Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 333

Read Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde Chapter 333

Chapter 333 

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Margaret began to advise Winona’s future behavior. She told her not to look for Daniel directly, but to go around him and approach his parents first. She had to get in touch with Mrs. Sullivan first. Winona did not go home. Instead, she went to an apartment in the city center with Margaret. She sat on the sofa and frowned in confusion. Why do we have to contact Mrs. Sullivan first?Winona didn’t like to please others

Margaret glanced at her and explained coldly, An old person will have especially extreme opinions and is rather stubborn. As long as you get her to fancy you before you tell her something bad about Olivia, she will definitely become dissatisfied with Olivia over time. She might even think that Olivia will bully Andrew,” 

It sounded like a good idea

Winona nodded, but she quickly frowned again. But how should I get her to fancy me?She had no experience in currying favor with others

I’ll help you with that,Margaret said

Of the four great families in Evervale, the Turner family and the Sullivan family were longtime friends. Margaret often went to the Sullivan family when she was young, and Mrs. Sullivan liked her very much. She knew very well how to please her elders

A woman of Mrs. Sullivan’s age cared mostly about three things: maintaining her health, a grandchild, and her feelings of loneliness

Winona would be able to quickly conquer Mrs. Sullivan if she visited and chatted with her often. Margaret talked about her experience. Winona listened attentively and nodded as she listened. She felt that Margaret had a way with old ladies

Then should I visit her directly with a gift?Winona asked excitedly

Margaret shook her head. No, we have to find an opportunity.” 

She thought for a moment and said, Andrew gets dismissed from kindergarten at four in the afternoon every day, and the Sullivan family’s driver picks him up from school. They will pass by Ranker Road driving from the kindergarten to the Sullivan family’s old residence. That road has the worst traffic. I will arrange for a few cars to bump into Andrew’s car and argue with the driver. Then, you will come out at the right time to help comfort the frightened Andrew.” 

This is good, this is good. Winona was very satisfied with appearing in this manner

Margaret acted quickly. She immediately arranged for someone to deliberately hit Andrew’s car. The three people Margaret got were all experienced drivers. They observed Andrew’s car from three directions

One of them was very puzzled when he saw the model of the car. He complained to the other two through the walkietalkie, Do you see that? The Sullivan family actually drives a domestic car. That is a Ford, right? It probably only costs 40 to 50 thousand dollars. To think he’s the richest man in the country. How stingy.” 

The other two also laughed, their expressions full of mockery

They had seen many rich people driving MercedesBenzs, BMWs, Audis, and even Bentleys and RollsRoyces. These were all luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, some even millions. They had never seen anyone drive a domestically produced car, and a lowend one at that

How frugal.” The bald man among the three sighed

The blonde one added, Maybe that’s how the richest man saves his money,” 

With that, the three of them laughed


Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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That’s enough.” The burly man was the leader of the three. When he saw that they were about to close in on the Sullivan family’s car, he quickly told the other two to calm down. Blondie, go to the front and block his car. Baldy, go to the left and block that lane. I’ll chase after him from behind.” 

The burly man arranged everything in an orderly manner. Then, he saw an opportunity and accelerated toward the car in front of him

With a bang, the bumper in front of his car became bent and deeply dented

However, the car in front was not damaged at all. The paint on the car wasn’t even chipped

The burly man was dumbfounded as he thought, Is the car in front a tank? Since when did domestically produced cars have such good quality?” 

In the car, Andrew felt something touch the car. It was a light thud. He turned around curiously and 

asked Eugene, Mr. Brown, what happened just now? Was it a bumper car?” 

Eugene was the captain of a special forces team and had just been assigned here a few days ago

Olivia was worried about Andrew. The Grant family had always been shameless. She was afraid that they would attack Andrew, so she asked Eugene to come over early

Eugene nodded. Yes, it’s a bumper car.” 

Andrew clapped his hands. It’s fun.” 

