be that she had been playing hard to get just now?” 

What’s the matter?Olivia was in a good mood today, so even Alexander looked much more pleasing to the eye. Unlike her usual cold and distant attitude, she was much gentler now

Alexander raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw this. His long and narrow eyes flashed past Olivia, and he suddenly wanted to laugh

He thought, This woman must have fallen for me

On the one hand, she acted cold and distant, but on the other hand, she cannot help but be happy when :he sees me

A person’s eyes cannot deceive others. Her eyes are sparkling and radiant when she looks at me.Damian said, Ms. Taylor, I’m sorry to disturb you so late at night. Mr. Alexander is still having a seadache. I’m here to ask if you have any painkillers.” 

Yeah.Olivia nodded and called out to Elena

lena ran over with a bottle of painkillers

Jamian took the painkillers from Elena and asked, Can you get us a glass of water so Mr. Alexander can ake the medicine?” 

Jena turned to look at Olivia

Olivia nodded

fter getting permission, Damian quickly helped Alexander into the house and let him sit on the sofa. hen, he fiddled with the medicine bottle to check the dosage

lena took a bottle of water from the fridge

lexander took the bottled water and took a pill

e frowned after taking the medicine. Then, as if he felt that it was not enough, he snatched the edicine bottle from Damian’s hand and poured out more than ten pills. He ate them all in one go


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

Elena was terrified

These were painkillers that numbed the nerves. A person could die if they took too many at once. Hurry up and spit it out. You can’t take so many pills at once,” Elena stomped her feet anxiously and turned to Olivia. Miss Taylor, come quickly. Mr. Grant has taken a lot of painkillers.” 

Olivia was leaning on the sofa at the side. She looked up with a probing gaze when she heard Elena, but she had no intention of coming over

Damian was a little nervous, and his palms were covered in sweat

He had changed the medicine in the bottle just now. Alexander had not taken painkillers at all, but milk 


This was a plan that the relationship team had come up with

Women were softhearted and had a maternal mentality. They would unconsciously sympathize with the weak, especially when a strong man revealed his weak side. They would be easily moved by that

Any woman would feel heartache and panic when a handsome and powerful man showed weakness and took half a bottle’s worth of painkillers in front of her

Olivia would definitely step forward to examine Alexander’s condition

This was what the relationship team deduced. However, Olivia did not step forward at all. She only glanced at them from afar and pointed at the door. You can leave after taking the medicine.” 

Damian’s eyes widened in shock as he thought, How could this be?” 

Alexander tugged at Damian, grabbed his arm, and walked out

At the door, Damian immediately complained, What kind of lousy relationship team is this? They aren’t accurate at all!” 

Alexander did not react. Damian could not see his expression clearly in the darkness

Damian was about to ask Alexander what to do when Alexander’s low and deep laughter suddenly rang in 

his ears

It sounded wanton and happy

Damian was confused. The plan had clearly failed, so why was Alexander still smiling so happily

Alexander glanced at Damian and explained, She saw that you changed the medicine. That’s why she’s ndifferent.” 

Olivia’s gaze had been fixed on them from the moment they entered the door. Her eyes had not moved way from them for a moment. She must have been focused on observing them. How could she not totice that Damian had changed the medicine

lexander clicked his tongue and felt that Olivia was getting more and more interesting. She was clearly ttracted to him and paid attention to him at all times, yet she still pretended to be cold and aloof. It was 

teresting to him

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 11/21/2023 Native Language: English
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