Seeing that the tailgate was unsuccessful and the burly man’s car was completely destroyed, Baldy on the left felt pressured and wanted to overtake the Sullivan family sedan and cut their lane off

However, the strange thing was that the Sullivan family’s driver was surprisingly skilled. He turned the car lightly and dodged the bald man’s car, causing it to knock down a Volkswagen beside him

Baldy slapped the steering wheel angrily

Now, only Blondie was left. However, he had already rushed to the front and could not turn around at all. The three of them watched helplessly as the Sullivan family car left. Not only were the three of them utterly defeated, but two of their cars were also scrapped


The three of them were furious

No!He could not fail. The burly man gritted his teeth. He had confidently promised his boss that he would get the job done. What would become of his reputation if he did not succeed

The burly man spat and rubbed his hands. He gripped the steering wheel tightly, stepped on the accelerator, and rushed toward the Ford in front

Margaret stayed in the villa and waited for the news. Although she had been overseas all these years, she had not thrown away her connections in the country. She had always remained in contact

This time, the burly man and the other two were the subordinates of a local mafia boss, Coolio. Margaret was smart and calm. She had been involved in the family business in her teens and was very experienced. She held a lot of authority in the Turner family. Otherwise, Daniel would not have thought of getting engaged to her back then

She had been overseas for many years. While expanding the Turner family’s business overseas, she had also been secretly observing the situation back home. She had also secretly maintained the connections she had made back then

Margaret sat on the sofa and looked up at the time. She felt that they should have succeeded by now. Why hadn’t Winona or Coolio called her

It was too strange

Margaret moved her fingers. She wanted to call Winona, but she was afraid of alerting the enemy, so she could only keep waiting

Some time passed. Margaret had been deep in thought. When she unintentionally looked up, it was already 6 p.m. 

Billionaire’s Missing Darling

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Two hours had passed

After thinking for a while, Margaret took out her phone and called Winona’s assistant, Clarissa. The call was quickly connected. Hello, are you the patient’s family? This is Evervale Hospital. Patient?Margaret was dumbfounded. She quick What in the world happened?” 

sat up straight and asked anxiously, What happened

Hello, the patient, Clarissa Manson, was in a car accident and is currently in the operating theater-Margaret interrupted the person on the other end before he could finish, Where’s Winona? Where is she 

Winona Manson is also in surgery. Please rush to Evervale Hospital.” 

What the hell happened?Margaret thought

She held her forehead and drove to the hospital immediately

At the hospital, Winona and Clarissa had already finished their surgery. Both of them were seriously injured, but their lives were not in danger. However, they had broken two of their ribs and had to rest in bed

How did this happen?When she arrived at the hospital, Margaret couldn’t believe it when she saw Winona wrapped up like a mummy

Didn’t she go to mediate the conflict between drivers? Why did she get herself involved?Margaret thought

Winona was furious when she saw Margaret. What kind of stupid idea did you come up with? You almost killed mel” 

It was only after Clarissa explained that Margaret knew what was going on

It turned out that the burly man had wanted to hit the Ford again when he rushed forward. However, the driver of the Ford was obviously an experienced driver. He had superb driving skills and easily dodged 

the car

Winona, who was watching from the side, got anxious and ordered Clarissa to drive up and intercept the 


Unexpectedly, they charged too quickly and collided with the Ford

Then, the two of them ended up like this

You hit Andrew’s car?Margaret was shocked

Winona and Clarissa were so badly injured despite being adults. This meant that Andrew, a child, must have been even more seriously injured

Was Andrew also injured and hospitalized?Margaret was nervous

Coincidentally, a nurse came in to change their dressing. Margaret quickly asked her about Andrew. The nurse shook her head. “There were only two patients in this car accident, Winona and Clarissa. No one else was injured.” 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling 

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Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

Billionaire’s Missing Darling by Theresa Wilde

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